January 2019
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  • Make Sense of the Mission at the BK Stakeholders Summit
  • Scholarship Fund Named after Ellen Augustine
  • Your Baby Is Ugly and More Bracing Wisdom at the Marketing Conference
  • Save the Date: BK Authors Retreat Sept. 12-15, 2019
  • Share Your Stories: Fred Miller and Judith Katz; Tammy Pickering
  • Coming Soon: Share Your Thoughts in Survey
  • New Faces at BK
  • New BK Books and 2018 Bestsellers
  • Last Word
Make Sense of the Mission at the BK Stakeholders Summit
All BK authors are invited to an event next month to discuss the BK mission of creating a “world that works for all.” The BK Stakeholders Summit is hosted by the BK Foundation, and will feature an in-person gathering in Oakland, Calif. as well as the ability to participate virtually.

Participants will learn about our personal relationships to the mission and what we are all doing towards this mission. Attendees will move towards a collective understanding of what a world that works for all means in the midst of urgent political climates and our own evolving priorities.
Saturday, February 23rd, 1:30-4:30pm PT

Full Day Schedule:
9:30 am - 12:30 pm PT BKF Action-Learning Fellows Showcase
12:30 - 1:30 pm PT Lunch
1:30 - 4:30 pm PT BK Stakeholders Summit

During the morning preceding the Summit, BK Foundation is presenting its Action-Learning Fellows Showcase. This fellowship is a core way that the Foundation is answering its call to create a world that works for all and you are warmly invited to attend. Come for both events or just the afternoon Stakeholders Summit. A delicious lunch will be provided between the morning Showcase and afternoon Summit.
Greenlining Institute
360 14th St, Oakland, CA 94612 
Also: Remote Participants - You can join this event virtually! There will be interactive video conferencing components for remote participants.

The organizers look forward to convening with you in February!

Scholarship Fund Named after Ellen Augustine
BK Authors has named its scholarship program the Ellen Augustine Scholarship Fund. Ellen Augustine, who died in 2015 was a Berrett-Koehler author who championed the inclusion of BK “Currents” authors at the annual BK Authors Retreat. Many Currents authors have had a difficult time devoting the time and money to attend our retreats. They write about the root causes of social, economic, and environmental injustice, topics that don’t lend themselves to big incomes. When the BK Scholarship Fund was created about 10 years ago, Ellen recruited many Currents authors to attend the annual retreats. Her efforts led to one of our largest retreats ever in 2011, with roughly 70 attendees. And the conversations were especially rich with the addition of these broad thinkers.

As the BK Authors group again seeks to diversify the participation of authors at our events, we are proud to name the scholarship after Ellen. We encourage Currents authors—and all authors—who need financial assistance to tap the Ellen Augustine Scholarship Fund in order to attend the Authors Retreat and Marketing Conference.

To seek assistance through the Fund, please contact BK Authors Community Coordinator   Christél   Fairchild at  bkauthors@gmail.com.
Your Baby is Ugly and More Bracing Wisdom at the Marketing Conference
One of the sessions at the upcoming BK Authors Marketing Workshop is provocatively titled, “Your Baby Is Ugly.” The “baby” is your website, and digital marketing expert Tim Ash will give frank, entertaining and enlightening reviews of author websites. Tim’s session is just one of many insightful, fun sessions to look forward to at the July 11-12 conference. The event will take place at the Island Palms hotel in San Diego, with the theme of helping authors shine in all their promotion and marketing efforts. Best-selling author Ken Blanchard will provide a special, live broadcast to attendees. Onsite speakers include Peter Economy, Inc.com contributor and author of 75 books; and Fauzia Burke, author of Online Marketing for Busy Authors: A Step-by-Step Guide . Among the topics covered will be Amazon Sales Secrets, Bulk Books Demystified and Courting Journalists. And you won’t want to miss the cocktail party at Alexandra’s nearby poolside paradise, dubbed “Candyland South”!
  • Early bird pricing is in effect for the event.

  • $499 for BK Authors members through February 14.

  • $599 for BK Authors members from February 15 through June.

  • Prices do not include lodging. Various lodging options are available in the area.

Save the Date: BK Authors Retreat Sept. 12-15, 2019
Building on the success of last year’s “Soulful Connections” Authors Retreat, we have confirmed dates and a location for this year’s annual gathering. We will convene September 12-15th at a lovely campground facility in Wisconsin, the URL Olin-Sang-Ruby Union Institute. Details to follow about pricing and programming. 
Share Your Story: Fred Miller and Judith Katz
What is your BK book (or if more than one, which one are you most proud of)? What’s the
gist of the book? 
We are proud of all four of our BK books from The Inclusion Breakthrough in 2002 to our new book— Safe Enough to Soar: Accelerating Trust, Inclusion and Collaboration in the Workplace (it’s kind of like asking which of your children do you like best?). Safe Enough to Soar centers on how to create a workplace in which people feel safe enough to speak up and share their ideas and thinking, even their half-baked ideas, which leads to people doing their best work, greater innovation, and higher performance.

Tell us how you came to be a BK Author Duo.
We have known of BK for years through having other colleagues, such as Bev Kaye and Ken Blanchard, who had written books with BK. When we were thinking of writing our first book together on inclusion we contacted Steve Piersanti. We wanted to work with BK because of the values that BK is built on that mirror our stance in the world—collaboration, partnership, inclusion.

