Because Presbyterians are better NOT together... least not together in person. But Presbyterians know how to be better together via online presence, teleconferencing, making pastoral phone calls and in prayer for each other. So, really, we are BETTER TOGETHER!
March 26, 2020
Resources - Tutorials - Letters - Programs for Pandemic Response
Advisory Opinion - Communion in an Emergency/Pandemic
Updated advisory regarding the authorization and distribution of Communion.
Remember the Regional Liaison List?
Just a Reminder: You Are Not Alone.
So you know that you have a Presbytery staff that loves you and supports you, right? But you've got more "human resources" than that!

Each of the six regions of Mission Presbytery has three additional people who keep you in mind. You've got a  Regional  liaison who's responsible for keeping a handle on all the congregations in your region, and communicating with you about all the goings-on of the Presbytery. You've got a  COM  region liaison who makes sure your congregation has the coverage you need for COM-related issues. And you also have a  Pastoral   Care  liaison, someone who keeps an ear out for those who have an extra need for prayer or some TLC.

Each of these folks stand ready to work with you and get you what you need. But it works best if you keep the communications going both ways. If you know of a need, or an event, or anything that might need some extra attention, let these folks know. Get to know your liaisons!
Mental Well Being During a Pandemic
The Presbyterian Mental Health Network, with several members from Mission Presbytery, has published a document entitled Mental Well-Being during a Pandemic . This guide has practical ideas for handling stress, fear, and panic, as well as thoughts on Mental and Spiritual Well-Being. Find this helpful guide via the link below.
Equipment for Live Streaming
For those who are feeling they want to dive in a little more and have a multi-camera setup for live streaming here is a list of basics for the Sling Studio. I have included the prices through B&H Camera, they are old prices, because they tend to have the best prices in the country and have a specific department for nonprofits.

Equipment for Live Streaming - Pricing through B&H in New York
Sling Mobile Prod. - $1745.00
Sling Camera Link - $349.00
Apple 12.9 iPad Pro - $899.99
2 Canon Vixia HF R800 - $438.00
SanDisk 256GB - $123.15
2 Vello CB-510 Dual Shoe #VECB510 - $29.90
2 Magnus VT-350 Tripod #MAVT350 - $199.90
2 extension cords, Length depends on your needs
2 multiplug adaptors with USB plugs

I would recommend any camera have an external microphone jack so you can add a good mic if you are not able to take an audio out from the sound board. Also a standard iPad will work. The 256GB sd card is for the Sling, but it is not a bad idea to have one for your cameras. If you have questions or need help call Ed at the presbytery office, 210-826-3296.
Weekly Zoom Check-In for Pastors and CPs
Because we are better together, we are doing all we can to stay connected and support one another.
Beginning the week of March 22, we will host weekly Zoom meetings for pastoral leaders by region. If you cannot attend your region’s call, you are welcome to join one of the other ones. The schedule is below. (And if you’re not sure how to use Zoom, please check out the tutorial by Tricia Tedrow below) An email will be sent with the link and phone numbers to use.
Austin Region – TBD (an email will be sent to the Austin region when its set)
Corpus Christi Region – Wednesdays at 1:00 p.m. 
Hill Country Region – Mondays at 9:00 a.m.
Rio Grande Valley Region – Mondays at 1:00 p.m.
San Antonio Region – Thursdays at 1:00 p.m.
Victoria Region – Tuesday at 1:00 p.m.
Find it on our "Virtual Community" Web Page
All of the resources listed this week and last week can be found on our "Virtual Community" page at:

  • How to Live Stream, hosted by Ed Sackett
  • A Pastoral Letter from OGA and PMA
  • Video Tutorial on How to Use ZOOM, by Tricia Tedrow
  • Resources from Presbyterian Foundation
  • Resources from Mission Presbytery DPAC
  • Resources for Church Meetings, Including Authoritative Interpretation
  • Message from the Board of Pensions
  • Protocols for Electronic Meetings and E-Voting
In The Know
Office Closure
In response to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Mission Presbytery office will be closed until further notice. We are working from home and will be accessible via email and telephone. You may continue to call us at 210-826-3296, and the phones will be forwarded to our cell phones to avoid any interruption in day to day activities. We continue to hold each of you and our congregations in our prayers. We are BETTER TOGETHER… even if it is virtually!
Church of the Week
During this time when in person services are suspended, Mission Presbytery is posting links for live-streaming or recorded services to share. Each week we will highlight one church to attend. The link and information is on the front page of the website.

This week's Church of the Week is St. Andrew Presbyterian Church in Marble Falls. You can join them on Sunday at 11:00 am by clicking on the link below. A call-in option is available at 346-248-7799
Preach a Sermon, Help a Congregation
Attention all HR pastors and Members-At-Large!
Looking for a way to help support congregations?
Why not preach a sermon? 

If you're willing to do so, please click on the link below and fill out the form. Let's help each other through this time.

