November 23, 2021
Advent Retreat with the
Rev. Dr. Margaret Bullitt-Jonas
Dec 4th, 9:30am

Jesus invites us to make our home in him, just as he makes his home in us (John 15:4). In a rapidly changing world, when so much that we took for granted has become unreliable or unstable, our old familiar “home” is gone. Weather is erratic; institutions we once depended on are shaky; households and communities are stressed. Is it possible to feel “at home” in the midst of a troubled world?

This Advent Quiet Day invites us to respond to Jesus’ invitation to come home to the One who loves us utterly. Our time together will include silence and guided meditation, presentations and small group conversation, and free time for solitary prayer. If possible, please bring a candle.

Braver Angels: Conversations with "Those People" presented by the Rt. Rev. Mark Beckwith
Dec 5th, 4pm
Episcopal Peace Fellowship Peacebuilding Online Project

"How Do We Live With Different Political Convictions But With Malice Toward None? Is Relationship Still Possible?

A safe space is where we all agree. A brave space is where we dare to encounter the other and stay true to ourselves. We can find a safe space. A brave space has to be created.

American society has, for decades, been fragmenting into groups of the like-minded, so that we are losing the spirit and the skills to relate to human beings as opposed to mirrors. Bishop Mark Beckwith and Braver Angels offer ways we can regain the capacity to live authentically in the midst of diversity.

Braver Angels’ premise is, at this time of crisis, we need more than civility, empathy, and goodwill. We need courage.

Bishop Beckwith will introduce the Braver Angels approach to relationship across the divides."

Building an Episcopal network in MA for those interested in the Poor People's Campaign: A National Call for a Moral Revival
Dec 7th, 7pm

Have you heard of the Poor People's Campaign (PPC)? Would you like to learn more about this moral fusion movement? And discuss where and how the PPC fits in with our faith and how we might be called to action?

The Episcopal Dioceses of MA and WMA Network for the Poor People’s Campaign will have its inaugural meeting on December 7 from 7 to 8 pm. Please contact Martha Gardner, Diocese of MA’s Missioner for Networking and Formation, for the zoom meeting information.

The goal is to build a network that connects Episcopalians in Massachusetts who support the PPC and/or are interested in learning more about both the PPC nationally and its work right here in Massachusetts (MAPPC.) At our initial meeting, we'll discuss how we can best connect with one another and to plan how to better educate ourselves on the interlocking injustices of systemic racism, poverty, ecological devastation, the war economy/militarism and the distorted moral narrative of religious nationalism.

Register now for Bending Toward Justice 2022
Jan 22nd, 9am

Join us for our third annual gathering to pray and discern the work of justice in this place, at this time. Sponsored by the Social Justice Commission of the Diocese of Western Massachusetts, this online gathering is open to all who work for justice in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Keynote: The Rev. Dr. Mark Bozzuti-Jones
The Rev. Dr. Mark Francisco Bozzuti-Jones is an Episcopal priest at Trinity Church Wall Street in New York City. He serves as the Priest and Director of Spiritual Formation of Trinity’s Retreat Center in West Cornwall, CT.

Register now for Holy Land 2022
May 11-24, 2022

Canon Rich Simpson and (retired) Dean Jim Munroe will be leading our next diocesan pilgrimage in May 2022.

Province 1 Hosts Monthly Formation Conversations
Third Thursday of the Month

The Province 1 Christian Formation Network is hosting a series of free online monthly “Conversations with Noted Speakers.” On the third Thursday of each month participants will have the opportunity to hear from people at the forefront of Christian Formation.

Upcoming Speakers:

Dec. 16, 7pm EST
Kelly Demo and Barbara McCall, “The Micah Paradigm Building a Culture of Justice, Mercy, and Solidarity in Your Church’s Children and Youth Programs"

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Workshops & Resources
Meditation Skills Training Institute
Five sessions of Mediation Skills Training Institute for Church Leaders are available for registration now.

Ministerio Hispano
Latino Ministries
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Misa Dominical
Ministerio Hispano en Worcester:
  • 12:00pm en la Iglesia de San Marcos en persona
La Catedral:
  • 12:15pm en persona

Durante la semana
Ministerio Hispano en Worcester: 
  • Estudio Bíblico todos los martes a las 6:30pm por Zoom
  • Grupo de Oración todos los viernes a las 6:30pm for WhatsApp
La Catedral: 
  • Estudio Bíblico (En persona) Miércoles 6:00pm
  • Sabatina (Segundo, tercer y cuarto sábado del mes) de 10am a 12pm
Together We Thrive
Join an Affinity Group
"2021 has been a year of adaptation for Together We Thrive, as we've navigated the continuing challenges of the pandemic and redesigned our Affinity Groups to allow for virtual connections. With pandemic restrictions shutting down in person gatherings last year, we moved our Affinity Groups to an online format, allowing us to extend the invitation to join beyond the confines of New England. Over the past six months, we've offered seven different subject area and community-specific Affinity Groups, and more are on the way in 2022!"

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