Mission Garden is beautiful this time of year and we hope you will continue to visit. However, because Mission Garden appreciates its visitors, volunteers and staff, we are taking aggressive steps to help stem the spread of the corona virus. These steps include very frequent communication with Pima County Health Department, and adherence to any applicable recommendations or requirements that are issued.

Other specific steps include:

1.  Mission Garden remains open to visitors and volunteers, and we continue to give outdoor tours of the garden. But groups will be limited to 10 or fewer persons, and we ask group members to remain at least 6 feet apart from each other, cover any coughs or sneezes with their elbows, and most importantly, stay home if they are feeling ill. See other current Pima County Health Department recommendations . Volunteers will receive further instructions.

2.  As of Tuesday March 17, Mission Garden is canceling all elementary and middle school field trips. While doctors agree that young people are less likely to be seriously impacted by the virus, they are important vectors (spreaders) of the virus to their friends and family. That is the reason many schools and school districts are closing.

3. We will have temporary hand-washing stations set up throughout the Garden to help protect both visitors, volunteers and staff.

4. No “Tasting History” experiences will be available until the virus is declared under control. This means docents and staff will no longer offer samples of fruits and vegetables during tours.

5. We are currently evaluating events that have been scheduled in the next couple of months against the ever-changing notices coming to us on how to act in the face of this pandemic. This includes weddings, private parties, birthday parties, San Ysidro Festival and other events through August.

6. We strongly support the recommendation that people in their 60s and older take special precautions including minimizing out-of-home activities, especially if you have underlying conditions. This is not only for your well-being but also for that of our staff and volunteers.

The volunteers, staff and Board who operate Mission Garden are dedicated to the good health and well-being of everyone. We wish you good health through these challenging times and remain very appreciative of your understanding and continued support

Stay informed on local developments by visiting Pima County's Coronavirus page