August 4, 2020
New Video Series Premieres on Saturdays @ 7:30 AM:
Voices of Faith
Sponsored by the Diocesan Vitality Committee, supporting the vitality of congregations across our Diocese, Voices of Faith features lay people from congregations from across Western Massachusetts. The videos are 2-3 minutes in length and will be sent out via email on Saturday mornings. They will be cross-posted on the Diocesan Facebook Page, Twitter feed and and YouTube channel.

The Vitality Committee hopes the videos can lift us out of silos of congregational life, help us deal with social-isolation, and even open us to the broad diversity of our Diocese, and the diversity of experiences that people have with God.
Janet Walsh Young
St. Andrew's, Longmeadow
Lois Bascom
Trinity Church, Shelburne Falls
Consider Serving Our Diocese
Elections Will be Held at Convention on November 7
Would you like to join diocesan leadership by running for a diocesan committee position?

This November, Diocesan Convention will be electing new members for almost all diocesan committees. Please read about the committees, what they do, their current memberships, and whether the incumbents are eligible to run again in the Nomination Booklet.

If you would like to nominate yourself or someone else, the nomination form is available hereDeadline for nominations is August 30, 2020.

Tech Time Returns
Same day, new time
Tech Time will resume in August and continue through the end of the year.

"COVID has unleashed a wild amount of creativity, and a wild amount of people reinventing the wheel."
-Ellen Lincourt

Ellen's new goal is documentation. Whatever it is we are doing must be documented so that if our digital minister is not available, the ministry can continue. That means more than platform passwords. It means a step-by-step procedure for new digital ministers to follow.

She is interested in cultivating a community of digital ministers, and hopes that Tech Time becomes more than a place for Q & A. It can be a place where digital minister connect, share best practices and lessons learned, laugh about Sunday bloopers, and reflect on this technical ministry as evangelism.

Every Wednesday 7:00 - 8:30 PM

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 857 9084 1247
Passcode: 386237

Dial in by phone
+1 646 876 9923 US (New York)
Ministerio hispano
Latino/Hispanic Ministries
Centro Comunitario de San Marcos
Incluso en medio de una pandemia, la misión de la Iglesia continúa. Jesús nos llama a compartir con todo el mundo las Buenas Nuevas del amor, la compasión y la misericordia de Dios. Nos complace compartir con ustedes que la construcción en el Centro Comunitario de San Marcos en el centro de Worcester continúa a tiempo. La sala ha sido preparada, las paredes que debían retirarse han desaparecido y las nuevas tuberías y accesorios están listos para instalarse en los nuevos baños accesibles para discapacitados. Estamos en buena forma para una apertura de otoño. Este será un lugar de ministerio, hospitalidad y seguridad para la comunidad. Una voz positiva para todos los hijos de Dios. Si desea participar en los ministerios del Centro Comunitario de San Marcos, o si tiene una idea para un ministerio que podría tener lugar aquí, envíe un correo electrónico al Rev. José Reyes at

Un nuevo sitio web
El ministerio hispano en San Marcos, Worcester tiene un nuevo sitio web: Nuestros servicios de adoración, reuniones de oración y anuncios de futuras oportunidades y eventos ministeriales se pueden encontrar en el sitio web. ¡Échale un vistazo!
St. Mark’s Community Center
Even in the middle of a pandemic, the mission of the Church continues. Jesus calls us to share with all the world the Good News of God’s love, compassion and mercy. We are excited to share with you that the work on St. Mark’s Community Center in downtown Worcester continues on schedule. The hall has been prepped and primed, the walls that were to be removed are gone, and new pipes and fixtures are ready to be installed in the new handicap accessible bathrooms. We are in good shape for a fall opening. This will be a place of ministry, hospitality and safety for the community. A positive voice for all of God’s children. If you would like to be involved in the ministries of St. Mark’s Community Center, or if you have an idea for a ministry that could take place here email Rev. José Reyes at

