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Upcoming Events

September 6 at FCC in Abilene Charlotte Hoppe will lead a class on Evangelism. 
September 8, 6:30 PM, CEA Board Meeting, FCC Abilene, 3rd Floor

September 11 HPA South Clergy Cluster

September 12-13 at Monte Vista CC in Albuquerque, Suzanne Castle will lead a class on Worship

September 15 TRA Border Cluster Lunch

Sept 15-17 Regional Committee On Ministry

Sept 18 HPA North Clergy Cluster

Sept 19-20 Regional Men's Retreat

Sept 22 TRA Mountain Clergy Cluster

Sept 22-24 Ceta Glen Clergy Retreat

Sept 25 CEA Big Country Clergy Cluster 
October 4 at FCC in Abilene Lee Franklin will lead a class on pastoral care.

Oct 5-7 Stone/Campbell Dialogue at AbileneChristian University
Oct 10-12 a Young Adult retreat will be held in conjunction with the Jesus Seminar On the Road at the Chalice Abbey.  Young adults and the young at heart are encouraged to attend.

Oct 15-17 "Bringing Our Veterans All The Way Home" A Conference on Community Support for Recovery from Moral Injury FCC Midland

Cypress Creek Christian Church, Spring, Texas, and Sunday Afternoon Webcast at Satellite Locations Around the Region

October 29-30 ACU Heritage Week-Sharon Watkins Attending

Oct 31 to Nov 2 B.A.M. Being About Ministry from Brite Divinity School for high school Juniors and Seniors considering ministry. 

Nov 14-16 CEA Fall Rally for CYF (9-12th grades) & Chi Rho (6-8th grades)
Dec 26-30/Jan 2 Mission.Sabbath.Ski "The Gospel According to Frozen" at Glorietta, NM.  Congregation wide event to help us engage in mission, sabbath, and a little skiing. 

The mission west calendar is being added to daily.  Please email if you would like your event added to this calendar. Calendar

Future Newsletter
Tell us about your ministry
Please submit your ministry stories and experiences by the 25th of each month to be included in future newsletters. 
Office Email

September 2, 2014

Please enjoy this month's newsletter.

Do did you know the Southwest region also has a great newsletter? You can sign up here.  
Regional Assembly Oct . 25-26
The 2014 Southwest Regional Assembly is being held at Cypress Creek Christian Church, Spring, TX, October 25-26.  You can find more information at the Assembly website, You can download a pdf or jpg to  publicize in your congregation, see the different learning tracks available, print out registration forms, register online and more.  
Youth & Young Adult News
Many thanks to all the churches, sponsors, and campers who participated in this past year's camping ministries.   All Area Children's and Youth/Outdoor Ministry committees have met and meeting notes are being complied.  They will be available on the web site once they are received

Save the dates for 
  • Oct 10-12 Young Adult Retreat at Ceta Glen in conjunction with the Chalice Abbey and Jesus Seminar on the Road (Register Now)
  • Oct. 31- Nov 2 Being About Ministry (B.A.M.) from Brite for high school Juniors and Seniors considering ministry. View the site at
  • Nov. 14-16 CEA Fall Rally,  at LBCR for CYF (Grades 9-12) and Chi Rho (Grades 6-8).  
  • Dec. 28- 31 "The Gospel According to Frozen" Ski. Sabbath. Mission at Glorietta, NM & Santa Fe Ski.
  • Jan 10 Mission West Youth Meeting in Lubbock
Clergy Continuing Education Grants from DHM
The period of application for clergy continuing education grants awarded by Disciples Home Missions for the 2015 calendar year will be between September 1 and October 31, 2014.   This is a change from last year's application period, and is meant to facilitate application requests for events earlier in the calendar year. 

If you would like to be considered for a DHM Clergy Continuing Education Grant next year (2015), you must apply during the application window. The Website where instructions and application can be found is at: 

Update on Mission West response to the Central American Refugee crisis
First Christian Church, Artesia, NM is now hosting 17 immigration lawyers who are working with the Central American refugees being detained at the Artesia Federal Law Enforcement Training Center. The lawyers are using two rooms in the church, seven days a week, working almost 19 hours a day, holding up to 30 hearings a day, to provide legal representation for the detainees at the Center.  Church members are being encouraged to provide some meals for the legal team in their "Feed the Lawyers" effort.  We reported other border mission efforts last month in the newsletter and on the Mission West website
Attention Commissioned Ministers
The Mission West office is now processing all applications and renewals for Commissioned Ministers.  All three Area Committees on Ministry, CEA/HPA/TRA, are using Mission West administrative assistant, Angeline Martinez, to manage the paperwork.  The forms needed for applying for a new commission or renewing a commission can also be found on the Mission West website here  

Beginning in 2015, all commissioned ministers in all three Areas will renew their commission at the same time every year, making our paperwork much more manageable!  On February 15, 2015, all commissioned ministers will receive notice that it is renewal time - with copies of the forms needed to renew.  Return deadline will be April 1, 2015 and all commissions will renew on May 1, 2015.  New commissioned minister applicants can contact Angeline at 806-358-9590 or to start the process.  Anyone, please contact Angeline or Charlotte Hoppe, 915-525-1209, with your questions.
Greetings from the Regional Staff of Church World Service,

I am Rev. Susan Lassalle, regional field staff for Church Worlds Service (CWS) based in Austin. My region covers all of Texas and Louisiana. My work is to be the regional representative of CWS, sharing our mission and our programs with local congregations and groups and inviting them to partner with us in our work. As Disciples of Christ clergy, I have the personal goal to engage all DoC churches in the work of CWS and help them find ways to partner with CWS to change our world.


