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We are no longer accepting books at this time.
The prayer of the righteous person is
powerful in what it can achieve. 

-James 5:16b

I was reading articles by various public leaders regarding the heartbreaking situations that are unfolding so often in the news. One official was relaying a common sentiment often expressed in these difficult days. It was something like: “Well, we’ve done everything we can – all that’s left is to hope and pray.” Somewhere along the way prayer has fallen to the status of the least we can do. As if, when we’ve exhausted all our power, and all our ideas, there is this weakest of all responses called prayer. But isn’t there more to the power of prayer? And can’t our hope come from our knowledge that God hears and answers prayer?

One of my favorite writers on prayer is a Norwegian theologian by the name of Ole Hallesby. Hallesby says,

“God has extended his almighty arm so far down that we insignificant and sinful people can reach it every time we bend our knees in prayer. Whenever we touch this almighty arm some of His Omnipotence streams in upon us into our souls and into our bodies. And not only that, but through us it streams out to others.”

I believe prayer is the most powerful tool that God has put in the toolbelt of every Christian. Obviously, we spend time and energy being the hands of feet of Jesus, but we also realize that the task God calls us to is often beyond our own human strength. In the face of great tragedy, we continue our work, but we also cry out to God, “O God this tragedy is too great. The difficulties are beyond our strength and wisdom. Move, O God, with your mighty arm and your right hand – rescue! Save! Heal! In Jesus’ name.”

In days like these where it might be easy to lose hope, let’s remember the faithfulness of God to hear and answer prayers – even big prayers. May Holy Spirit remind us that our prayers are “powerful in what they can achieve.” Please pray with me.

A Prayer for Afghanistan:
Almighty and Merciful God, we lift to you Afghanistan. Open up the borders so that aid can get through. Reopen the banks and the Western Union offices so that money can start flowing through the country again to help the people of Afghanistan. Lord, protect all those who are wanting to leave but unable to get out right now. We lift to you those who are going to feel called to remain in the country to share your love and the message of Jesus. Give them your strength to endure whatever they may have to endure. Prevent further attacks on the Kabul airport and provide a way that ultimately those who wish to leave may. Comfort family and friends of those who made the supreme sacrifice to save the lives of many being evacuated. Help them celebrate the lives of their heroic loved ones. Finally, we ask for Your grace to pour over the nation of Afghanistan. O God, dispel the darkness in Jesus Name. Amen.

A Prayer For Those in The Path of IDA
Gracious, Omnipotent God, we lift to You all who are in the path of destruction left by this enormous storm. Restore power to them quickly. Bring many hands and resources to help rebuild and restore lives and homes and infrastructure. Help us all consider what part we are to play in this restoration. O God may the force and flooding in this storm reduce quickly. May mitigation measures work well. Keep the emergency responders safe as they seek to help. Give leaders Your wisdom to organize the immediate and ongoing response. Help all affected by this disaster find hope and consolation in Your love and Your Almighty Arm. Amen. 

-Rev. Bob Ryder
Save the Dates:
  • October 9, 2021: Mission Central Book Sale
  • October 12, 2021: Mission Central Open House
  • October 14 - 17, 2021: Mission Central Auction
  • October 23 - 31, 2021: Mission Central Virtual Monster Mash and Dash
  • May 15, 2022: Mission Central Gala
Hammer Drill Needed

We need to borrow a hammer drill with masonry bits. If you have one to spare for the last week of September, please email Brad at Thank you!!
VIRTUAL Mission Central Monster Mash and Dash - Hurry! Registration Ends October 1!
You can run/walk Mission Central's virtual run this October!

Register and join us! October 23 - 31, 2021.

This is a perfect event for families, youth groups, school groups, work teams and more to raise money for a great cause! We look forward to "seeing" you virtually!
Plus, check out our sponsorship opportunities - it's a great way to support Mission Central and promote your business!

Email for additional details.
Thanks to the Altoona District for volunteering to host an in person event! Their Mission Central Monster Mash and Dash is scheduled for October 23, 2021 and will begin at 9:00 AM.
Mission Central sends our love, support and prayers for those that lie in Hurricane Ida's path.

Storms like Hurricane Ida can cause catastrophic storm surges, extreme winds and flash flooding that destroy communities. This combined with the COVID-19 pandemic makes for a devastating situation.

