June 22, 2021
Pray for missionaries Thom and Sherry Cahill as they continue to learn Swahili. Swahili is the national language in Tanzania, but because there are 129 different ethnic groups, the country has the most extensive language diversity in Africa. Pray for greater development of their language skills, allowing them to converse in different locations throughout the country.
Judi Morrison will be having surgery on Thursday, June 24, to repair a herniated disc. Mark and Judi provide pastoral care for our missionary team in Asia. Pray for a successful surgery and a speedy recovery.

Pray for missionary Darin Land, who has been diagnosed with early-stage prostate cancer. The surgery is scheduled for July 8. Pray the cancer will be entirely eradicated, and the recovery will progress smoothly, quickly, and with minimal side effects.

Pray for Creative Access- NP where they have been experiencing heavy flooding. At least 31 people are missing. The church is still determining how many members have been affected by this tragedy.

Continue to pray for Creative Access-MR. The economy is collapsing, the health system and banking systems are collapsing, unrest continues, and internal migration is growing. Food and fuel prices are rising. These issues, combined with the difficulty of getting aid into the country, are creating desperate needs. People are dying of preventable diseases, and COVID-19 has been on the rise. Pray for peace, God’s provision, and encouragement for our FM families, leaders and churches.
International missionaries Eduardo and Cindi Angelo recently led a team from the FMC in Portugal to serve in Sao Tome and Principe. Praise the Lord for their report from this mission district. There are now two existing churches and five national leaders. Pray for this country and the potential purchase of land for ministry purposes.

An annual camp is being hosted this week at the children’s home in Győr, Hungary. Zsuzsa Mecséri-McNamara asks us to join in prayer for the children and staff of the home. Pray they will be open to hearing about God and would commit their lives to Him. Pray for physical and emotional strength for the leaders and volunteers who are serving.
We praise the Lord that two weeks ago, Haiti was able to hold its General Conference, with Bishop Ocilio visiting from the Dominican Republic to verify the re-election of Bishop Devariste. Everyone was able to travel to and from the venue without violent incidents. Please join us in prayer for two of our churches, Fontamara and Rensberry, where gang activity has escalated to the point many members have left the area. Continue to pray for peace and stability in Haiti.

Praise the Lord for more than 70 new believers in the new church plant in Necocli, Colombia. Pray these new believers will grow deeply rooted in their faith.

The pandemic is still raging throughout much of Latin America. Colombia is at the highest peak of the pandemic registering two to four times more cases than during any other point of the pandemic.
  • Pray more vaccines will become available
  • Pray for those who are sick or grieving
  • Pray for many who are suffering economically
  • Pray for encouragement for our pastors and missionaries
Thank you for your prayers for the Egyptian bishop, Rev. Adel Haroun. Join us in praising the Lord for his recovery from COVID-19!

Pray for a new social media ministry targeting an unreached people group. The Bible has not yet been translated into their language. Pray for those who are working to translate scripture and establish the online platform. Ask the Father to reach thousands for Christ through this ministry.
Malaria and HIV/AIDS are some of the leading causes of death in Malawi, resulting in many children being orphaned. This week pray for the Chiyembekezo Orphanage in Malawi. Praise the Lord for those who are sponsoring children and giving generously to provide food.

As coronavirus cases continue to surge across much of Latin America and Asia, pray for SEED livelihood groups in these areas. Ask the Father to give health and provision to the members of these groups and their families at a time when work, food and medical resources are in short supply.

The Set Free Movement will host a question-and-answer Zoom call on July 1. Director Kevin Austin and several core members of the Set Free staff and teams will give vision and mission updates and answer questions. Ask the Father to use this time to both inspire and encourage. To participate in this call, RSVP here.

Pray that churches and individuals will respond to the Lord’s calling to serve abroad even during these difficult times. Click here for the FMWM response to COVID-19 and travel.
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The 2021-2022 FMWM Ministry Prayer Directories are available now. If you or your church would like extra copies, please email jan.coates@fmcusa.org.
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