October 30, 2018
MA Bishops decry bigotry & easy access to lethal weapons in wake of Pittsburgh shooting
MA Bishops decry bigotry & easy access to lethal weapons ...

The bishops of the two Episcopal dioceses in Massachusetts have issued the following statement, following a gunman's attack on the Pittsburgh Tree of Life synagogue.

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The 117th Diocesan Convention
October 26-27, 2018
#WMARevival: Year 2
Revival Update: Year 2

Did you miss it? Go to wmarevival.org and you'll see links on the homepage to videos for both revival venues. You will also find links to Presiding Bishop's sermons and a short compilation of Bishop Fisher's reflection and Bishop Scruton's prayer.

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From Our Chaplain at Western Mass
Women's Correctional Center
Prison Ministry Seeks Bus Passes
One would think that the day of release from jail would be a happy occasion. Sometimes it is. But, more often than not, release often means a life back on the streets or back in the environment which may have led to the incarceration in the first place.

One issue that is often problematic is that of transportation. Upon release, women often have follow-up appointments which have been scheduled by counselors or medical staff in the jail. But often times a woman may not have a way to get to an appointment or an interview. So here’s my request: if you would like to help women upon release from jail, it would be really helpful if we could have on hand some one day ($3.50) or seven day ($15) bus passes from the PVTA.

You can purchase these passes at your local Big Y and mail them to me at the jail:
Women’s Correctional Center
701 Center St.
Chicopee, MA 01013

Please know in advance how helpful and practical these passes will be for the women.

Thank you!

Mary D’Alessandro
Chaplain. Western Mass Women’s Correctional Center
Society of the Companions of the Holy Cross
November 17, 2018 Meeting
Creation Care
November 3, 2018. Amherst, MA.

Come learn how your House of Worship can lower energy costs and reduce its carbon footprint. Sponsored by the Massachusetts Conference of the U.C.C.

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