August 9, 2022
Bishop Matt Whitehead will be in Malawi from August 12-25 to conduct three annual conferences and connect with national leaders. Pastor Kyle Welstad from Crossview Church in Snohomish, Washington, will accompany Bishop Matt. Pray for safe travels and for their presence to be an encouragement to the church in Malawi.

Pray for Area Director Mike Reynen as he travels to Ivory Coast and Zambia from August 11 to August 27.

The Wesley Evangelical School of Theology (WEST) in Nigeria resumes classes this month, beginning their second semester. Pray for meaningful and strategic learning for the students.
Praise the Lord! Four more individuals were baptized in Creative Access Asia-MR this past week. Pray for their continued maturity in following Christ.

Missionary David Clemente is currently in Creative Access Asia-IA visiting with a ministry group. Pray for God’s wisdom, leading and understanding as they discuss a future partnership with FMWM-Asia.
Please continue to pray for international missionary Algent Bregu (Albania). He recently had emergency surgery due to acute appendicitis. He is back home but has lost more than 20 pounds and will need several weeks to recover. Since he is self-employed as a barber, he will not be able to work. Pray God will provide for all the needs of this family and will bring healing to Algent’s body.

Pray for missionaries Larry and Katie Winckles as they return to Budapest, Hungary, on August 11. Also, continue praying for Hungary's current economic and political situation and a resolution to the underlying issues.
Missionaries Shane and Katie Jewell deploy to Bogota, Colombia, this week. Pray for uneventful travel as their family navigates airports and immigration. Also, pray for their process of settling into a new home and culture.

Please continue in earnest prayer for our Free Methodist brothers and sisters in Haiti. Some say the current situation in Haiti is the worst they have ever known.

Pray for developing work among an indigenous community in Colombia and for two men from this community who are being trained in Community Church Planting.
As you pray for leaders in the Middle East, pray this prayer from Philippians 1:9-10. Pray that their love will abound more and more in knowledge and depth in insight so that they may be able to discern what is best and may be pure and blameless until the day of Christ Jesus.
This week, pray for the ICCM program in Mexico. One of the main care centers, “Tabitha’s House,” is moving to a new city, where it can expand its focus and care for children as they seek to fulfill their God-given potential. Pray for the cooks, caretakers, teachers and construction workers as this transition occurs.
Vulnerable people are everywhere, and human trafficking is prevalent in Southeast Asia. As churches prepare to participate in Freedom Sunday, pray for the Set Free Movement’s initiative to fund a Set Free leader on the mainland of Southeast Asia. Pray the Spirit will move churches to pray, give and serve in powerful ways. To learn more about this initiative in Southeast Asia, click here

Register for Freedom Sunday here.

Pray for a team from the Pearce Church in North Chili, New York. They are serving alongside their "ICCM Connected Community" in Rwanda from August 8 to August 16.

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