Missions Update
July 22, 2021
Missionary Associate Field Assignments
Periodically, we receive applications from MA candidates who know they are called into missions, but do not have a clear sense of where God is calling them to go. After my FMOB and I have interviewed and given the AGWM national office our recommendation, they continue the process of pairing them up with a career missionary.
Because you have shared with me the many challenges (and wins) of your ministries, I know that some of you would like to grow your teams on the field.
If you are interested in mentoring a Missionary Associate as they work with you in your ministry, please let me know. I would not be making the choice, only acting as the go between to make the connections between both parties. The final approval for field assignments will remain with both the area and regional directors.

Gayland Hendrickson
Missions Director