February 9, 2021
Please pray for the medical work at Nhaloi Hospital in Mozambique. Alfredo Sevene, the medical director at the hospital, died last week, apparently of COVID-19. He was waiting for results from a test and displayed symptoms. His death leaves a large void in leadership at the hospital. Cases of the coronavirus are increasing in the country. Members of the hospital staff are worried about their safety due to a lack of personal protective equipment.

Praise the Lord for the safe travel of all 11 students attending the first session of the Wesley Missionary Training Institute. Classes are underway!

Pray for Area Director Mike Reynen, who will travel to Togo and Liberia for meetings from February 14 through March 3.

Pray for the family of Superintendent Bern Kalakusha in Malawi. His wife Anna and daughter Bridget are recovering from COVID. Pray for their complete recovery and restored strength and health.
Please continue in prayer for Creative Access Country -MR. Banks and government offices are closed. The Internet has been restored for now. Phones are intermittent. Protests are everywhere, and some people are now being injured. Pray for peace, for no bloodshed, and for gospel opportunities. Superintendent Pakep shares, “Into the pain and fear, God speaks.” Ask the Father to strengthen all those who trust in Him.

Pray for Paula Guazon of the Philippines. Paula has been an effective pastor, superintendent and former missionary to Hong Kong and Cambodia. She is currently in critical condition in the ICU of a Manilla hospital and has suffered a heart attack.
International missionaries Michael and Tanya Mendakoff ask us to join in prayer for restrictions to be lifted in Russia and doors to be opened for continued ministry. Pray specifically for several new teenage girls who have arrived at the Crisis Center in the past few months. Ask the Father to use the staff to help them find mental and spiritual healing from the physical and psychological abuse they have suffered.
Please pray for Pastora Geovanna Chavez (Mission District Leader in Peru), who fell recently and is very weak.
Thank you for praying for Pastor Luis Fernando Perez (Colombia). His open heart surgery went well, and he came home from the hospital on Monday. Continue to pray for his complete recovery.
Pastor Juan Rivera (Honduras) is recovering from COVID, but several close relatives are still struggling in the hospital. Also, continue praying for Pastor Oscar Luis Jorge (Peru) and his wife; both are still hospitalized but showing signs of improvement.

Watch The Story of Jose Chica, a life transformed in Ecuador, and give thanks!
Pray for several new groups launching in Egypt this week. Ask God to give wisdom and anointing to the leaders of these groups.
Missionary Roger Stone's father, Herb Stone, passed away on February 8. Please join us in praying for the comfort of the Holy Spirit to be with this family.
Praise the Lord for the dedicated ICCM National and Regional Coordinators who are the frontline workers for the ICCM program. Praise the Lord for the hostel house parents and schoolteachers who have daily contact with the children and are influencing their lives holistically. Pray the Lord will encourage them and fill them with joy.
Pray for SEED Champions throughout the U.S. Ask the Father to give them creative ways to share the mission of SEED, encourage support for livelihood groups and exhibit artisan group products. 
Pray for MyPlace in Jackson, Michigan. This facility aims to reduce the vulnerability for exploitation of youth aging out of foster care by providing transitional housing and support services. Plans are to open the facility to six young women in March. Pray for God’s provision of the needed resources to make this goal a reality.

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