Friends in Christ

Ever talk with members who are reluctant or unwilling to give their support to the congregation? They may be disgruntled about something or someone, so they withhold financial support of the ministry.

Ever talk with members of the Metropolitan New York Synod who are reluctant or unwilling to give their support to the Synod and the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. They may be disgruntled about something or someone, so they withhold financial support .

Yes, it is a similar script. I certainly have had differences with synodical and churchwide decisions, but I have always supported the mission of the church and the many ministries supported by the synod and ELCA. Why? Because I believe this is what God calls us to do.

When Paul was offering advice to the Ephesian elders, he spoke of the central sharing of the good news of God’s grace. He also quotes Jesus. That’s right Paul quotes Jesus and shares “It is more blessed to give than to receive.” (Acts 20:35)

Jesus was the ultimate Giver and set the example for our giving and sharing. 

I worry about our understanding of the church’s mission. If mission means “to send,” is it not God who does the sending to go into all the world with the good news. 

As I look at the contributions of congregations to mission support, I have a sad feeling about those who have given nothing this year…and in some instances no mission support for several years. Is this a message that they no longer have a mission?  Also, does each congregation look more toward minimums or maximums when determining mission support?

It is my hope and prayer that every congregation in the Metropolitan New York Synod would be committed to sharing in the mission of Christ’s Church in congregations, our Synod, and in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.

I invite you to look at the synod ministries that we support, and that support our congregations. I invite you to look at the ministries that you support through the Evangelical Lutheran Church, including support that is returned to us. 

Yes, it is more blessed to give than to receive. It is also a reminder that the Lord loves a cheerful giver. (2 Corinthians 2:7) May the joy of our faith and the love of God’s mission entrusted to us unite us as we are, indeed, on the way together.

In Christ,
Bishop Donald J McCoid
The mission support of our congregations makes it possible for us to walk together with others in the mission and ministry of the Metropolitan New York Synod and to support ministries of the ELCA. 

All mission support for the fiscal year 2018 (ending on January 31, 2019), should be received in the synod office by February 8, 2019.
In 2019 , the Metropolitan New York Synod will send 52% of what is received for mission support to the ELCA Churchwide administration in Chicago, which supports new congregations, missionaries, seminaries, colleges, universities, campus ministries, early childhood centers, elementary schools, outdoor ministries, social ministry organizations, advocacy, and community development on a national scale.

Partnership dollars come back to synods and congregations from the ELCA via grants, services, programs, staff, and resources. All mission support, including subsidized congregations, is a sign of our partnership in the Gospel.

In addition to helping us stay connected, completing this form makes your congregation eligible for synod grants.
Leadership Development Grant

The  Leadership Development Grant, funded by our  Strategic Plan, provides a special focus on supporting programs that will specifically nurture education, training, and formation for leadership skills and qualities that complement the aims of the Claimed, Gathered, and Sent Strategies. 

Application deadline: November 15, 2018.
" This year we elected six new bishops—all of them women, one Latina and the first two African Americans. Guided by the Spirit, the people of the Southeastern Pennsylvania Synod elected Patricia Davenport and the South-Central Synod of Wisconsin elected Viviane Thomas-Breitfeld. It took 31 years—not quite 40. What didn’t seem possible a generation ago is reality in our church. "A Message from ELCA Presiding Bishop Elizabeth Eaton
" On November 9 in 1938, a pogrom was carried out against Jews in Nazi Germany . This large scale attack was carried out by German Stormtroopers (paramilitary) in Berlin, and aided by German citizens. The night became known as Kristallnacht , or ' The Night of Broken Glass '.
The attacks went on into the next day. The public joined in voluntarily. Stores were smashed and looted, synagogues were burned and Jews were beaten and murdered. It was after this night, that the US recalled its ambassador permanently. It was the beginning of the worst chapter of 20th century history " —An article by The Rev. Michael Rinehart, Bishop of the Texas-Louisiana Gulf Coast Synod
" It’s no secret that Metro New York faces challenges that many synods escape. Uniting worshipping communities of multiple languages. Urban property redevelopments. Honoring ethnic traditions. Receiving immigrants. Demographics that morph as housing costs soar. Speaking God’s love equally to inner-city youth and to aging suburbanites. 'God’s work. Our Hands' can feel like God has placed a big ball of impossible into our hands. "An Article from MNYS Vice-President Renée Wicklund
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If you see something, say something.
In this document, you can find important information related to potential indicators of criminal or terrorist activities related to religious community centers.

