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March 2016

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Reverend's Reflections
St. Luke's Mariner's Cross
Dear People of God at St. Luke's,

March is mostly taken up with Lent, ending in the last weekend with Easter. In the spirit of that new life, spring, things waking up, I invite you to consider a question. First, some background:
A recent story on NPR focused on younger adults, that they have little sense that government gets things done and businesses are rightly focused on survival and profit. So the point was that these young adults look for smaller scale, local, and more direct uses of their time and energy to help change their world.
From my experience I'd say that this impulse, to want to change for the better something in our local world, is common to the whole range of ages.
So I ask you: what in Scituate, or on the south shore, is a possible need that we might address? I'm not looking for busy work, and I don't see a whole lot of people sitting around asking what to do with all that free time on their hands. Jesus' promise that we might have life abundant is for the world, and we are bearers of that promise of new life, resurrection. Where does the darkness of this world need the light which we can uniquely bring to it? What would excite you, might even get you to put aside some of that time you really don't have, to be the change in the world you want to see?
I eagerly await your ideas.
In the Risen Christ,
Lenten Bible Study: The Other 6 Days
Meeting each Sunday after the 10 am service in Dutton Hall, this Bible study is intended to give tools for continuing your growth in living as a person of faith the other six days of the week. Handouts will be provided in advance.
Can You Help?
A former parishioner, now deceased, her daughter is divorced with 3 children and her income comes from cleaning houses. Her present car is very old and will require major repairs at any time. She is in need of a secondhand car to get to work and for her children. A charitable trust has supplied some funds, but more is needed. If you can help financially, even in a small way, would you send it to the Church office marked "Assistance". Thank you!
Christian Education Calendar                   
March 6                      Regular Classes
March 13                    Regular Classes
March 20                    Regular Classes
March 27                    Easter Sunday, Egg Hunt
Please note:
  • The clothing and food drive for the homeless was a huge success! Donations were delivered to the Plymouth Coalition for the Homeless.
  • Sunday, March 13th, children in grades 4 and up will go on a field trip to the Plymouth Coalition For the Homeless. They will leave at 10:30 and return at 1:00. Lunch will be provided.
  • The Heifer Bee Project will begin on March 20th. The children will be learning about our responsibility to care for creation through this project.
  • Easter Egg Hunt on Easter Sunday after the 10:00 service.

Renewal Works Update:
As we await the Spiritual Life Inventory (SLI) results, we recently completed Workshop 1. In the Workshop, twelve parishioners' met to ponder the question- "Where have we been". During this workshop we explored our individual spiritual journeys-where and when we have been satisfied with our lives, and if at those moments of satisfaction, or dissatisfaction we felt close, or far from God.
We discovered that while there were many similarities, each of had slight variations as we are called by God into a personal, one on one relationship.
We also shared our hopes for Renewal Works (the generated Word Cloud from the session illustrates the major themes) with themes of "Community", "People", "Place" and "Growth" being the major themes emerging from the sharing.
The next Workshop will be the week of March 13th with exact date and time still being worked out. The theme for this workshop will be "Where are we now?" All are invited and if interested, please contact Paul Antenore at pantenore@comcast.net  for further details.
In the meantime, continue to pray for the Renewal Works Workshop Team, and for the Holy Spirit to grant us discernment as to God's plan for St. Luke's.
Just Desserts: 5 Thursdays in March
It is St. Luke's turn to provide the desserts for the Senior Luncheon at the Congregational Church for the five Thursdays in March. Please sign up in the narthex to prepare and deliver 60 desserts (all the same) by 10 a.m. Two volunteers for each date makes the job much easier. If you have questions, contact Eleanor Waterman at 545-2079.
Easter Flowers
A beautiful way to remember your loved ones or to give thanks for your blessings. Look for the envelopes in the pews. Please return them by March 20th for listing in the Easter bulletin.
Holy Week Services- March 24- 27
Maundy Thursday- 6:30 p.m.
Return to the Upper Room, an observance of Jesus' Last Supper. Bring a simple dish to share. Followed by stripping of the Altar and devotions at the Altar of Repose.
Good Friday- Noon & 7 p.m.
Noon - Reflections by St. Luke's clergy on
Jesus' Last Words.
7 PM - Solemn Collects and Prayers.
Easter Sunday- 8, 9 & 11 a.m.
8 AM - Said service, no music.
9 AM - Family/child oriented liturgy, followed by Egg Hunt
11 AM - Festal Eucharist
Community Dinner- March 20th
The Community Dinner will be early this month, on the 3rd Sunday, Palm Sunday, since Easter is the 4th Sunday.  Menu details to be determined.  Look for sign ups in the narthex.