Newnan Tornado Clean-up
Cleanup from the tornado in Newnan continues. Brett Ray,, has taken a team for preliminary cleanup, but there is much more to be done! Contact Brett for days, times, and details for future trips. 
Family Promise
Our first weeks of working with Lettum Eat to provide meals for our community
have gone very well. If you'd like to be
a part of this exciting new parking lot ministry on Tuesday afternoons, contact Rae for more details. 
The next Atlanta Food Bank food distribution on our campus will be on Friday, April 23. If you are available to help, please contact Donna Brandt for more information - there is no direct contact with others, food is placed in waiting cars and all participants wear masks and remain socially distanced.
Co-op Volunteer Opportunities
Several of you requested information of the duties of an intake volunteer:
We need these volunteers on Monday, Wednesday, Friday anytime from 10am – 2p.
These volunteers work directly with clients who come in for help with apartment rent, utilities or hotel lodging.
These volunteers never come in contact with the client, the collection of clients documents, etc is done by someone else.
For rental assistance the intake volunteer will call the client, enter basic information like address, information on other adults and kids and process their food request.
Then they will call the apartment complex or landlord to verify rent amount, extra charges, due dates, etc. Once verified they will take the paperwork to the accounting office for a check.
For utility assistance, the same process happens, but of course will be calling the utility company.
For hotel lodging, the intake worker will contact the hotel, make a reservation and complete the appropriate paperwork.
Each new intake volunteer will be placed with a seasoned volunteer for on the job training for as long as they feel is needed.
Wyldlife Resumes -
Snacks Needed!
Wyldlife has resumed meeting at Summerour Middle School! Donations of healthy snacks for the students are needed every other Thursday afternoon. 
Shelley Carr would love to talk with you about this opportunity - email Shelley today!
Ongoing Missions

Check our website,,
for current needs
and donation hours.

Want to Help?

Call 770-263-8268 and ask for information about volunteering. 
Social distancing and other safety measures are in place during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Outreach Team Leaders

GO Team Chair: Brad Carr
International Missions Chair: Gary Grahn 
National Missions Chair: Larry Stone 
Local Missions Chair: Mary Ann Shillington 
Evangelism Chair: Shelley Carr 

Missions Assistant: Rae Myles