Camp Mechuwana Missions Program:

A great opportunity for missions groups from around the US to make a difference in Maine.
  Located in Maine and part of the United Methodist New England Annual Conference
Home repair
Putting in wood for elderly family.
Put your faith into  action
"I never knew just how much my life would change from going on a missions trip. I did not even know if I had anything to offer. But I can tell you I have never felt closer to God, and by the end of the week, I felt I had a lot to offer to my group and to the family we helped."  -Carrie, missions volunteer

Every year Mechuwana, located in Winthrop, Maine, hosts work groups from all over the country. These groups are made up of youth and adults who spend the week as missionaries working on projects that are set up by our Missions staff. We work very hard with each group so they can have the life-changing experience they are looking for. 
Camp Mechuwana
Sorting Food at Good Shepherd Food Bank

Because of our facilities, we are able to take groups of any size, including very large groups. We provide meals on site and allow groups to use camp facilities such as our waterfront and athletic fields. Our programs consist of home repairs, nursing home ministries, construction, running VBS programs for local churches, working at food banks, and much more. Groups work with our missions staff who provide guidance on all projects. Because of our setting, we are able to work with middle school-aged groups as well. Please contact us with any questions: (207) 377-2924 or   


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