January 11, 2022
Continue to pray for Ethiopia. Although Tigrayan fighters recently withdrew and there appeared to be a ceasefire, there has been a restart of fighting. Humanitarian aid is hampered again, and many people are suffering tremendously from nearly a year of conflict.
Praise the Lord! Amid political turmoil, the desperate economic situation and the pandemic, Creative Access Country- MR reports 221 baptisms during 2021. Give thanks to the Lord! Continue to pray for an outpouring of the Holy Spirit in this country.

Thank the Lord for answering prayer! Missionary Hlawn Hlawn Van Tifflin (Thailand) finally has an interview scheduled for her U.S. naturalization/ citizenship. The interview is scheduled for February 1. Seth and Hlawn Hlawn's baby girl is due on February 7. Please join them in praying for God’s perfect timing and care for all the details surrounding these dates.
Please join us in praying for the superintendent of the Balkans Annual Conference. Superintendent Blagoi Dimitrov was diagnosed with stomach cancer this past week. Pray for the doctors as they work on a treatment plan and begin treatment in the coming days. Ask God for his divine touch and encouragement for the superintendent and his family.
We praise the Lord for the 46 leaders from across Latin America who have gathered together for the Free Methodist Leadership Summit in Colombia this week. Pray that as they return home next week, they will be filled with the Holy Spirit, encouraged and equipped to participate with God in the restoration of Latin America.

Pray for Pastora Glendys in Creative Access Country-X, who is now undergoing treatment for an infection resulting from her back surgery three months ago. Praise God the pain has reduced, and they know what they are dealing with, but pray for the long road to recovery.
God continues to reveal himself to people of the “majority religious background” using the witness of the church in difficult contexts throughout the region. Jesus is visiting people in dreams. God is miraculously healing. Refugees fleeing violence and persecution are finding places to belong. Believers are reaching out with unconditional love. Rejoice and give thanks!
FMWM gives thanks for the life of former missionary Dr. Keith Fidler who passed away December 29, 2021, in Smith Falls, Ontario, Canada. Dr. Fidler and his wife Gloria served eight years (1964-1972) as missionaries to Umri Christian Hospital in India. Please pray for God’s comfort for his wife Gloria and family.

Rejoice and give thanks for the birth of Arthur Indigo Galloway on January 2. Arthur is the first grandchild of missionaries Chance and Dee Dee Galloway (Bulgaria). Arthur's parents are Mitchell and Katie Galloway.

Please celebrate with missionary Sherry Cahill on the publication of her first book - Forgiveness: Getting Beyond the Pain - published by Westbrow Press.
Pray for ICCM children and families in creative access countries. Pray they will stay strong in their faith.

This week we invite you to pray for Mango Showers, a group of woodworkers in Northern Asia who create beautiful, unique and ergonomically designed products. They primarily train young women in woodworking and design, empowering them to build a good life for themselves and their communities.

Individuals may be vulnerable to trafficking if they have an unstable living situation, are a runaway, have a history of domestic violence or are involved in the foster care or juvenile justice system. Ask the Lord to open your eyes to people in your community, people you encounter daily, who may be trapped in human trafficking.

As the COVID situation fluctuates globally, please pray for potential travel opportunities for VISA teams during 2022.

PDF versions of the January 2022 Heartbeat and Prayer Guide are available here:
Extra copies of the 2021-2022 FMWM Ministry Prayer Directory are still available. Please email janet.coates@fmcusa.org.
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