Thank you for praying and acting to protect Christian values in Australia.
Time is running out

We only have 7 days left to get a message to the Federal Parliament to reject the move for the redefinition of marriage.


A cross party bill to redefine marriage will be presented on 10 or 11 August 2015.


Last week Canadian author Dawn Stefanowicz warned a Wollongong audience that Australia risks an Orwellian erosion of free speech if homosexual marriage succeeds in Australia.


The newspaper reporter stated in her article:


Dawn Stefanowicz is the daughter of a heterosexual mother and a homosexual father, who died of AIDS in 1991. She has since written a book, Out from Under: The Impact of Homosexual Parenting,detailing her early exposure to sexually explicit experiences and abuse at the hand of her father.


In Wollongong on Tuesday, Mrs Stefanowicz criticised the ''loss of religious freedoms'' she said had resulted from Canada's refusal to allow speech or behaviours that ''hurt people's feelings''.  


She criticised the powers given to the country's two layers of human rights authorities and laws preventing business owners from declining service to LGBTI customers. 


''If you disagree with a same-sex couple coming to your bed and breakfast, you cannot decline them the service,'' she said. 


''Our speech is policed. Any citizen that is seated here that disagrees with anything I've said and says, 'you've hurt my feelings' - they could go to the Human Rights Commission."


''They [the commission] can take my laptop, my files and investigate me into my home  - they'll have access into my home office to look at all the materials. I'll have to incur legal charges ... amounting to tens of thousands of dollars.''


She told the audience Canadian pastors and priests felt they couldn't talk about what their version of marriage was, for fear of being charged under human rights legislation.


''The children, through anti-bullying programs, are taught to be thought police - like little brown shirts - to basically tell on other children who have said something politically incorrect, homophobic, heterosexist, representative of maybe something that came from a religious community,'' she said.


''So that child now will put the family of risk of being investigated because that child has just expressed what he or she believes."


''Know this: that if same-sex marriage passes here in Australia, visibly you will see certain things, but underneath you will see an erosion of your freedoms.''


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Dawn's Story
Dawn's Stefanowicz Shares Her Story (click image to play)


Dawn's story is riveting and gives the encouragement we need to contact our local Federal Members of Parliament and State Federal Senators by phone, letter and email asking for an appointment with them to explain the serious ramifications of redefining marriage.


Marriage redefined is marriage destroyed and brings with it a consequential loss of freedom of thought and speech.


Maybe you have already met with your local Member of Parliament. Now you must ask others to do the same.


We know we have asked you before, but the situation is so serious that we are repeating our request in the light of the urgency of the hour.

  1. Send a letter or email to your local federal member. Letters are one hundred times more powerful than emails because your local members or state senators are bound to reply to a letter.

  2. As soon as you send your letter or email, phone your local federal member and ask for an appointment to discuss your deep reservations about the move to redefine marriage.

  3. It is likely that you will be refused a meeting but that doesn't matter - your local federal member needs to hear of your passion to protect our children's future.

  4. If you do get a meeting, then ask all your friends to come along with you. Senator Bob Carr says that filling your local federal member's office with concerned constituents is the most powerful way to effect his/her vote in the parliament.

  5. If you are able, do the four above steps with your State Federal Senators.

  6. Tell your friends to do the same.


Yours for urgent action

Warwick Marsh and Ben Pratt


PS. Today is the 16th day of 21 Days of Prayer of Fasting for a 'Miracle for Marriage'. Thank you for your prayers. Prayer is the power of heaven.


PPS. David and Marilyn Rowsome, our faithful Canberra Declaration volunteers, will be away on a missionary furlough for 3 months. Please continue to pray for them also. 

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