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April 2016

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Reverend's Reflections
St. Luke's Mariner's Cross
Dear People of God at St. Luke's,
Happy Easter!
During Lent we had a Bible study on living The Other 6 Days. I wanted, in part, to address a need and longing I've heard from people about how dry and unfulfilling work can be. Right after church on Sundays didn't seem to be the time to get many working parents to take time for such reflection. Perhaps in the future I'll find a different opportunity. Those of us who did attend and talk had a thoughtful, great time, and I thank them for all their reflections.
But continuing Bible study at the same day and time going forward: a week from this Sunday, the 10th, we'll start a new study. The Bible contains many, many stories, some of them in extended cycles. Abraham and Sarah are essential, foundational, complex people to whom three different faiths lay claim: Jews, Muslims, and Christians. We get glimpses of them in various Bible readings through the three year cycle of church years, but we don't hear so much about their story.
So here are some questions to whet your appetite:
1. Where would you find their stories, in what Book of the bible?
2. Can you name both of Abraham's sons?
3. Who was Abraham's nephew?
4. How do Jesus and NT writers refer to Abraham and Sarah?
Hope you can join us! If you have children and want child care, it can and will be arranged...let me know!
In the Risen Christ,
Outdoor Labyrinth 
Here's a request: I would love to have a labyrinth at St. Luke's, outdoors. Large stones make the outline, gravel the path. Labyrinths are an ancient means of physical prayer. We've got at least a couple places of open space where we could make one. I know myself well enough to know that I would not be an effective planner, and then constructor of a labyrinth. Are there two or three of you out there who would be willing to make a couple field trips--convent in Duxbury, Trinity, Marshfield, Chartres Cathedral in France (OK, that last one probably isn't going to happen), to see already constructed ones? We could have a brief study on labyrinths, how to use them, why to use them. Let me know! Grant (PS, if no one else is interested, I'll probably try to build one myself, but will it be round? Probably not). Here is one link of many for further information: https://www.veriditas.org/guidelines/ . It's a bit new agey, but the core practice is centered in Christian practice.
What's the Buzz at St. Luke's?         
You may have noticed that church school is looking more and more like a hive of activity these days! The children are so excited about our new stewardship initiative to help bees!
This Sunday (April 3rd), St. Luke's member Bob Beal, who is a beekeeper himself, will be visiting the children to talk more about bees and how important they are to humans and to our planet. We are so fortunate to have him as a resource for this program.
One of the long-term goals of our bee project is to get involved with the Creation Care Initiative through the Episcopal Diocese. Creation Care is a great program that encourages, guides, and funds stewardship projects through the church. You can learn more about their great work here: http://www.diomass.org/creation-care-initiative .
For the next step in our project, each of the classes will come up with ideas to raise money to sponsor beehives through Heifer International. Stay tuned to find out how you can help with these efforts! Support the children, support bees, and grow your faith through stewardship of our planet!
Christian Education Calendar                   
April 3:                      Beekeeper visit during Church school
April 5:                      Christian Ed Meeting, 7 PM
April 10:                    Regular Classes
April 17:                    No Classes
April 24:                    No Classes
May 1:                       First Communion
  First Communion, May 1st: Five students will be taking their "First Communion" on May first. They have been preparing for two years under the guidance of Mrs. Barber last year and Mr. Swigart this year so that they understand its significance and are familiar with the liturgy in which they will be participating. Although the Episcopal Church does not dictate when a child may receive communion, we have provided an age appropriate time for the children to officially focus on it and understand it more deeply. We look forward to celebrating with them at this special time.
New Bible Study- April 10th
Join us after the 10 a.m. service for a new Bible study on the story cycle of Abraham and Sarah, founders of three faiths, with additional gloss--there's more to the story than you probably know.  See Grant's note above.
Blessing Celebration of Quilted Wall Hangings in Narthex, April 10th
Hope Faith Love
Please mark your calendars to attend the 10:00 a.m.  service on April 10  to share our Celebration Blessing and Appreciation Thank You to Carolyn (Lynn) Anastos for her gift to our church. As members of our parish family for over 50 years, Lynn and her husband Ted raised their two children, Bill (with wife Nicole and three daughters reside in Hingham) and Meg, ( with husband Greg and two sons and daughter reside in Carlisle) at St Luke's.  We will welcome back Lynn's grown family as we applaud her work and gift.
These professionally and beautifully crafted banners reflect our local heritage and our spiritual connections. Lynn spent considerable time researching options to express our seaside location and she skillfully employed the color palate from our existing mural for a mirrored effect. The addition of these hangings to our Narthex has already been appreciated and enjoyed by all that have seen them. Please take time to view the banners and absorb both their meaning and beauty.
Lynn has had a lifelong passion for quilting and is a charter member of the New England Quilt Museum. Lynn's quilt work has been shown, juried and ribboned across America. Currently Lynn has a piece  on display with the Modern Quilt Society in Austin at the Texas Quilt Museum.
This Thanksgiving Celebration brings our St Luke's family together in a joyful reminder of the many and diverse gifts of talent we all receive from God. St Luke's is blessed in the generous sharing of our talents.  Please plan to attend!
Community Dinner- April 24th at 5 pm
Thank you to Girl Scout Troop 75386 who will be helping with this month's Community Dinner. The menu is Beef Stew, Salad, Rolls and Cupcakes. The Girl Scouts will make the cupcakes and serve the meal, but we need volunteers for the stew and to help with set up, clean up and in the kitchen.  Please sign up in the Narthex! 
The Table at Main Spring- April 30th
We will be helping April 30th at Main Spring, Brockton. We need volunteers and would like to encourage young people to help. It's a great way to earn some community service hours. We meet at the church at 9:30 AM. Please sign up in the Narthex. For more information, call Joan Powers at 781-545-9650.
Ladies Night - May 5th at 6:30 pm
Ladies Night 2016
Join us for an evening of fellowship at the Lightkeepers Cottage in Cohasset as we enjoy  a meal together and  explore the wise and wonderful essay, "Walking on Water- Reflections on Faith and Art" by the ever insightful Madeleine L'Engle.
Presenter is Jean Anderson Collier. $40 per person, copies of the book available for $15.
For more information, contact Tracy Dieselman: 781-799-4157, tdieselman@gmail.com
A Good Cup of Tea- May 7th 
Downton Abbey may be over, but we can still enjoy the art of a good cup of tea. Save the date as St Luke's will be hosting a fanciful tea and gift bazaar on Saturday, May 7th; just in time for Mother's Day. We will be serving tea and goodies using beautiful vintage cups and plates. Jewelry, gifts, and flowers will be on sale as a treat for your mother or yourself!
We are looking for donations of the following to make our event a success: Assorted tea cups with saucers, dessert plates, creamer pitchers, sugar bowls, tea pots, gently used tea towels, lace doilies or linens and glass jars in various sizes. Please see the display in the narthex for guidelines. Thank you!
Any questions? Feel free to contact Yvonne McKerrow at Rowaytontwins@yahoo.com.