Growing in Faith
Anti-Racism Training

Holy Trinity Lutheran Church, Bellerose
Saturday, November 17, 2018

Thanks to the MNYS Leadership Grant Program and the Strategic Plan Anti-Racism Committee, Growing in Faith: NY Diakonia Program can bring you this vital training from Crossroads at no cost. This event is open to all!
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Wider Church Grants

These grants are intended to help fund programs outside our synod’s regular operating budget. Examples of grants made in recent years are Lutheran Music Program, Koinonia, and Association of Lutheran Church Musicians, among others. The application deadline for 2019 grants is November 24, 2018. 
Organ Recital

Redeemer Lutheran Church, Kingston
TODAY! Saturday, November 10
3:00 pm

Chase Castle offers an evening of his music that explores all aspects of organ repertoire, with particular emphasis on ethnomusicological and world music compositions. The event's proceeds will benefit the Organ Fund. For more information, click here.
Preaching from the Choir

New Hope Lutheran Church, Jamaica
Sunday, November 11
4:00 pm

The New Hope Lutheran Church, Senior Choir and Men's Choir present: Our Story: Preaching from the Choir. For more information, click here.
Opening Our Hearts and Minds

Manhattanville College
Thursday, November 15
7:30 am - 10:00 am

Westchester/Fairfield County welcome religious and community leaders to their annual Thanksgiving Diversity Breakfast honoring those who reach out to understand other points of view. To purchase tickets, click here. For more information, click here. 
Ambiguity is Harmful, and Clarity is Reasonable

Church Clarity is a network of churches that radically supports LGBTQIA+ and establishes a new standard for church policy disclosure. You are welcome to join and expand its database. To submit your church, click here. To learn more, click here.
A Benefit Concert for NRDC

Saint Peter's Church, NYC
Monday, November 26
7:00 pm

LIVING EARTH 2018 is a benefit concert for the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC). You are invited to enjoy the premiere of new music, which includes a string quartet. For more information, click here.
Start the Holiday Season with Music!

Gustavus Adolphus Lutheran Church, NYC
Saturday, December 1st
7:30 pm

Save the date and attend the 13th annual FIRST SONGS OF THE SEASON concert! An evening of song, caroling, and storytelling of beautiful music, with world-class talent, inspiring tales. For more information, click here.
ORGANIST AND MUSIC DIRECTOR: Holy Trinity Lutheran Church, Flatbush—more information here   ▶︎
PARISH ADMINISTRATOR: St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Church, Manhattan —more information here   ▶︎
ASSOCIATE DIRECTOR OF DEVELOPMENT AND COMMUNICATIONS: Extraordinary Lutheran Ministries —more information here   ▶︎

NOVEMBER 11: Town Hall Meeting Quadrant 4- Laity—more information here ▶︎
NOVEMBER 12: Town Hall Meeting Quadrant 4- Clergy—more information here ▶︎
NOVEMBER 13: Conference of Deans Meeting—more information here ▶︎

• The Rev. Winston Bone, who died in Christ on October 24
 The souls of our brothers and sisters who died in the Pittsburgh Synagogue shooting. ( Read the Pastoral Letter by Bishop Donald McCoid)
The 189 victims of the plane crash in Indonesia
• The asylum-seekers who are part of the migrant caravan
 For our work toward shaping a more inclusive church that welcomes and affirms all of God's people, specifically our  LGBTQIA+ brothers and sisters
 For refugees, immigrants and asylum seekers, and those who come to their aid
 Those affected by violence in their schools, workplaces, and homes 
 The unity of this church and its mission
 Peace in our world
 Peace in our nation
 The care of God's creation 
 ELCA Young Adult in Global Mission, Jake Connealy, serving in South Africa & Swaziland
ELCA missionaries Dr. Stephen and Jodi Swanson, serving in Tanzania
MNYS missionary Melanie Nelson, and her husband David Kingery, serving in Bukoba, Tanzania
  Bishop Erik Gronberg, PhD; the staff; and the people of the Northern Texas - Northern Louisiana Synod