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Can't wait to see you all get involved in the activities of the church these next few months. Hope you all are prayerful as we approach our Lenten season. Keep me in your prayers and I'll do the same!

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Pancake Wednesday Night Supper March 1st
Can't wait to see you all tonight at our Pancake breakfast. The donations go to our mission trip. Please come by to hear more information about what's in store for the trip.

Mission Trip Info. Session
We need to begin to get a count for the amount of youth and possible chaperones. They require a 5 to 1 ratio. Of course, we will be driving up and I am looking to get the cost for our youth reduced. Our mission trip is to Mountain T.O.P. which will be from June 4th-June 10th. Notify me if you want to come. The cost is 350 per youth and includes everything. I'm here to answer any questions or concerns. 

Subversive Christianity begins March 11th!
Subversive Christianity will commence on March 11th from 12-2pm.  Our first session is 'Suffering and Faith', as we learn about the history of some of the 1st Century Christians and their lives. That will be properly appropriated to today's culture, where we have different definitions of suffering. It will be an integrative learning experience, different from Sunday School. Please notify me if you are coming, since we are providing food! Parents and friends are invited!
Calendar Updates for Lent Season and Beyond
Our calendar for March, April and May will be released soon. Please be on the lookout for it. Other than Subversive Christianity, please note that our next Sunday Youth Experience from 12 to 2 PM will be March 25th. We are still looking for a parent volunteer to sponsor our meal. Email me if you are interested. 
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