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Upcoming Events
Camps starting soon
Please be in prayer for our campers, volunteers, and camp grounds as we head into the 2014 summer season. 

We have over 200 people registered for all of camps happening in Mission West. 

Download Camp Forms.  If you are sending in late registrations contact directors for approval.

August 23 at the Chalice Abbey in Amarillo Charlotte Hoppe will lead a class on Evangelism. 
September 6 at FCC in Abilene Charlotte Hoppe will lead a class on Evangelism. 
September 12-13 at Monte Vista CC in Albuquerque, Suzanne Castle will lead a class on Worship
October 4 at FCC in Abline Lee Franklin will lead a class on pastoral care.
Oct 10-12 a Young Adult retreat will be held in conjunction with the Jesus Seminar On the Road at the Chalice Abbey.  Young adults and the young at heart are encouraged to attend.
Dec 26-30/Jan 2 Mission.Sabbath.Ski "The Gospel According to Frozen" at Glorietta, NM.  Congregation wide event to help us engage in mission, sabbath, and a little skiing. 

June 3, 2014 

This is is the first of a monthly email newsletter sent to all participants in Mission West.   This newsletter will arrive on the first Tuesday of each month.  For those that would like paper copies please call the office at 806.358.9590 and we will mail you a paper version.

One of our goals in Mission West is to help connect churches to one another.  Rather than a model of ministry as a hub of a wheel, Mission West  hopes to work as an interconnected web.  One way to accomplish this goal is by sharing our stories and experiences in ministry.  If you have a ministry that you would like highlighted, please send it to the office, no later than the 25th of each month to be shared in following issues.

Mission West Official Launch
All Three Areas Vote to work in Collaboration
First Budget Fully Funded

 A word from our Mission West Moderator, Don Wilson:  


"Mission West," our shared ministry with Hi Plains, Central and Tres Rios Areas of the Christian Church, is off to a strong start.  The Common Mission Board is meeting via conference calls and a shared web site, modeling the connections that our churches can enjoy as we say "Yes!" to communication by technology.  


One of the first hurdles faced by Mission West was a shortfall of just over $16,000, between our desired first-year budget and the financial commitments from the three Areas.  (This shortfall was anticipated and shared with all three Areas at our recent Area Assemblies, prior to our approval of joining Mission West.)   Read More to find out the good news...

Mission West has been approved by all three Areas to work in collaboration to accomplish more together in Ministry.  Click the links below to read how local pastors and committees relayed their experiences. 
TRA from Laurie Lewis at Monte Vista CC
CEA from Don Wilson at FCC Abilene
CCSW Disciples Men Sept. 19-21, 2014
Regional Disciple men will gather on September 19-21, 2014 at LBCR.

The Theme 
"In, NOT of This World" will be their focus.  Speakers will include Rev. Dr. Raumone Burton of University Christian Church in Houston and Rev. Mark Denton of West Mesa Christian Church in Albuquerque, NM. Tell me more

Youth News
We have more than 200 registrations for all of our Mission West Camps this summer.  Most camps are proceeding as planned, with exception of Tres Rios Area New Beginnings which has been cancelled at the director's request due to lack of registrations.

On May 10, several youth workers met to brainstorm and discuss options for our future of collaborative outdoor, camping, youth and children's ministry.  Tell me more

We hope you have enjoyed this first edition of the Mission West Newsletter.  Remember, we can do more together than we can do alone.  You additions are welcomed by the 25th of each month to be included in future newsletters
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Tell us about your ministry
Please submit your ministry stories and experiences by the 25th of each month to be included in future newsletters. Office Email

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