August 2, 2022
Join in prayer with the Free Methodist churches in Ivory Coast as they have special prayer meetings to pray for those in their communities who do not yet know Jesus.

Bishop Lubunga W’Ehusha of the Democratic Republic of Congo asks for continued prayer for the country. Violent protests in several cities in the country's eastern region have resulted in injuries and deaths. People need Jesus. Please pray for His peace to cover the land and fill the people.
The situation in Creative Access Country-MR is dire. The political conflict has caused much death and despair. Pray the Prince of Peace will rule and bring about a just resolution. Pray God will give relief to those suffering, protect the people and use the proclamation of the gospel to transform lives.

The Free Youth Asia CONNECT 2.0 virtual gathering begins Friday, August 5. Pray for good internet connections and a powerful movement of the Holy Spirit among the young adults participating.
Please join in prayer for Algent Bregu, an international missionary in Albania. He was recently diagnosed with acute appendicitis and had emergency surgery. Pray for his recovery and God’s provision for his medical expenses.

Pray for a worker in a Europe creative access area who is currently facing a complicated and challenging situation.
Please continue in prayer for Free Methodist brothers and sisters in Haiti. The kidnapping scourge has reached new and terrifying levels. Last week many Free Methodist members were kidnapped. Bishop Desvariste reports one member from Parc Chretien was released, but others have been taken. Many people have resigned themselves to “wait their turn.” Pray for hope amid their desperation and God's peace to transform the darkness into light.
As individuals hear stories from the Bible and receive copies of the Word of God, pray their hearts and minds will recognize the truth, and they will submit their lives to Christ.
Although they cannot publicly promote sponsorship on social media or websites, ICCM provides sponsorship for hundreds of children who live in creative access countries. Sponsorship of these children is crucial and often used to help support church planting and the growth of the church in these countries. Pray God will continue to provide sponsors for children in areas where sharing the gospel is challenging.
At any time, approximately 750,000 people online are trying to exploit children. Pray for God's protection over children. Pray for Set Free teams that train students to protect themselves from online predators using social media and digital technology to groom and traffic the young and vulnerable.

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Please pray for individuals and teams preparing for trips later this year and those already making plans for 2023.

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