Mission Central participates in long-term recovery efforts, supplying much needed supplies as we work to fulfil our mission of connecting God's resources with human need.

Please Help!
  • Pray for those in the path of Hurricane Ida
  • Make a monetary donation to Mission Central (Last year, Mission Central assisted over 3.3 million people with $10.9 million in resources.)
  • Donate supplies - unused medical equipment, school supplies, cleaning items and more!

Mission Central's mission is "connecting God's resources with human need." We do this through mission outreach, mission education and disaster recovery.

Thanks to your support, Mission Central donated $1.5 million in Flood/Cleaning buckets in 2019 and 2020.

Your donation helps us respond quickly to
immediate disaster and long-term recovery needs.

Thank you! 
Volunteer Positions!

Board of Directors

We are seeking volunteers to serve on our Board of Directors. Each Director serves a three year term, with a maximum service of nine consecutive years. The Board supervises all operations of Mission Central. We meet to review policies and outcomes as well as approve the annual budget and all financial statements.

If you would like to be considered for the Mission Central Board, please send a brief summary of your background, work experience and gifts you would bring to the Board. (A formal resume is not required but would be very helpful.)

Please email Jim Foster at by September 15. THANK YOU in advance.
Nominations Due!

National Philanthropy Day recognition is now accepting nominations for people and groups who have made Central Pennsylvania a better place to live and work through their dedication to philanthropy.

Nominations are due by 5:00 p.m. Monday, September 15, 2021.
Social Media Intern

Mission Central is looking for a highly motivated, creative social media and community engagement specialist. This role is instrumental in developing, maintaining and monitoring Mission Central’s social media and online presence. Successful applicant will create a social strategy, develop content and work to build an online community.

Intern will support the communications strategy in the following ways:
 Assist with Mission Central communications
 Create content, collaborate on strategy and proofread
 Conduct interviews, draft stories (in varying forms)
and assist in the production of publications
 Edit and analyze preferences of Mission Central
target markets
 Develop innovative, new content to reach new
 Translate information into compelling stories
 Form and implement best practices to support Mission Central social media presence

Intern will gain skills in content creation, communication and relationship building as well as an increased knowledge of non-profits. Must be a strong communicator (through varying mediums) and a team player.

Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis.

Please submit your resume and cover letter to
October Online Auction

If you have a basket or item to donate for the Mission Central auction, please bring it to Mission Central ASAP.

We are open Monday through Friday from 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM. Thank you for your support!

Our online auction is scheduled for October 14-17, 2021. This takes the place of the 2021 Gala (which had to be canceled due to the pandemic).

Thanks so much to Penn State Health and Bobby Rahal Toyota for their generosity in sponsoring this event!
The Past Several Weeks at Mission Central:

  • Left Out Organizational Program received Activity Kits and school supplies for their youth
  • Downtown Daily Bread received Care Kits
  • UNTO received hand sanitizer and medical equipment
  • Reisterstown Elementary School received baby wipes and antibacterial wipes for their students
  • Reach One, Teach One received school supplies
  • Chambersburg HUB received medical supplies
  • 10X Better received school supplies and hygiene items
  • Adams Rescue received recycling items
  • Homeland Health Care received medical support for their clients
  • Many individuals received much needed medical equipment and supplies.
  • And much, much more...

Thank you for your assistance in making this happen!
If you have received items from Mission Central, we want to hear from you! Please use this link to report your outcomes back to us! Thank you for your support!
How You Can Help Mission Central

Many have asked for ways that they can assist us in our mission of "connecting God's resources with human need." We are incredibly grateful for your support!

We are in need of the following:
  • School supplies
  • Insect Repellant - non-aerosol, wipes or spray

Here are additional details about our Kits.

Thank you for your support!
Contact Us:

  • Margi Bradley, Receptionist/Administrative Assistant -
  • Cris Mizerak, Business Administrative Assistant -
  • Laurie Whitmyer, Volunteer Coordinator -
  • Stephanie Titzel, Director of Development and Communications -
  • Brad Kulp, Operations Manager -
  • Hope Harrison, Executive Director -

For general inquiries, please contact:
Furniture Donations:

Please call New Digs (717.620.9735) or refer to their social media site for donation drop off times.
In Need of Items?

If you are a church, nonprofit or school that wants to be added to Mission Central's monthly email list of items available for pickup, please email Brad at
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