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October| 2022

All Congregational Gathering of the Christian Church

The All Congregational Gathering of the Christian Church in the Upper Midwest will take place on Saturday, October 15th from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm at the Christian Conference Center in Newton, Iowa.  We have several offerings for folks who are interested in hands on mission in their local church, and one way for you to showcase the amazing work that you are doing.  Those opportunities are explained below.

This year our education offerings will be done in the style of TED Talks.  There will be six learning tracks to choose from.  Each learning track will be one hour in length.  You will have the chance to listen to 3 TED Talks that focus on one theme.  Then you will have 30 minutes for reflections and discussion.

While all of our learning tracks will have great information that helps support hands on mission work in the world, we think that the two we have highlighted below are particularly suited to folks like you.  We hope you'll keep reading, and we hope you'll join us on the 15th!

Visit our website for more information.  

Hands on Mission

Learning Track

TED Talk 1: Be the Neighbor... New Ways to Do Mission Trips (led by Allison Lanza, Executive Director)

TED Talk 2: Our Green Chalice Journey (led by Bill Evans and Tom Small from New Beginnings and Covenant Christian Churches in Urbandale)

TED Talk 3: Identifying the Need for a Bed Ministry (led by Tom Hakes from FCC Keokuk)

Resource Sharing

Learning Track

TED Talk 1: Sharing Creative Resources (led by Randy Ehrhardt, Senior Pastor of West Des Moines Christian Church)

TED Talk 2: SpringHouse Ministry Center - 3 churches sharing 1 building (led by Laurie Feille, Senior Pastor of FCC Minneapolis)

TED Talk 3: Sharing a Pastor (led by Darin Feikema and Chuck Snow, pastors who both serve more than one church)

We Need You to

BRAG on Your Church!

As Disciples, we aren't always good about bragging on ourselves.  We tend to be humble about the ministry we are doing.  We are doing great work in the world and need to practice telling others about it.  In that spirit, we are looking for congregations that are doing something that they are excited about to send us a 1 minute video presentation about that ministry.

Are you doing something innovative?  Are you being extra creative in worship right now?  Have you reached out to your neighborhood recently?  Are you doing an old ministry in new ways?

The video can be able anything your church is doing to serve their neighbors or show love for God.  We will put the videos together into a presentation that will be viewed at the All Congregational Gathering.

Email Lori for more info.

Global Ministries Prayer Calendar

Please hold these missionaries and their mission sites in your prayers.

Oct. 2 – Anne Gregory, Thailand

Oct. 9 – Cory Driver, Egypt

Oct. 16 – Lydia Yang, Korea

Oct. 23 – Bryan Parrish, Democratic Republic of Congo

Oct. 30 – Ricardo Mayol, Guatemala

Click here for weekly written prayers with an accompanying scripture verse for Global Ministries mission sites.

Regional Calendar of Events

October 15 - All Congregational Gathering

November 4-5 - Chi Rho Retreat

November 11-12 - Committee on Ministry and CCC Vendor Fair

November 18-20 - CYF Retreat and CMEP Retreat 

We Want to Hear about Your Ministry

Is your church doing something new or creative? Are you finding a unique way to serve a need in your community? We want to hear about it and share your story with the rest of the church! Our goal is to share at least one new idea from a congregation each time we publish this newsletter.

Please send your story to Tiff Williams, Associate Regional Minister, and she will get in contact with you about your ministry. Sharing your church's story could spark a new idea in a sister congregation. As Disciples Together, we will be stronger in our ministry to the world when we share what God is doing through us in our communities.

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