Mission Impact
Dear Ones in Christ,

A few days ago, the Presbyterian Mission Agency invited all PCUSA congregations to become "Matthew 25" churches . This new initiative helps congregations focus on three central callings: 1) Congregational Vitality; 2) Dismantling Structural Racism; and 3) Eradicating Systemic Poverty. Please do check out the link above (or below!) for more information.

I'd love to talk with folks in our congregations about how this denominational initiative resonates within your own local context. This survey is only four questions long ... but would give me important information about how this Presbytery might better equip our congregations in this new venture.

This new initiative also gives us an opportunity to see how a purpose statement is crafted and implemented. I'll confess that on one level, when congregations adopt purpose/vision/mission statements I roll my eyes (it's hard to improve upon the Great Commission). That said, I do believe it is helpful for a congregation to develop specific foci for implementation of our scriptural mandates.

There are two things about this new initiative that I believe are spot-on in terms of creating organizational purpose: it has both legs.... and wings!

Legs! :

* Centered in Scripture - because otherwise you're building on sand.
* Aligned with Core Values of the community


* It is both focused and broad. We know where we are being Called to go, but the details are not specific. Where we fly with this is dependent on our own context and Calling.

What are the legs and wings of your congregation's purpose statement?
What are the legs and wings of your own purpose statement?

Grateful for all that you do -



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