One way that churches can partner with CWS is through the CROP Hunger Walk. Currently, only one CROP Hunger Walk is on our Fall calendar (see below).  CWS would love to begin CROP Hunger Walks in your areas of ministry. Contact me if you may be interested in helping to start a CROP Hunger Walk in your community.


If you are interested in finding out about other ways your congregation can partner with us, give me a call or email and we can talk about it. I would love to visit with many of you in person sometime, as well. Invite me to your church or ministerial alliance and I will be happy to share more with you all.


Rev. Susan Lassalle

Assistant Field Director, LA/TX Region

Church World Service

6633 Highway 290 East, Suite 108

Austin, TX 78723

Phone: 512-451-2062

skype: slassallecws 


Abilene CROP Hunger Walk

Oct. 12 at Grover Nelson Park and Abilene Zoo, 3 p.m

Contact Rev. Janice Six at First Central Presbyterian, Abilene, at 325-677-3501 for more information.

CCSW Disciples Men Sept. 19-21, 2014

Regional Disciple men will gather on September 19-21, 2014 at LBCR.

The Theme 

"In, NOT of This World" will be their focus.  Speakers will include Rev. Dr. Raumone Burton of University Christian Church in Houston and Rev. Mark Denton of West Mesa Christian Church in Albuquerque, NM. Tell me more

Stone-Campbell Dialogue
October 5-7
Abilene Christian University
The Stone-Campbell Dialogue brings together the three streams of the Restoration Movement that tie their origins to Thomas and Alexander Campbell and Barton Warren Stone. These three are the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), Churches of Christ, and Christian Churches/Churches of Christ. Begun in 1999, the Dialogue is an effort to bring healing and understanding to the rifts between our families. The goal is "to develop relationships and trust within the three streams of the Stone-Campbell Movement through worship and through charitable and frank dialogue "that the world may believe."

Sunday morning, October 5, members of the National Dialogue Team will be preaching at Abilene congregations.  

Sunday evening, 6:00 PM, at First Christian Church, Abilene, all are invited to gather for worship and Great Communion.  Following worship there will be a fellowship meal and table conversations.  

Monday,beginning at 8:30 AM, at Abilene Christian University, all are also invited for opening worship and an exploration of what some are calling "new church"--non-traditional forms that are bringing people into the kingdom.  Kent Smith from ACU will do a brief setting the stage, and practitioners from Disciples, Churches of Christ, and Christian Churches will talk about what they are doing, some involved in efforts that don't look very much like church at all. There will be a lot of table discussion and interaction. 

More information about the history of the Stone-Campbell Dialogue can be found here.

All are welcome to participate in Abilene in October.  Registration information will be posted on our Mission West website as it becomes available
Bringing Our Veterans All the Way Home  in Midland
A Conference on Community Support for Recovery from Moral Injury, presented by Brite Divinity School, Soul Repair Center at First Christian Church, Midland, TX, October 15-17  for more information visit
This is is the fourth of a monthly email newsletter sent to all participants in Mission West.  If you missed previous newsletters, you can see them in the  News section of our web site.  This newsletter will arrive on the first Tuesday of each month.  For those that would like paper copies please call the office at 806.358.9590 and we will mail you a paper version.

One of our goals in Mission West is to help connect churches to one another.  Rather than a model of ministry as a hub of a wheel, Mission West  hopes to work as an interconnected web.  One way to accomplish this goal is by sharing our stories and experiences in ministry.  If you have a ministry that you would like highlighted, please let me know , no later than the 25th of each month to be shared in following issues.

Blessings on your journey,

Karakay Kovaly
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Are you or someone you know tech savvy?
The formation of a communications team is coming together but we are lacking someone who is tech savvy to help diversify the team.  Are you or someone you know tech savvy and willing to help Mission West formulate it's communications plan?  Please submit nominations to Karakay at your earliest opportunity. 

Welcoming New Pastors
Mission West would like to welcome our new pastors to Mission West congregations.

Matt Every, FCC Ruidoso, Pastor

Greg Morris, Bethany CC, Odessa, Pastor 

Gordon Hoyt, FCC, Pecos TX, Pastor

Justin Garrison, United Church Roy, NM, Associate Pastor

Paul Carpenter, FCC, Lubbock, Senior Minister

Brazos Condra, FCC Abilene, Associate Minister for Youth and Education

Dawn and Joe Weaks FCC Odessa, Co-Pastors
Churches seeking pastoral leadership
Pastor, Brook Hollow CC, Abilene TX

Pastor, FCC, Plainview TX

Associate Minister of Youth and Small Group Development
First Christian Church, Perryton, TX

First Christian Church, Miami, TX

Bethany Christian Church, El Paso, TX

First Christian Church, Alamogordo, NM

Youth Minister
First Christian Church,
San Angelo, TX

Inquiries for more information should be directed to:
Lead Minister, Mission West
Mission West | |
2717 Stanley St. Ste A
Amarillo, TX 79109

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