Saint Luke's Episcopal Church

Scituate, Massachusetts

 Mission Tidings  Fall 2017
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Reverend's Reflections 
Dear People of God at St. Luke's,
The time is quickly coming! The new program year begins the Sunday after Labor Day with a picnic -September 10th. I retire October 1st, also followed by a reception/lunch. I have invited guests from my previous ministries. The people at St. Luke's all are those whom I most hope to see there.
I am so grateful for all the opportunities, the privilege of being present for so many private and corporate life events, from the regular observances of Easter and Christmas, baptisms, confirmations, weddings, and yes, funerals. I've been reflecting quite a bit about that last piece, the wonderful servants of God who have been, as the Bible says, 'the lights of their generation.'
That last piece brings me one of my final teachings: none of you are volunteers. Instead you are servants, members of the Body of Christ, the eyes and heart, hands and feet of Jesus. I can't stress enough the importance of this distinction. I might volunteer at, say, the Museum of Fine Arts-become one of those who sit at the desk selling tickets maybe, offering my time and energy for free. I'm not sure I'd ever feel integral to the place though, as if it were 'my' museum. Perhaps a volunteer of decades would. Businesses and non-profit organizations can spend a lot of visioning and publicity resources trying to convince us that we are/own/belong to/are family. However, that impulse is on to something: we long to belong.
Jesus' church is different though. Jesus used many metaphors and parables to tell us that when we are baptized, when we say in our hearts and out loud in our words and what we do "I follow Jesus, I pattern my life on his example. The Spirit enfolds me. He is the vine, we are the branches; we are sheep of his flock; we are his body."
Volunteers are not paid a salary. We receive blessings in this life, an identity, and eternal life to come. Volunteers come and go. We are Christ's own forever. Volunteers work for many reasons, motivations. We do so because we are loved and love.
St. Luke's is your church. We belong and serve because we embrace the mission of God, to help build the kingdom, to be stones built up in the edifice that has continued for millennia.
We just had another Heritage Day Yard Sale. So many people came to contribute their own time and energy. Mary Lou and team: you are Jesus. Joan and Karen and Community Dinner team: you are Jesus. Sylvia and Pat and Altar Guild Members, you are Jesus. Ushers, LEMs, Lectors, Acolytes, Vestry members past and present, you are Jesus. George and all Finance and Stewardship members: you are Jesus. Ron and Ed-when you change a light bulb, open or close the church, bake bread, put up tents, you are Jesus. Chris and Paul, and all past Wardens, you are Jesus. John M and team at the transfer station: you are Jesus. Joyce and hospitality people, Cheryl and Cheryl and Jane, and all others who work in the gardens, flowers and yard, you are Jesus. Jean and Debbie and all choir members: you are Jesus. Kitty and Bethany and all Sunday School teachers: you are Jesus. Those who participate in the services at Life Care Center, and all who visit the sick: you are Jesus. Martha, Michael, Beatrice: you are Jesus. Past Harvest Fair chairs, Sharley, Ginny, Susanna, Suzanne, Yvonne,Joyce, Gail, Paula, +Leslie (the church is the members living on this side, and the other; may her name stand in for all those who did the same but are now part of the heavenly choir), and teams of workers: you are Jesus.
I close by asking you to consider contributing in new and needed ways. To participate in any of the groups which are the building blocks of worship behind the scene, on the altar, reading, greeting, singing. We need Sunday School teachers.
Please pray, consider your calling, and discern if you might step forward into the roles, the members of the Body which together are the Church.
Church School News
Church School will begin on September 10th with special activities for the children as they meet their teachers and register for the coming year. We look forward to welcoming our children back with many opportunities and ways of learning about our faith.
September 10th: Welcome Back Sunday: Registration, special activities followed by a Barbecue (rain or shine).
September 17th: Sundae Sunday! Classes begin. Bring a friend to church! Registration Continues.
September 24th: Regular Classes
At registration you will have an opportunity to sign up to be an acolyte and join the children's choirs, both wonderful ways of extending and enriching Christian education for your child.
Want to be a part of the Church School team? Think our work with the children is a vital part of the mission of St. Luke's? Volunteer to teach or assist in a class, help with the pageant, lead a Gathering. We need you!!!!
Contact Kittie Marrone  or Bethany Bergin
Church Service Times
Please note we will continue with the 9 AM summer service through Labor Day weekend. We will resume regular service times at 8 AM and 10 AM on September 10th.
Welcome Back BBQ- September 10th 
All are invited to a Welcome Back BBQ immediately after the 10 AM service on Sept. 10th. Hot dogs, hamburgers and cold drinks provided. Families with last names starting with A-L are asked to bring a dessert, M-Z, please bring a salad to share.
Thank you!
Seeking people to join in any and all ministries, committees of the Church. Of special need right now: Harvest Fair Coordinators, Sunday School Teachers, LEMs.
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