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May 2016

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Reverend's Reflections
St. Luke's Mariner's Cross
Dear People of God at St. Luke's,
I have once again heard the question raised, "How do I know if I actually belong to St. Luke's as a member?"
Before the new, 1972 Book of Common Prayer, we used one from 1928. In it a person was baptized, and confirmed around 12 yrs old by a bishop and so could start receiving communion. An adult a member in good standing took communion twice a year at a minimum and financially supported the parish. You were by all of these signs and measures a member of the parish and the Episcopal Church.
Then things got complicated, ambiguous...but more open! With the 1972 Book of Common Prayer came a shift in understanding of membership and community. Baptism stayed the same...by water, in the name of the Trinity, anywhere, in any denomination (or grandparents' bathtub duly reported to the parish priest), and the person is regarded as part of the larger body of Christ. As such, at the family meal and table, all who want to be fed are, including children who reach the point of holding out their hands...unless parents in observing parishes want a First Communion preparation, which is 2nd grade traditionally (not waiting until Confirmation in any scenario). You won't find parishes outside of predominately Roman Catholic areas that offer this option.
So, if you're an adult from say, the Roman Catholic or Baptist tradition, and you start attending St. Luke's, you are invited to receive communion. If you find the fit a good one, then start supporting the church, then you can call yourself a member of St. Luke's, and I and others there will think of you as one. To be a member in good standing you will be asked to receive communion three times a year and support the parish through resources (money, time, talent), and sign a book registering your baptism in a membership book; usually this is at the Annual Meeting in late January, but you can ask to do so at any time. There is no ceremony, although maybe there should be one. Maybe the Renewal Works process will address this.
If you want to be an Episcopalian-be part of the Anglican Communion-you need to present yourself to a bishop for confirmation or reception. Confirmation would be an adult affirmation of faith in any tradition; I did so in the Presbyterian Church when I was in the sixth grade-which is a stretch to call being 'an adult' but is consistent with many Christian traditions, and Bar/Bat Mitzvahs in Judaism. If you made an adult affirmation of faith in another tradition, then you are received instead of confirmed, but both consist of kneeling in front of the bishop, receiving the laying on of hands, and a special prayer invoking the Holy Spirit.
So if you're from the Lutheran tradition (baptized), confirmed or not, and receive communion at least 3 times a year (as long as you're physically able to get to church, otherwise this is a bit more flexible), and you contribute to the church with financial resources (a step above a dollar in the plate each week, because we can't track that), and by giving time and energy if you lack financial resources, then you belong! And we're very glad.
Now, for confirmation and reception as an adult into the Episcopal Church, let Grant or Michael know.
In the Risen Christ,
Last Call for Ladies Night - May 5th, 6:30 pm
Ladies Night 2016
Join us for an evening of fellowship at the Lightkeepers Cottage in Cohasset as we enjoy  a meal together and  explore the wise and wonderful essay, "Walking on Water- Reflections on Faith and Art" by the ever insightful Madeleine L'Engle.
Presenter is Jean Anderson Collier. $40 per person. Final numbers are going to the caterer on Sunday, reserve your spot with Tracy before then!  781-799-4157, email: tdieselman@gmail.com    See you there!
A Good Cup of Tea- May 7th 
Don't forget to purchase your tickets for our Spring Tea & Bazaar.Tickets are available  after the 10 AM service as well as on-line  (to which a small processing fee will be applied). Tickets are $10 purchased in advance and $12 at the door the day of the event. A link can be found on our website.

Please sign up to help.  Thank you to all who have offered to help and provided donations. We are currently still looking for small glass jars- think peanut butter/salsa/coconut oil/pickle jar size. A sample jar is on display in the narthex. Thank you! Any questions? Feel free to contact Yvonne McKerrow at Rowaytontwins@yahoo.com or Suzanne Otte at Otte0808@gmail.com
Church School News              

On April 10th our church school children learned all about beekeeping from a real beekeeper! Bob Beal assisted by his wife Janine and Sarah and Sam taught them all about the art of beekeeping. This was another chapter in our theme of caring for the earth as we work to learn about, and encourage the survival of bees as well the health of our planet. Read more  about "A Honey of an Opportunity".
Upcoming Activities

May 15- Trike-A-Thon and Bake Sale
The children up through kindergarten will be raising money to buy Heifer beehives by holding a Trike-A-Thon on Sunday, May 15th after the 10 o'clock service. They may bring their tricycles and bikes to ride for the bees! Registration forms and sponsor sheets will be available online and at the church. The track will be set up in the parking behind St. Lukes. Come enjoy the fun and sponsor a lap or two for this great cause.

May 15- Bake Sale
A bake sale for the bees is also planned for May 15th!. Come and enjoy the Trike- A -Thon while munching a delicious treat from the bake sale or buy something to take home!

May 22- Last Sunday of Church School
We will celebrate our Church School year and have an in-gathering of our bee hive offering as we thank our church school staff and close our church school year.

Post Office Food Drive- May 14th              
cans of food
The Scituate Food Pantry provides about 200 Scituate families with over 5,000 bags of food each year. This drive is the major source of food donations. Volunteers (15 yrs or older) needed on 5/14 to help sort and pack donations at the Masonic Temple, 344 Country Way, 1 pm - 4 pm or 4 pm - 7 pm. Please contact us at foodpantrynote@gmail.com
to let us know which works best for you. Thanks for your help!
Common Cathedral- Sunday, May 22nd
Volunteers and donations are needed to host lunch for the homeless on Boston Common. Please see the sign up sheets in the Narthex to learn how you can help! If you have any questions, please contact Lesley Smith at lpesmith@comcast.net or 781-837-4757.
Community Dinner- Sunday, May 22nd
Join us for a Turkey Dinner hosted by the Scituate Rotary! More details to follow.
Missing Tablecloths
Has anyone seen the blue tablecloths? We are missing 4! Please return them and put in the church school closet in the bin for blue cloths. Thank you!
Playground Renovation in June
A generous parishioner (and parent of children in our Sunday School program) has offered to finance and completely renovate the children's playground. The plan is to remove the fencing, ground cover, and all the equipment. It will be replaced by an upgrade in fencing, a different ground cover that is graded for school/day care ground cover, new swing set, play structure, slide, benches for adults, and a few riding toys. The square footage will be reduced-we currently do not use the entire space and that has created just a space for just grass and leaves. We request that even gently used slides and riding toys not be donated or dropped off, nor repurposed from Yard Sale or Harvest Fair donations.
Many, many thanks to the donor of the work and materials; it is quite generous and timely.
Ride for Habitat- June 11th
Every year South Shore Habitat for Humanity hosts a Ride for Habitat. The proceeds from this event are used to provide affordable housing on the South Shore. Ride for Habitat has a route for everyone from 50 miles for the more advanced cyclist, a 25 mile and a 15 mile route for recreational cyclists. The Ride starts at The House of Prayer Lutheran Church, 916 Main St. (Rte. 228), Hingham.  For more info or to register, visit www.sshabitat.org