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July 27, 2022
One Heart. One Hope. One Mission. 
...celebrating with grateful hearts!
Dear Friends,

This Saturday, we will be privileged to honor 10 Sisters of Notre Dame who are celebrating anniversaries of their vowed consecration to God. These promises of poverty, chastity and obedience are the expression of our commitment to follow Christ and to serve the Church and all humankind. You are cordially invited to join the celebration to be live-streamed on Saturday, July 30 at noon through this link. Our honorees are
Jubilee of Grace - 70 years
Sr. M. Joann Schlarbaum

Diamond Jubilee - 60 years
Sr. Florette Marie Adams
Sr. Betty Mae Bienlein
Sr. M. Regina Robbins
Sr. M. Karlynn Werth
Golden Jubilee - 50 years
Sr. M. Anncarla Costello
Sr. Marie Paul Grech
Sr. M. Judeen Julier
Sr. M. Jolisa Lazaro

Ruby Jubilee - 40 years
Sr. M. Kathleen Burns
The graphic above illustrates the many dimensions of their lives and the coming celebration.
Sr. Julie Billiart, our spiritual mother, used a sunflower to encourage us to turn to God, just as the sunflower follows the sun. What is particularly powerful in this graphic, though, is the stippling which forms our traditional Notre Dame logo. Perhaps each of these dots reflects graces shared in their life and ministry. To reflect on the impact that our Jubilarians have had on thousands of lives is mind-boggling. For they have 

  • Offered daily prayer for those entrusted to their care.
  • Guided children and adults into the graces of Baptism, Eucharist and the other sacraments.
  • Provided spiritual guidance and encouragement to seminarians and God-seekers of all ages.
  • Shared the joys of creation and the delights of music with young’uns.
  • Offered a comforting, listening ear to troubled teens and hospital patients.
  • Brought an abundance of valuable skills and spiritual gifts to schools, parishes, organizations, and SND communities around the world.
  • Embraced the plight of the marginalized, especially the impoverished, human trafficking victims and the homeless.
  • …and so much more

Indeed, each of you reading this message has probably been touched by their fidelity to God’s call over these combined 550 years, perhaps not knowing them personally, but feeling the impact of their apostolic sisterhood. We are deeply grateful for your partnership, encouragement, spiritual support and financial resources that have been part of our journey together. To make a donation in honor of a Jubilarian, follow this link and include the name(s) of the honorees in the comments field. And special thanks to Sr. Leanne Hubbard for her graphic interpretation of our lives of consecration. We wish each of the Jubilarians our heartfelt gratitude and admiration!

Gratefully celebrating you as our brothers and sisters in faith,
Director of Mission Advancement Services
The SNDs are grateful for a grant of $25,000 from the Hilton Fund for Sisters to build and cultivate three fishponds in Mpala, Uganda. This new venture will provide healthy food and make good use of the swampy land on the SND property--shown to the right. Nearby Lake Victoria faces degradation because of over-fishing by organized crime syndicates. Further, the fish eat mosquito larvae, so it is anticipated that the mosquito population and spread of malaria will decrease. Fish will also be sold at an affordable price to the community, generating income for an emerging women’s empowerment program.

Special thanks to the Hilton Fund for Sisters and our global missions donors! Together, we are building a healthy, sustainable future for the urban poor in Uganda. 
Providing food, mosquito abatement and climatic healing
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Thank you for embracing our mission.