November 30, 2021
Students at the Wesley Missionary Institute (Togo) will finish up internships during December. Pray for continued learning of practical ministry skills, especially in cross-cultural situations.
Pray for Rev. Rachel Wanderi (FMC Kenya) and the ministry of the Mwihoko Resident Aid team (Mwihoko is Kikuyu for "Hope") as they minister to abandoned senior citizens and special needs children in their community. For over two years, this ministry team has been visiting 24 families per month, cleaning their house, washing soiled laundry, providing food, encouragement, and sharing the Word of God. Pray for the resources needed to assist these families. For some, this team has become their family!
Tension and conflict persist in Cameroon, the Democratic Republic of Congo, and Ethiopia. Please continue to pray for peace in these nations.
Praise the Lord for more than 40 new believers in Creative Access Country-VN and nearly 20 new believers in Thailand.

Our FM family in Creative Access Country-MR is deeply grateful for your continued prayers for them and their country. Please continue to pray for their encouragement, protection, strength, and perseverance in the face of the ongoing tensions and the resulting physical and economic difficulties in this nation.
This week, please pray for our churches and ministries throughout Europe as COVID cases increase across the continent, and they face new restrictions resulting from the new variant identified in several European nations. Ask the Lord to give wisdom to church leaders and use the church to encourage and care for people in their local communities.
Missionary Rodrigo Rosado’s mother passed away on Monday, November 29. Please pray for Rodrigo and Tanya Rosado and their whole family.
Please be in prayer for Ynelitza, a key leader in the Community Church Planting work in Creative Access-X. She is hospitalized with COVID. Pray for this nation as COVID is on the rise again.
Pray for Christmas outreach ministries throughout the Middle East during the month of December.
Pray for ICCM Regional and National Coordinators as they travel to check on ICCM projects and children. Pray for teachers, house parents, administrators, cooks and other personnel serving ICCM children.

SEED is incredibly grateful for donors who have helped launch 27 micro-enterprises ̶ SEED Capital Projects ̶ around the world. These micro-enterprises help churches reach out to their communities in ways that make sense for the church and the community. Join us in thanksgiving and prayer for these groups.

Michelle Lentine, a member of the Set Free team in Rochester, New York, has created and is teaching a Dialectical Behavior Therapy course to women recovering from human trafficking. Pray these women will learn how to identify and change negative thought patterns and move toward positive behavioral changes. Pray these women will learn their value as daughters of God.

Learn more about the Set Free Movement or click here to register your church for Freedom Sunday.
Pray for wisdom as FMWM staff and Area Directors consider travel opportunities and protocols for teams during the first quarter of 2022.

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