August 16, 2022
Praise the Lord! God is using Koroma, a recent graduate of the Wesley Missionary Institute. In faith, Koroma is serving a remote village in Sierra Leone. God is working. There are testimonies of miracles, healing, and people giving their lives to Christ. Join in prayer for Koroma's safety and provision for his physical needs as he continues to answer God's call.

Bishop Matt Whitehead is in Malawi until August 25, conducting annual conferences and connecting with national leaders. Please pray for safe travels and a meaningful time with the leaders and churches in Malawi.

Continue in prayer for Area Director Mike Reynen as he travels to Ivory Coast and Zambia during the next two weeks.
Pray for missionaries, Thom and Sherry Cahill. Thom's father has a respiratory infection that has impacted his lungs. He is fighting pulmonary fibrosis, along with cancer. Difficult decisions need to be made regarding his health. Please pray for Thom's father and peace, comfort, and wisdom for the family during this time. 

In Creative Access-MR, the Bible college has not been able to open for the last two years due to the pandemic and political unrest. They will start this academic year with online classes since the situation is still not safe for in-person classes. Please pray for the 14 students registered; some live in rural mountainous regions without internet access.
Keep praying for ministry in Ukraine and for those who deliver aid regularly. Pray for God's peace to rule and for Christians to remain strong in their faith and hope in Christ.
Area Director Ricardo Gómez will travel to Guatemala from August 19-21 to welcome a group of churches as an official mission district of the Free Methodist Church. Pray for the Spirit’s anointing on this new mission district.

Please continue to plead for God’s mercy in Haiti. There are ongoing confrontations between gangs and police. Pray specifically for the church at Petite Rivière. Violence broke out in this area, people fled, and the generator was stolen from the church. Everything around the church area is now closed.
Pray for our leaders in the Middle East who, "Day after day, . . . from house to house, they never stop teaching and proclaiming the good news that Jesus is the Messiah" (Acts 5:42).
Bishop Robert Nxumalo, the first bishop of the South African General Conference, passed away recently at age 89. A funeral service was held for him on August 13. Please ask God to comfort his family and the Free Methodist Church in South Africa. Click here to read a tribute from former missionaries Ken and Linda Kaufman.
When children are enrolled in ICCM, food is a part of the program, but through ICCM food funds, supplementary food is provided to both enrolled ICCM children and other children in their communities. Thank the Lord for those who generously give to these food funds. Please pray for children in countries currently in need of food.
In 2022 Fostering Hope in Seattle has engaged with more than 1,400 young adults aging out of the foster care system. Thank the Lord and continue to pray for this vital Set Free ministry.

Join the monthly Set Free Movement prayer call on Tuesday, August 30, at 9 am EDT. Click here for the Zoom link. Register for Freedom Sunday here.

Pray for a team from the Pearce Church in North Chili, New York, serving in Rwanda until August 16.

Pray for Superintendent Bruce Cromwell, who travels to Guatemala from August 19-22 for meetings with Latin America Area Director Ricardo Gómez and leaders in Guatemala.

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