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June 2016

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Reverend's Reflections
St. Luke's Mariner's Cross
Dear People of God at St. Luke's,
The process begun in January, Renewal Works, is drawing to a close-actually that chapter of our exploring our life together is ending, but the results will lead directly to what follows. A meeting immediately after the 10 a.m. service on June 12th will be a presentation of the hard work done by the working group tasked with looking at the survey results from the initial inventory.
I don't want to give away too much of what will be presented that day, but Renewal Works will give way to Tending our Roots, a theme and focus which will be a unified way forward for individual and congregational growth. I am excited and confident about the direction we will be taking.
We will be in need of people beyond vestry and the Renewal Works workshop group to take on leadership roles. Not to worry though: part of the landscape we know we are working in brings people committed not just to St. Luke's but also family, work, sports teams, schools, friends, and other organizations. We won't just be throwing more programs at the calendar; that sort of approach won't work.
So please plan on staying that Sunday (and if you're an 8 a.m. person...we might have a briefer presentation or hope that you'll return after the 10 o'clock service...our planning team is meeting the first Saturday in June, and the vestry the next Tuesday). Child care will be provided, as will food.
On a related note, but one not part of the actual Renewal Works/Tending Our Roots themes, I've been revisiting a saying, a motto, that I invite you to meditate on, mull over: the difference between going to church and being the church. It's a difference, in part, between activity-one of perhaps many, like going to Red Sox games-and identity that helps direct and shape how you think of yourself, the world around you, and ultimately what you do.
On a personal note: I write this on the last day in May. A year ago this was a Sunday. We had had confirmation for the whole deanery on the 30th. We celebrated the life of Lesley Dongara in the afternoon. On Sunday morning we had a First Communion celebration. And then that evening I wound up in the ER, the start of three surgeries, a whole summer it seemed spent in the hospital. I look forward to re-writing over those anniversaries with happier and healthier events in the days to come. Thank you again, as I look back, for all the support I felt from the parish.
On May 22nd I preached an instructed Eucharist. A link to that, which you can also find on the St. Luke's homepage: Instructed Eucharist
In the Risen Christ,
Farewell to Bill Lincoln- June 5th      
Come to Coffee Hour from 9 AM to 10 AM next Sunday, June 5th to say farewell to long time parishioner, Bill Lincoln. Bill has served our church community in many ways, over many years. He will be moving to Utah to be close to family. If you are able to help with Coffee Hour or can bring a goody to share, please contact Joyce Barthold, 781-378-1272 or hjosbar@comcast.net.
Thanks and best wishes to Bill!
Church School News              

The last two Sundays of Church School have buzzed with excitement about helping the bees. Our Trike-A-Thon/Bake Sale raised over $900.00 to buy hives through the Heifer Foundation. That's over 31 hives and around 2,000,000 bees! On the last Sunday of Church School the children processed in with 31 helium balloons to represent those hives. The congregation was also visited by a buzzing bee who delivered a thank you message to the whole church. Without the support of the whole community at St. Lukes, the children could not have raised the money.
Thank You, Thank You!
We also took time on the final Sunday to recognize and thank all the teachers for their work with the children. Our teachers this year were Grace Strong, Adrienne Wood, Christopher Swigart, Mary Swigart, Stacey Stratton, Shey O'Grady, Denise Fox-Barber, Joyce Lukacik, Gayle Beaudoin, and Ann Johnson. Other adults were also honored for work with our children: Michael Marrone, Kittie Marrone, Bethany Bergin, Debbie Carlino, Jean Anderson, Bob Beal, and Susanna Dietz.
Want to Be Part of the Church School?
You are invited to contact Kittie Marrone or Bethany Bergin to find out how you can help! There will be new opportunities next year to work with the children.
Seeking Lectors and LEMS      
Grant welcomes any of you who would be interested in becoming a lector-read the Bible lessons during our services-or a Lay Eucharistic Minister, a person who wears a vestment and helps at the front during the services with carrying the Gospel Book and helping distribute communion among other tasks. Just let him know! There will be training sessions for both lectors and LEMs this summer and the fall.
Spiritual Tool for the Month
Want to start the day centered and focused on your spiritual life? Try learning a simple prayer based on St. Patrick's Breastplate, part of our longer Anglican heritage. First you surround yourself with Christ physically; then you ask for Christ to be with you during the day (lie/sit/arise), and finally the senses of those who around you: think/speak/see/hear.
