October 12, 2021
Gabe and Olivia Sevigny, VISA missionaries serving at Kibogora Hospital, Rwanda, recently announced that they're expecting ̶  with baby Sevigny arriving in April 2022. Please pray for good health for Olivia and the baby during the pregnancy.
The FMC in Cameroon has opened a nursery and primary school serving 55 students in the village of Mondoni. Due to ongoing conflicts in the country, some students are displaced and cannot attend school. Pray many of the students will have the opportunity to complete the school year successfully. Pray for the encouragement and financial provision for the teachers.

Pray God will provide for the needs of pastors in Nigeria who have been training at the Bible school. Many have been unable to attend regularly due to a lack of resources.
Praise the Lord for a new 3-week-old church plant in Creative Access Country-NP. Pray for Pastor Prem as he nurtures these believers to become a strong church.

There has been severe rain and devastating floods in the Ban Pai district of Thailand. Ask the Father to use His church to show love and compassion to all those suffering as a result of the flooding.

Pray for missionary Tim Kinkead's health. He has been diagnosed with stage one thyroid cancer and has upcoming tests and consultations with doctors.
International missionaries Michael and Tanya Mendakoff (Russia) both have COIVD-19. Thank the Lord their children are better, but Michael’s oxygen levels have dropped and he has been hospitalized. Ask the Father to provide healing.

Pray for Europe Area Director Josh Fajardo as he travels to the U.K. for a leadership summit this week.

Join us in giving thanks for the birth of Zsolt Patrick Mecséri on September 30. Pray for mom, Zsuzsi Mecséri-McNamara, and dad, Zsolt, during these early days of parenting. (Zsuzsi is a pastor and Set Free leader in Hungary.) Proud grandparents are international missionaries, Gerry and Kati McNamara.
Please continue to pray for our brothers and sisters in Haiti. In addition to general socio-political turmoil, the assassination of their president in July, and the recent earthquake, this troubled nation is experiencing a surge in kidnappings. The nation now holds the title for the highest number of kidnappings per capita. Pray for Bishop Desvariste, FM pastors, church members and ICCM children in Haiti. Ask the Father to strengthen them with His presence and peace as they live and work in this tense environment. To learn more, click here.

The Costa Rica mission district will gather in person for their annual meeting on October 15-16. Pray the Holy Spirit will provide wisdom and encouragement as they worship together, plan together and fellowship with one another.
One of our workers in a refugee camp asks us to pray for "L," a woman struggling with depression because of her abusive situation. "L" has a two-month-old baby. Last week she attempted suicide. Pray "L" will accept treatment for her depression and that those caring for "L" will be able to find a safe place for her and the baby to live. Pray "L" will find peace and hope in Jesus.
Thank you for your prayers for Srey Nouch, an accountant of ICCM Cambodia and the wife of Superintendent Daniel Sar. She is eight months pregnant, tested positive for COVID, and is being treated in the hospital. Recent updates indicate she is making steady progress and is out of danger. Please continue to pray for her complete recovery and the health of the baby.

As the SEED team prepares for the Christmas season, they invite you to ask God to open the ears of both believers and unbelievers to hear the incarnational Christmas story with new understanding and amazement.

Praise the Lord for the Set Free team in Seattle, Washington. Pray for this team and the new Fostering Hope program as they seek to impact the community by providing resources and training for vulnerable youth exiting foster care homes.

Learn more about the Set Free Movement or click here to register your church for Freedom Sunday.
Pray for FMWM staff and Area Directors as they continue to monitor health and safety concerns and evaluate the advisability of international travel for ministry.

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