(PS, this is not limited to HR and Members-At-Large. If you're in specialized ministry and suddenly have some time on your hands, you can help too!)
Sallie's Ponderings
In this pastoral care and reminder letter, Sallie tell us that we can do some things, we should do some things, and there are some things we need to stop doing right away... for now.

In all of this, Sallie reminds us to be generous, continue meeting even (and only) if it's virtual, take advantage of available help, and remember that we're all here for each other.
Austin-area Presbyterian Adults!
Can't wait to see you on Zoom

We have a great line up for the rest of this young adult series on climate change, and like most of you in your work,  we are going to Zoom for this one!

Come listen to our wonderful guest speaker, abby mohaupt!
The Rev. abby mohaupt is a Presbyterian minister and a PhD student at Drew University in climate change and ecofeminist theology. She regularly blogs at , and her writing on earth care has appeared in Sojourners, the Presbyterian Church USA’s Unbound, and Ecclesio.

Also, we would love for you to participate in a crowdsourcing project for ideas about how we can fight climate change. We would love to put this together for us to use and for our churches to use! Thanks for your contributions. Take a moment and instead of sharing that article on social media, share it here:

We'd love to see you at our next gathering! Our next event for March can be found on Facebook here:

Meet us on Zoom:

April 27  at 6pm
June 1  at 6pm
Ordination Exams Readers Needed
Mission Presbytery has the opportunity to participate in the Spring 2020 cycle of PC(USA) Ordination Exams by providing exam readers. We have been requested to provide  3 ruling elders and 3 teaching elders . We can also name an alternate reader (either RE or TE) to stand ready if one of the designated readers needs to be replaced. Exams for this cycle will be read during the week of May 4-8, and readers are expected to allocate 10-12 hours to the process.
Ordination exams are given in four content areas: Theology, Worship and Sacraments, Polity, and Exegesis (in either Hebrew or Greek). Readers are provided with excellent general training for reading exams and also with specific materials for the exam to which they are assigned. 

If you would like to serve the larger church in this way, please contact Kathy Escandell, Chair of Mission Presbytery CPM at . If you have would like more information before committing, get in touch with Kathy by e-mail or by phone at 956-682-2836.
Mission Coworkers, Charles & Melissa Johnson, Evacuate from Zambia
By Melissa Johnson, March 24th

Quite the week: On Friday, March 13 th we went to Chipata, Zambia and bought groceries with the plan of sheltering in place until the Coronavirus situation passed. We had a plan. In our house in Lundazi we have a borehole for clean water, a genset, and a pantry and freezer stocked full of plenty of food to get us by until things calmed down. If somehow we needed to leave, we would simply drive to Mfuwe and catch a flight to Malawi or South Africa and get whatever medical care we needed. But things started changing and changing fast.
Registration is OPEN for SUMMER CAMP 2020 at  Spend the night summer camp starting at $295. Week-long day camp starting at $265. Early bird discount until April 1.
See you this summer! 
Leadership Openings
Read more information about all of the postings on the "Leadership Openings" page of our website at:

Community Presbyterian Church of Port Aransas is looking for a Bookkeeper/Treasurer.

Kingsland Community Church is seeking a Pastor.

El Divino Salvador and Island Presbyterian Churches (IPC) in Corpus Christi, TX is seeking a “SHARED” pastor.

First Presbyterian Church of Rockport, Texas is seeking a full-time, solo Pastor.

New Braunfels Presbyterian Church is seeking an organist.

Gonzales Presbyterian Church is seeking a full time solo pastor. 

Schreiner University is seeking a Full-time University (Campus Minister).

First Presbyterian Churches in Uvalde and Del Rio are seeking a pastor to serve this yoked field.


Positions at the National Offices of PCUSA

The national offices of the Presbyterian Church (USA) are currently looking for candidates to fill the following positions:
Chief Financial Officer/Chief Operating Officer (ASG)
Director of History and Records/PHS Executive Director (OGA)
Associate Director for Theology, Formation, and Evangelism (PMA)
Associate for International Property (PMA)
Associate for African American Intercultural Congregational Support (PMA)
Associate for Interreligious Engagement (PMA)
Associate for Pastoral Formation (PMA)
Associate for Young Adult Volunteer Program (PMA)
Director of Administration (Stony Point Center)
Click the link below for a brief description for each job pass along with your constituents or share in your newsletter or bulletin board. 
Full details of the roles and responsibilities, position requirements, and to apply online, click HERE:
Resources and Links
We are Mission Presbytery, serving Christ in the World. In the Reformed Tradition, together we,
  • Establish and equip congregations and session to carry out their missions;
  • Recruit, receive, ordain, develop, and care for those called to service in the church;
  • Enable mission and witness to the Gospel that congregations cannot accomplish alone; and
  • Steward our resources faithfully and generously.
We are better together.
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