Christ be with me,
Christ before me,
Christ behind me,
Christ in me,
Christ beneath me,
Christ above me,
Christ on my right,
Christ on my left,
Christ when I lie down,
Christ when I sit down,
Christ when I arise,
Christ in the heart of every one who thinks of me,
Christ in the mouth of everyone who speaks of me,
Christ in every eye that sees me,
Christ in every ear that hears me.
Common Cathedral- Thank You!
Thank you to everyone who donated food or funds for the lunches for the homeless on Boston Common on Sunday, May 22nd!  Many thanks also to those who helped make the (142) sandwiches and to those who took the trip into Boston to help give out the food. It's a most humbling experience to see the real need of people on our doorstep and I'm grateful that the generosity of the St. Luke's community can meet this need in a small but meaningful way.---Lesley Smith
Farewell to JoAnn Evans- June 18th    
JoAnn is moving to Pittsburgh. Everyone is welcome to bid her a fond farewell Saturday, June 18th, from 1 - 5 PM at Tracy & Jay Dieselman's pool. Swim, croquet, food & drink. Email: TDieselman@gmail.com
Coffee Hour Update   
Sunday 5/22 was the last 'officially' scheduled Coffee Hour until Fall of 2016. Many, many thanks to all who hosted Coffee Hour, a valued part of our fellowship at St. Luke's. Most of you hosted twice due to dwindling numbers of those able or willing to participate. Thank you!
During the summer if anyone is able to do Coffee Hour after the service (it will be after the 9AM service in July and August) that would be wonderful! Please sign up on the sheet in the Narthex. I will keep the coffee/tea stocked, just bring half and half and goodies to share.
I will be putting together the Coffee Hour schedule for Fall 2016, reaching out to those who attend the 10AM service to participate. If you have a preference of timing please let me know, I will be more than happy to accommodate your request. I will pair those who are new to Coffee Hour with an experienced family.
Thanks for your help!
Joyce Barthold, 781-378-1272 or hjosbar@comcast.net
Community Dinner- Sunday, June 26th
Join us for a delicious meal of Lemon Chicken, Potato Casserole, Mixed Vegetables, Salad & Rolls with Strawberry Shortcake for dessert! Help is needed with the chicken, potato casserole and strawberry shortcake...please sign up in the narthex...recipes provided. Thank you!
Summer Service Time Change
A reminder that for the second summer, we will have only one service in July & August at 9 AM.
Heritage Day Yard Sale and Harvest Fair
At this point we are so glad to announce that a small committee of members has agreed to take on the leadership of the Heritage Day Yard Sale. Similar to last year, the event will actually not be mostly in the yard, but rather in part of Dutton Hall and classrooms. Rotary will once again have their pancake supper occurring at the same time, surely a win-win combination.
While some seasoned Harvest Fair (first Saturday in November) leaders are around to anchor individual tables, make gift baskets, and run the kitchen, and so forth, we still seek one or more persons (depending on personal style-do you work best being in charge or sharing responsibilities with another one or two people) to Chair the Harvest Fair this year. Past chairs, such as last year's Yvonne McKerrow, are around and available to give support and answer questions.
Playground Renovation in June
A generous parishioner (and parent of children in our Sunday School program) has offered to finance and completely renovate the children's playground. The plan is to remove the fencing, ground cover, and all the equipment. It will be replaced by an upgrade in fencing, a different ground cover that is graded for school/day care ground cover, new swing set, play structure, slide, benches for adults, and a few riding toys. The square footage will be reduced-we currently do not use the entire space and that has created just a space for just grass and leaves. We request that even gently used slides and riding toys not be donated or dropped off, nor repurposed from Yard Sale or Harvest Fair donations.
Many, many thanks to the donor of the work and materials; it is quite generous and timely.
From Your Home to our Gift Baskets!
Please remember our Gift Basket table this summer! As you trade out your home from winter to summer, you may discover items that could add flair to a basket. Think unused hostess gifts, duplicate items, not wanted vintage ware or china, pet or children's "stuff", new books, giftware etc! 
Items can be left in the Narthex labeled "for Gift Baskets" and I will collect them regularly. Thank you, Cheryl O'Grady, 508-209-3308,  jogrady191@aol.com
      OH!  And items that are not quite "right" for a basket -
                 SAVE FOR THE YARD SALE AUGUST 6!
Clutter Reduction Support Group       
Is clutter taking over your home or workspace? Creating safety problems in your home? Affecting your life and your relationships?  Join our 4-week group meeting on Tuesdays stating June 7t at 6:30 pm at the Scituate Council on Aging. Free of charge. Pre-registration required. Contact: Laura Minier at 781-378-1653or lminier@scituatema.gov