New website
The Hispanic Ministry at St. Mark’s, Worcester has a new website: Our worship services, prayer meetings, and announcements of future ministry opportunities and events can all be found on the website. Check it out!
Oportunidades de adoración, oración y estudio.
Hay muchas oportunidades para adorar, orar y estudiar la biblia en español en nuestra diócesis.
  • Santa Eucaristía en español en persona en la Catedral los miércoles a las 6 p.m. (comuníquese con el Dean Tom Callard ( si tiene alguna pregunta)
  • Los ministerios hispanos en San Marcos, Worcester y San Pablo, Holyoke están trabajando actualmente en un plan para que las misas en persona comiencen el próximo mes.
  • Santa Eucaristía bilingüe del Ministerio Hispano en San Marcos, Worcester todos los domingos en nuestro sitio web (comuníquese con el Rev. José Reyes ( si tiene alguna pregunta)
  • Música y alabanza antes de la misa en la catedral a las 12 p.m. a través de facebooklive

  • Santa Eucaristía en la Catedral a las 12:15 pm-1:15pm a través de facebooklive (comuníquese con el Dean Tom Callard ( si tiene alguna pregunta)
  • Estudio Bíblico y Oración, sábado 8 de agosto a la 1pm (contacte a Dean Tom Callard ( si tiene alguna pregunta)
  • Oración Vespertina en español a través de Zoom el 15 y 29 de agostos a las 8pm. (comuníquese con el Rev. José Reyes ( si tiene alguna pregunta)
From The Episcopal Church
Third season of The Way of Love with Bishop Michael Curry podcast continues with guest Ruby Sales
In this episode, Bishop Curry talks with legendary leader Ruby Sales about her long and enduring work for civil rights and freedom in the United States. The two discuss how she was introduced to these movements, her search for a calling, and the potential of The Episcopal Church to lead in honest racial justice and reconciliation.

To Go on the Way of Love is to cross boundaries, listen deeply, and live like Jesus. To do any of these things, and to have any hope of healing, we need to be able to tell each other the truth and go, as Ruby Sales says, “where it hurts.”

Resources and Workshops
art + soul: The Secret Life of Bees reading group
Aug 2 - Nov 15

"Sue Monk Kidd’s astonishing classic book The Secret Life of Bees will be our center source, the big red heart we touch again and again as our own spiritual biographies unfold. Taking place in the the summer of 1964 in the Deep South, this story intersects questions of race, gender and life-giving spirituality, and unapologetically re-imagines them all...which is why this book needs to be dusted off and broken open right now."

Zoom conversations twice a month, and weekly reflection materials for you to work with as your schedule allows.

Virtual Nuevo Amanecer 2020 Conference
Aug 15, Sep 12, and Oct 10.

Registration is now open for all 5 events of Virtual Nuevo Amanecer: June 13, July 11, August 15, September 12 and October 10. The registration is bilingual: Spanish/English. You only need to register once for all 5 events. Two days before the event you will receive the links for the Zoom meetings.

ESP: Nos reuniremos el 13 de junio de 1:00 pm a 4:00 pm, Tiempo del Este (Miami, Santo Domingo). Durante los próximos cuatro meses, del 10 de julio al 10 de octubre, nos seguiremos reuniendo mensualmente para más oportunidades de aprendizaje, conocimiento mutuo y oración.

ENG: We will meet on June 13 from 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm, Eastern Time (Miami, Santo Domingo). Over the next four months, from July 10 to October 10, we will continue to meet monthly for more opportunities for learning, mutual knowledge, and prayer.

Webinars from the Lombard Mennonite Peace Center
Jul-Dec 2020

"LMPC announces the return of one of our more popular seminars: Leadership and Anxiety in the Church (LAC) on August 19, 2020 via Zoom video conferencing. This webinar is comprised of a series of PowerPoint presentations that look at the challenges posed by rising levels of anxiety in churches and in society as a whole. 

Creation Care
Social Justice Commission
Beloved Community Commission
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Online services listed:
Online Contemplative Prayer Group Continues
Every Sunday, 6:30pm

Hosted by: Fr. Dave Woessner,
St. Michael's-on-the-Heights, Worcester

In addition to serving as a parish priest, Fr. Dave has many years of practice and teaching in both Centering Prayer (in Fr. Thomas Keating's method), as well as Samatha meditation (originating out of Theravāda Buddhism). He has offered many classes and retreats, as well as Spiritual Direction.

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Meeting ID: 835 6621 8541
Password: Stillness

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Rev. Heather Ramsey Mabrouk, Program Coordinator
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