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February 6, 2020
´╗┐Church Multiplication Network Retreat 2020
We were honored to have 96 guests attend the 2020 CMN Retreat held at Title Town in Green Bay. We were all blessed with the wisdom of speaker Steve Pike, and the helpful tips and information from Adam Schnaare. Fun, connection and
encouragement were shared by all.
A HUGE thank you to the SURE TEAM and Cindy who are already on to planning next year's retreat !

...Stay tuned for a video presentation.

Coming soon !
The Papendorf Family

The Papendorf's have been on Itineration and hope to be leaving for North Asia this July. They would be honored to share their story of how God can use an engineer, a teacher and four kids to cultivate hope and joy among those living in spiritual darkness. Please consider inviting them to your church.
Congratulations to Bridge Church and Pastor Tyler Wolf. Their Oconomowoc campus in celebrating their 1 year
anniversary !
World Missions