How does the book fit into everything else you do? 
For over 30 years, we have worked with Fortune 100 companies, non-profits, small firms, and founder-led organizations to create a workplace in which people can be their best and do their best every day—where people feel a sense of belonging, can bring their differences and their voice to the organization to co-create together, and help the organization achieve its goals. Interaction safety is the foundation of creating an environment in which people can do just that. It is at the heart of creating cultures of inclusion that leverage people’s talents. So, it has become a cornerstone to our work on strategic culture change and alignment.

What motivates you these days?
For Judith, it’s working with good leaders and good organizations that want to get better. We are in this incredible moment of change—accelerating that change is critical for individual and organizational success. For Fred, it’s partnering with leaders to reinvent the relationship-partnership among all people in the organization, especially how leaders interact with others.

What’s something the BK Author community probably doesn’t know about you?
For Judith: I love to fish; being out on the water with a fishing rod in my hand brings peace and joy and catching a redfish, trout, or 40-inch striped bass is all the better. For Fred: I am an introvert, I love to be home; however, for the last 40 plus years I have been on the road with clients an average of 2 or more days a week for 10 months a year.
Share Your Story: Tammy Pickering
What is your BK book (or if more than one, which one are you most proud of)? What’s the gist of the book?  
The title is Get Yourself Elected . It’s a book written specifically for those wanting to run for local office (and I should add those of us out there who know people who have a heart of service and we think would be great leaders for our community). Often when we think of elected office, we think of the national level. But the best place to start making a change is in our own backyard. We can have such an impact in people’s lives by serving on boards and holding elected office. In my years organizing Get Out The Vote efforts and local campaigns, I’ve met many people who want to run for office and would be great servant leaders in their communities, but often they’re not connected to the political power brokers in their community and they’re intimated by the process and don’t know where to start. This book meets them where they are—at the beginning when they decide they want to make a difference in their community.
Tell us how you came to be a BK Author.    
My role in my company, T.R. Pickering & Associates, is as a talent development consultant and trainer and facilitator who develops the skills and competencies of teams and individuals. Thus, when I became involved in political campaigns, it was by force of habit that I took notes along the way. I wanted to share with others what I learned the hard way. Once I printed out everything I had, I realized I had a tip book. I later reached out to local and state office holders for their specific advice to beginners and what they shared became a section of the book.
How does the book fit into everything else you do?  
The book reflects my passion for helping people achieve their dreams of making an impact in the lives of others, be it in their work or in their volunteer service.
What motivates you these days?
In my company I work on leadership cohort programs for emerging leaders and working with these individuals is incredibly rewarding. I always hope my training and coaching sessions will equip them with the self-awareness, competence, and confidence to be ready to serve as a leader in whatever role they have. They don’t have to wait for an official leadership title to make a positive impact on others.
What’s something the BK Author community probably doesn’t know about you?
For the past six years I have spent two weeks in the center of a Spanish speaking city to complete a Spanish immersion program. Years ago as a high school student in Western North Carolina, I spent a summer as an exchange student in Fresnillo, Zacatecas, Mexico. I’ve been working on my Spanish ever since, but with greater dedication once my daughters graduated from school and moved from home.
Want to share your story?  These profiles will touch on your book, your business and your being - what makes you tick and what's on your mind these days. The interviews will be conducted over email and will require 1-2 hours of your time. We welcome new BK authors especially to share their stories.

If you're interested, please contact Ink Editor Ed Frauenheim -  ed.frauenheim@gmail.com
Coming Soon: Share Your Thoughts in Survey
The BK Authors Board plans to seek authors’ input on a variety of topics in a survey in the near future. Please keep an eye out for an email that will invite you to share your thoughts about how the BK Authors can best serve you and how we should shape our organization’s future.
New Faces at BK
Berrett-Koehler has two new employees who just may help you as you write, publish and market your book.
Cherise Hunter,
Operations Specialist at BK 

Says Cherise: “I support the Operations team in various projects, manage royalty records/payments, coordinate author lunches, and assist in processing accounts payable vouchers/digital invoices on a monthly basis. I work with BK authors by being their point of contact through their Author Day and by helping them to feel welcome. I love books and have been interested in learning about book publishing since childhood. I am very excited to be part of the BK community.”

Valerie Brewster,
Associate Director of Design at BK.

Says Valerie : “ I facilitate the cover design process, so I’ll be talking with authors about their books, and about the tone and messaging of their covers. I once spent the night in a bus at the Khyber Pass.”
New BK Books and 2018 Bestsellers
** Click on the image for more information on the book
The Critical Few
Jon Katzenbach with
James Thomas and
Gretchen Anderson
Citizen Capitalism
Lynn Stout, Sergio Gramitto, and Tamara Belinfanti
The Eight Essential People Skills for Project Management
Zachary Wong, PhD
The Law of Small Things
Stuart H. Brody
Help Them Grow or Watch Them Go, 2nd Ed
Beverly Kaye and
Julie Winkle Giulioni
Help Them Grow or Watch Them Go Card Deck
Beverly Kaye and
Julie Winkle Giulioni
The Five Legends
The Anasazi Foundation
To learn about BK’s top-selling books in 2018 , CLICK HERE
Last Word
“The world does not need leaders to better define issues, or to orchestrate better planning or project management. What it needs is for the issues and the plans to have more of an impact, and that comes from citizen accountability and commitment. Engagement is the means through which there can be a shift in caring for the well-being of the whole, and the task of leader as convener is to produce that engagement.”
--Peter Block, Community: The Structure of Belonging
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