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  March 2017

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Ash Wednesday is March 1st        
Services at 12 noon and 7 p.m. with Holy Eucharist and distribution of ashes.
Just Desserts- Five Thursdays in March 
Helpers needed to prepare and deliver 60 desserts (all the same) for the Senior Luncheon at the Congregational Church. Two volunteers for each of the five Thursdays makes it much easier. Please sign up in the narthex. For more info, contact Eleanor Waterman, 545-2079.
Church School News- March 5th
The church school will be starting our spring stewardship program when we return to classes on Sunday, March 5th. The kids will be learning about St. Gobnait, the Patron Saint of Bees and Beekeepers. The kids will also be raising money to buy mason bee houses and conducting a letter writing campaign to the Bayer Company regarding the pesticides they produce, that have been proven to be deadly to bees.
To learn more about St. Gobnait, check out this link:
Patron Saint of Bees

Lenten Program For Adults
The Society of St. John the Evangelist has produced a Lenten program, The Five Marks of Love.
While the intent of this program is for it to be portable, and self-directed, for those of you that prefer to meet weekly in a group, review the video's and have conversation, here at St. Luke's we will meet once a week, after the ten (10) o'clock service on Sunday, and will be led by Father Grant. Through conversation and activities we will examine and reflect on the ways in which God's Life and God's Mission expresses themselves in and through us.  Each week we will explore one of the "Marks," using short daily videos, thought-provoking questions and activities, and prayerful discussions to reflect on what God is doing in our lives and in our world. The first Sunday group session will be held on March 5th after the 10 am service in The Gordon Room.
For others who cannot commit to Sunday's after church, Kittie Marrone and Paul Antenore will lead two small, informal discussion groups. Time, frequency, and location of when these groups will be meeting will be determined by the participants
You can download the workbook that accompanies the video series, or pick up a copy during business hours.   All downloads are free.
To reserve a place in one of our study groups, please email Paul Antenore ( pantenore@comcast.net )
Life Care Service Opportunities
It has been a long history at St. Luke's to bring our ministry to share with the residents at the Life Care Center. Initiated by the lay ministry, St. Luke's schedules a once a month visit on the second Sunday. The custom service is a Morning Prayer format that is readily led by our teams. As we continue this meaningful work, we invite and encourage our St. Luke's family to join in the sharing. Please consider volunteering for this outreach.
How the Service is provided-
The volunteers leave St. Luke's with needed materials at the start of the 10:00 service.
Volunteers are back at church by the end of the service. Our two person (minimum)team will always include a seasoned leader. We do not use robes, co-mingling well with all.
We have large print booklets to share with the residents. Our choir made a musical tape to help with our hymns.The altar is kept at the Center and is assembled in the dining/gathering room when we arrive. The staff invites and accompanies the residents to the service.
How the Service is celebrated-
Once gathered and ready we begin by offering a booklet to anyone interested in following along. The booklet leads us through the short service. We bring weekly bulletins to share the Gospel and announce St. Luke's activities. We sing three well known, one verse hymns and, like little grandchildren, they love the singing voice! Our service always ends with the sharing of the Peace with everyone present.
 The residents so welcome all our interaction and it is infectious!
How to help-
Please consider volunteering for this ministry. Participate as a single volunteer or as a family unit. Children's presence is always a heartfelt treat for the residents. The addition of live musical accompaniment is a wonderful gift! There is a piano available in the room and we hope to have volunteers to share their talents with us. Guitars, flutes etc are also exciting additions!
The next Life Care Service is March 12 and Cheryl O'Grady will lead, please join us! Please call the church office to add your name to the schedule. Contact Cheryl O'Grady with questions Jogrady191@aol.com or 508-209-3308.
Please extend your hands and heart in this Outreach!
Stewardship 2017
We need you! Our Goal: 100 pledges totaling $200,000

If you have pledged, thank you! If you have not pledged yet, please pledge.

As of March 1, 2017 we have a total of 84 pledges for $186,784.

With Grant's departure during 2017 it is very important that we have a strong pledge drive this year. The Stewardship committee will be making our annual calls to those members who have not yet made a pledge for 2017. If you want to avoid that phone call and save the Stewardship Committee the work of making those calls then please pledge. EVERY pledge is greatly appreciated and very important during this year as we celebrate Grant's time with us and look to the future with a new priest at St. Luke's.