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  • June 4 - Mission Central Furniture (and more!) Sale
  • Save the Dates
  • VBS Materials
  • Celebrating 20 Years - 2022!
  • Mission Central Mash and Dash - Registration and Sponsorships
  • This Week at Mission Central
  • Mission Central Contact List
Mark Your Calendars for Friday, June 4 (this Friday!) at 5:30.
´╗┐Please join us for our first Furniture (and more) Sale!

We will have the following available for purchase:
  • 51 pieces of furniture - varying prices, as marked in catalog
  • Refurbished computers - $50
  • Kid's fancy clothes - $10 dresses, $15 suits and $5 separates
  • Disney books - $5 and $2
  • Mikasa vases - $5
  • Games (Wet Head, Star Wars Battleship, Trolls Trouble) - $5
  • Reese's Hats - $5
  • Work Gloves - 3 for $3

A Few Logistics:
  • Please wear a mask and social distance.
  • All items (including furniture) must be picked up by 8:30 PM on Friday, June 4 (during the sale).
  • No restroom is available.
  • Furniture dimensions are approximate. Items are subject to change. Pictures for reference only and may not be accurate. 
  • Furniture may go to 50% off at 7:30 PM. All other items will stay at regular prices.
  • Article furniture is donated as customer returns. All other items were also graciously donated.
  • All proceeds go to Mission Central's operating costs. Every $1 serves 6 people. (Your support goes a long way!)
Save the Dates:
  • June 4, 2021: Mission Central Furniture Sale
  • September 16 - 19, 2021: Mission Central Auction
  • October 12, 2021: Mission Central Open House
  • October 24 - 31, 2021: Mission Central Virtual Monster Mash and Dash
  • May 15, 2022: Mission Central Gala
VBS Materials Available!

If you would like to have VBS materials to use (and keep or pass on), please give us a call. If you have a VBS kit you would like to donate, please drop it off at Mission Central so another group may use it.

To reserve your VBS kit, please call Margi at 717.766.1533.

Our current list of VBS Materials includes:

  • To Mars and Beyond - starter kit, puppet decorations, some craft supplies
  • Kingdom Rock - starter kit (2 available)
  • High Seas Expedition - starter kit
  • Camp Courageous - starter kit
  • Roar - starter kit
  • Fun Maker Factory - starter kit (2 available)
  • Cave Quest - starter kit and decorations
  • Weird Animals - starter kit
  • Avalanche Ranch - starter kit
  • Shipwrecked - starter kit (2 available)
  • Everest - starter kit
  • Panda Mania - starter kit
  • Crocodile Dock - starter kit
  • Hero Central - starter kit and decorations
20 Years of Great Work!

Next year, in 2022, Mission Central will celebrate its 20 year anniversary. Whoop! Whoop! If you have stories to share, pictures or anything else from the past 19+ years, please send it to Thank you!
Mission Central Monster Mash and Dash

Mission Central's second annual virtual run/walk is scheduled for October! This is a perfect event for families, youth groups, school groups, work teams and more to raise money for a great cause! We look forward to "seeing" you virtually!

This is also an amazing opportunity for sponsorship! In addition to being able to promote to our 150+ runners and walkers, you have the opportunity to promote to our 1100 churches, 8,000 volunteers, 6,000 MissionLink readers and all our social media followers.

Links are below.
This Week at Mission Central:

  • AFCA received hygiene products, pediatric medical, Mission Central Baby Kits and more for Kenya.
  • Vision Health Services received medical equipment for Niger.
  • The Sierra Leone Initiative received suitcases to give donations to Africa. These suitcases then often become dressers and even beds.
  • Katallasso Clinic received medical supplies.
  • Altoona HUB received hand soap and books for their ministry.
  • Altoona District VIM received trash cans, sponges and books for their ministry.
  • Camp Koala received hygiene items, shirts, sunscreen and more for their campers.
  • Carlisle Area Family Life Center received baby items for the infants and families they serve.
  • UPMC picked up medical supplies for their in-home patients.
  • Medical supplies and equipment went out to many individuals and families in need
  • And much more...

Thank you for your support and donations!
If you are a church, nonprofit or school that wants to be added to Mission Central's monthly email list of items available for pickup, please email Brad at
If you have received items from Mission Central, we want to hear from you! Please use this link to report your outcomes back to us! Thank you for your support!
Furniture Donations:

Please call New Digs (717.620.9735) or refer to their social media site for donation drop off times.
Contact Us:

  • Margi Bradley, Receptionist/Administrative Assistant -
  • Cris Mizerak, Business Administrative Assistant -
  • Laurie Whitmyer, Volunteer Coordinator -
  • Stephanie Titzel, Director of Development and Communications -
  • Brad Kulp, Operations Manager -
  • Hope Harrison, Executive Director -

For general inquiries, please contact:
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