November 18, 2020
Special Edition
Latin America Area Director, Dr. Ricardo Gómez and Free Methodist World Missions request special prayer for Nicaragua and Honduras:

Two Category 4 hurricanes hit the same area of Nicaragua just 13 days apart. The latest, Hurricane Iota, has devastated the country.

Pastora Jenny Orozsco reports:
  • Farmers lost their crops, which will affect everyone. The storms took the entire harvest of beans, the primary food source for the Nicaraguan people. 
  • The Caribbean coast suffered the worst. Currents of water took pigs, chickens, cows, destroyed homes and everything in them. 
  • In Managua, the streets were flooded with water, vehicles were stranded, and people had to run for their lives. Neighborhoods and markets seem to be rivers. 
  • In San Rafael del Sur, the location of one of our FM churches, the road split. Communication is down, and the extent of the damage is unknown.

Both hurricanes also hit Honduras. Pastora Daisy Arzú thanks the Lord; there is no loss of life. They do have members, particularly in the church in Olanchito, living in shelters because their homes are flooded. 

Please pray for:
  • Provision of basic needs for those who have lost houses, crops and animals
  • The health of those living in shelters during this time of the pandemic
  • Restoration of communications systems and electricity
  • Rains to stop and water to recede
  • Pastors and church members caring for and offering hope to those in their communities who have suffered tremendous loss
  • The presence of the Holy Spirit to bring peace and hope amid the devastation
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