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August 2016

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Reverend's Reflections
St. Luke's Mariner's Cross
Dear People of God at St. Luke's,
September, and Labor Day, and school starting, and the program year at St. Luke's. We have so much to look forward to!
A new curriculum for the Children's Education Program, one focused on Bible stories (beyond the seven days of creation, Noah, and Christmas), and one which will link to what the adults are doing in church. Each Sunday will start at 9:45 for the children, with the telling of the story of the day. Coffee and light pastries will be available for parents who have arrived early with their children, before the 10 a.m. service begins.
We have a brand new playground, with new fencing, ground cover and play equipment: all donated by a parent who wanted things to look their best and to be great for the children.
Tending Our Roots focus for the fall will be on our Anglican roots, the spirituality of practice/acts of faith shaping belief and practice of our faith, the sacraments of our Christian heritage from the beginning of the church, our gift of individual, direct relationship with God and our freedom to make our own moral/ethical choices from the Reformation.
Over the fall we will be working on a new sound system for the church, including we hope wireless headphone sets for the most-hard of hearing. Three people have come forward to help fund it.
We do need more adults to teach in the Sunday School, with main focus on 7/8th grade, shared leadership. We're in conversation with area Episcopal parishes for some group youth events. More to come.
Would you like new opportunities to participate? The Harvest Fair, readers of scripture out loud during worship, Lay Eucharistic Ministers, Altar Guild, ushers, money counters, choir, healing ministry, visitation of the home bound and nursing homes, greeters and Newcomers' event planning, Community Dinner, meal serving at Fr. Bill's in Brockton for the homeless. Maybe some new venture, new energy you can add to St. Luke's programming?
Please join in the back-to-everything picnic on September 11th. We ask that households whose last name starts with A-M bring a salad, N-Z a dessert. The rest will be provided-although if you're not a cook and can instead help with set-up and clean-up we could use the extra hands. Can't cook, heavy lifting not for you? Please join us regardless: your presence is more important than what you can do or bring. There's always enough food to go around.
Now, I want to turn in an entirely different direction. Are you the parent of a school-aged child or more than one? Do any of them need glasses? You get them glasses, to correct for the challenge. Do they have challenges with anxiety, depression, concentration issues? At age 58 I was diagnosed with ADD and the medication has made a real difference for me. Please know, and let your children know if would be helpful, that Fr. Grant wishes he knew much earlier. Fourth grade math class for example. No more stigma should surround any form of getting what science and medicine can do, as tools. Obviously the same applies to adults. Truth be told, at least up to half of our adult congregation benefit from, or have done so in the past, from antidepressants. The intellectual gifts in science and medicine that have led to these aids are part of God's gifts to us.
Yours in Christ,

Community Dinner- Aug. 28th         
The meal this month is Kentucky Fried Chicken, donated by Alice Dana in celebration of her birthday. Also mashed potatoes, cole slaw, rolls, cake and ice cream. Happy Birthday and thank you to Alice!  Help is still needed to serve and set up...please sign up in the Narthex.
Church School News              

Church School begins Sunday, Sept. 11th at 9:45 a.m.
Teaching Team needed for 7th-8th grade.
Please contact Kittie: kitmarrone@yahoo.com or Bethany: shaneandbethany@gmail.com  for more info.
Wish List:  A piano cover
A letter to St. Luke's Church Families
Please Put Sept. 18th on Your Calendar
Why? While we have no single Chair for the Fair (at the point of writing this at least) I have spoken with past Chairs about what unique duties have fallen to them. I'm convinced that the tasks can be distributed around to several others willing to do the work. We'll discuss those tasks at the meeting. If you have been in charge of an area of the Fair and can attend the meeting to either sign up again or hand off your tasks with needed advice for someone new, please be there. If you are new to the parish or new to the idea of taking on some responsibility for any of the areas please be there: Silent Auction, Kitchen, Country Table, the Book Room, White Elephant, Jewelry Table, Bake Table, Gift Baskets, Knitting Table, Children's area.  And thank you!
Prayer List Review      
Please take a moment to help update our Prayer List below and contact the Office, 545-9482, stlukes.scituate@gmail.com with any additions or deletions.

Brenna Hughes, Maryann Cohan, Bill Philbrick, Vicki Smith, Nick, Vic & Patty, Alex, Joseph, Jr., Ryan Rooney, Michael Faherty, the Horst family of Annapolis; Beth Brassel, Margaret Liebig, Siobhan, Patty Duggan Greene, Jonah, Pete Hansen, Jane Hardy, the Costantino family, Val Reece, Nathan, Tom Frasier, Michael Wolfe, Barbara Gochee, Marjorie Sheets, Rich Murphy, Katharine, Sam, and Lois Akiyama. We pray for those serving our country especially who are posted overseas: Aaron Dotson. Those who are stationed in the United States: Neil Wolfe, Alex Westin.
Deficit Elimination Fund Update
The vestry is pleased to announce the wonderful response by parishioners to the request for contributions to eliminate the 2016 Operating Fund deficit. To date a total of $10,960 has been pledged by 25 parishioners, which leaves $1,540 to be raised.  The Matching Group is committed to meet all donations up to $12,500, for a total effort of $25,000 which will eliminate the 2016 Operating Fund deficit! Thank you all for your wonderful response! 
Acupuncture and Herb Service is Here 
Dear Folks from Saint Luke's,
My name is Xuemei Cao, my family and I have been members of Saint Luke's for over 10 years since we moved into Scituate in 2003. My daughter Nikki C. Yang grew up with Junior Choir at Saint Luke's and is off for college now. I have recently completed my MS degree in both Acupuncture and Herb medicine, and opened my clinic here in Scituate. The following is a brief introduction of my business:

Cao's Acupuncture & Herb Clinic
97 Stockbridge Rd, Scituate, MA 02066
Phone: (781) 378-1886
Website: www.caoacupuncture.com

Xuemei Cao, Lic. Ac. MAOM., PhD. is a licensed Acupuncturist & Herbalist, National Board Certified with Diplomate of Oriental Medicine, trained in Traditional Chinese Medicine.
Do you want to feel better with Acupuncture & Herbal medicine treatment? Call now to make your appointment at 781-378-1886. There will be a discount for family members of Saint Luke's Episcopal Church. We are one community!