Because Presbyterians love church choirs:
The choir of First Presbyterian Church of Brownsville is just a little too perky on Daylight Savings Time Sunday. But we like that.
March 12, 2020
NOTICE: The Mission Presbytery Offices will be close at noon on March 12th and will be closed all day on March 13th.
Compiled Resources for Pandemic Response
As of March 11, 2020, the World Health Organization has declared the COVID-19 virus a pandemic.

Mission Presbytery’s Disaster Preparedness & Assistance Committee (DPAC) has compiled the following resources for churches to stay informed and prepare for a response to coronavirus.
Protocols for Electronic Meetings and E-Voting
The current situation with COVID-19 is leading some sessions to create a protocol regarding electronic meetings and e-voting. Here is some advice from your Stated Clerk.

There is no such thing as an email meeting! Here’s why:
  • There is no way to determine or maintain a quorum.
  • There is no way to provide opportunity for all voices to be heard in a way that allows for the debate and/or discussion.
Meetings using other electronic means such as conference calls or video conferencing (such as Zoom meetings) can be used as long as:
  • There is a method to determine and maintain a quorum.
  • There is an agreed upon protocol to ensure every member has opportunity to speak.
  • There is an agreed upon protocol for calculating the votes.
  • Every member of the council has access to whichever method is being used and knows how to use it.
Evotes should not be taken on any new business. If an evote is necessary the following needs to happen:
  • The motion request is sent to the moderator.
  • The moderator sends the email to the whole council with the following:
  1. The motion that is being voted on
  2. How a second will be determined (usually the first member to vote yes)
  3. A specific deadline for voting (normally 48-72 hours)
  4. A statement that the vote is sent solely to the moderator (No reply all!). This is because an evote is essentially a paper ballot.
  5. A statement reminding members that a vote should be “yes”, “no”, or “abstain”. If a member has a question or wishes to comment (as is their right), then the vote is suspended until such time as a meeting of the council is held.
  • The moderator shall notify the members of the council the decision and the clerk of session records the motion and vote in the minutes of the next meeting
Whatever method is used the following needs to be taken into account:
  • Every member of the council has the right to be present.
  • Every member of the council has the right to speak.
  • Every member of the council has a right to vote.
Sallie's Ponderings
The Presbytery meeting was a good one. Good workshops, fajitas, reports, guest speakers and elections.

Sallie's report to the Presbytery is also a good one, with pastoral care, good news and inspirational news.
In Memoriam
Justin Bonham Jones, beloved husband, father, pastor and friend died peacefully after living with glioblastoma for three years. Justin’s love for life, family, people and the church was a witness to his love for and faith in God. retiring in 2016. Justin was active in Mission Presbytery, serving on the Church Development and Evangelism Committee and other activities of the Presbytery as well as interdenominational ministerial alliance groups where he lived and served.

A memorial service of thanksgiving celebrating Justin’s life will be held at First Presbyterian Church, 703 South Church Street, Georgetown, Texas, on Friday, March 20, 2020, at 11:00 A.M. Donations may be made in Justin’s memory to First Presbyterian Church at the address above, or to the charity of your choice.
In The Know
Ordination Exams Readers Needed
Mission Presbytery has the opportunity to participate in the Spring 2020 cycle of PC(USA) Ordination Exams by providing exam readers. We have been requested to provide  3 ruling elders and 3 teaching elders . We can also name an alternate reader (either RE or TE) to stand ready if one of the designated readers needs to be replaced. Exams for this cycle will be read during the week of May 4-8, and readers are expected to allocate 10-12 hours to the process.
Ordination exams are given in four content areas: Theology, Worship and Sacraments, Polity, and Exegesis (in either Hebrew or Greek). Readers are provided with excellent general training for reading exams and also with specific materials for the exam to which they are assigned. 

If you would like to serve the larger church in this way, please contact Kathy Escandell, Chair of Mission Presbytery CPM at . If you have would like more information before committing, get in touch with Kathy by e-mail or by phone at 956-682-2836.
Mission Presbytery Educators Facebook Group
The Education and Congregational Nurture committee of Mission Presbytery invites all educators, youth directors and pastors to join the Mission Presbytery Educators Facebook Group. This online group is an additional opportunity for us to be Better Together!

Here you can stay up to date about conferences, scholarships, and curriculum to support your ministry! There is also space in the group for discussion, to ask questions or share ideas!

Here’s a link to request to join: We’ll See You There!
Attention Clerks and Pastors:
Church on the Corner Survey
Attention Clerks and Pastors!
Please fill out the World Mission Church on the Corner Survey! This survey is about the mission interests of your congregation, including but not limited to, your interest in global mission.

Summaries of responses will go to the Presbyterian Mission Agency's World Mission ministry area to inform its engagement with congregations like yours.
Registration is OPEN for SUMMER CAMP 2020 at  Spend the night summer camp starting at $295. Week-long day camp starting at $265. Early bird discount until April 1.
See you this summer! 
Don't forget about JKR Rally Day on April 4th
Seminars, Workshops, Programs
Read more information about all previously posted events on the "Upcoming Events" page of our website at:

  • Gender Justice Event (March 28th)

  • Imagine! God's Earth and People Restored (April 24-27)

  • Commissioned Pastors Conference (May 13-16)

  • Clergy Renewal Grants (May 15)

  • Presbyterian Association of Musicians (June 21-26 & June 28-July 3)

  • JHaMS (July 23-26)
We See You!
Because Presbyterians love assembling bags:
Madison Square Presbyterian Church collected 195 Good Samaritan bags, 20 pounds of snacks, and 658 more diapers. From their FB page: Your gift of kindness gives both something tangible as well as intangible – hope, love and encouragement!
Because Presbyterians love church anniversaries:
Happy 89th Anniversary First Presbyterian Church of New Braunfels!
Leadership Openings
Read more information about all of the postings on the "Leadership Openings" page of our website at:

Community Presbyterian Church of Port Aransas is looking for a Bookkeeper/Treasurer.

Kingsland Community Church is seeking a Pastor.

El Divino Salvador and Island Presbyterian Churches (IPC) in Corpus Christi, TX is seeking a “SHARED” pastor.

First Presbyterian Church of Rockport, Texas is seeking a full-time, solo Pastor.

New Braunfels Presbyterian Church is seeking an organist.

Gonzales Presbyterian Church is seeking a full time solo pastor. 

Schreiner University is seeking a Full-time University (Campus Minister).

First Presbyterian Churches in Uvalde and Del Rio are seeking a pastor to serve this yoked field.


Positions at the National Offices of PCUSA

The national offices of the Presbyterian Church (USA) are currently looking for candidates to fill the following positions:
Chief Financial Officer/Chief Operating Officer (ASG)
Director of History and Records/PHS Executive Director (OGA)
Associate Director for Theology, Formation, and Evangelism (PMA)
Associate for International Property (PMA)
Associate for African American Intercultural Congregational Support (PMA)
Associate for Interreligious Engagement (PMA)
Associate for Pastoral Formation (PMA)
Associate for Young Adult Volunteer Program (PMA)
Director of Administration (Stony Point Center)
Click the link below for a brief description for each job pass along with your constituents or share in your newsletter or bulletin board. 
Full details of the roles and responsibilities, position requirements, and to apply online, click HERE:
Resources and Links
We are Mission Presbytery, serving Christ in the World. In the Reformed Tradition, together we,
  • Establish and equip congregations and session to carry out their missions;
  • Recruit, receive, ordain, develop, and care for those called to service in the church;
  • Enable mission and witness to the Gospel that congregations cannot accomplish alone; and
  • Steward our resources faithfully and generously.
We are better together.
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