May 10, 2022
Please join in prayer for Pedro Viegas Moiane, who was re-elected for another term as bishop of the Free Methodist General Conference in Mozambique.

Pray for the newest class of students at the Wesley Missionary Institute in Togo and the resources to complete the third building now under construction on the campus.

The annual conference for Creative Access Asia - HK took place this past weekend. Join them in praying for a new season of gospel harvest.

Praise the Lord for a leadership training event held last week for Creative Access Asia-PK. God used this time for encouragement and growth. Pray for the leaders in this country who are passionate about God's mission for kingdom expansion in their nation and the neighboring country to the north.
Thank you for your continued prayers and support for the relief efforts in Ukraine. Misha Petrochenko’s team has been running supplies to people and transporting people to safer locations. Diesel, oil, tires and repairs are essential supplies given the distance and terrain this team is navigating each week. Please continue to pray for:
  • All those involved in the relief efforts
  • Those caring for the psychological needs resulting from the trauma of war and displacement
  • Protection for those vulnerable to trafficking
  • Wisdom for governments and organizations assisting with the long-term needs of the refugees
  • God to bring peace
Please pray for the renovation and launch of a new medical clinic in Creative Access Country-X. Pray for Pastora Glandys (clinic director), Pastor Hector (mission district leader), Eber (clinic administrator), and Jhonny (the engineer overseeing the renovation) as they plan and work toward completion by the end of September 2022. Join in praying for resources to cover operational expenses until the clinic becomes self-sustainable.
Despite fear, trauma, war and displacement, many in the Middle East are experiencing the love of a heavenly Father who sees their pain and cares for them. Continue to pray they will find forgiveness and peace through Jesus. Pray He will bind up the brokenhearted, set the captive free and bring beauty out of ashes (Isaiah 61).

Click here to read a story written by Hany and recently published by Christianity Today.
FMWM has two world areas looking for used cell phones to assist national leaders with communications. Phones preferred are recently outdated phones such as iPhone 10, 11 or 12 and Samsung Galaxy S20 with 64GB or higher storage. If you have recently traded up for a new phone and would like to donate your old phone, please contact
Pray for ICCM as they connect and support hurting Ukrainian children and families. Also, join in praying for the new ICCM coordinator in Europe, Abi Santana Borges. To learn more and see informational videos, click here.

Pray for the Wunders project as it continues under the oversight of ICCM, the Set Free Movement and FMWM.
Join the Set Free team in Titusville, Pennsylvania, as they pray and plan for a time of community conversations on May 19. Community members, agencies and organizations have been invited to gather to receive education and discuss the vulnerabilities in their community. Pray for Kevin Austin as he addresses this group and for this new Set Free team in Titusville.

Pray for churches beginning to make plans for VISA teams later this year.

Please read these current newsletters to inform you of prayer needs from our missionary team:
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The Missions Alive! Curriculum for 2022 features West Africa and is available at This free downloadable resource is designed for grades 1-6.
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