"When I reflect back on my childhood, my dad was a farmer and my mom worked on our farm as well as taking care of our family. The life lessons I learned from my mom and dad from their examples of working as a team, to remaining humble and grateful, I have cherished throughout my life. Now in my work professionally, I carry on those lessons to come together and connect the dots with statewide organizations for a greater cause for the state of Mississippi."  said Dr. Nancy New, Executive Director, 
Mississippi Community Education Center

Celebrating Father's Day
By: Jenny Cox Holman
On Father's Day, we celebrate those men who have loved with determination and devotion, offered strength in the face of sorrow, and remained a steady source of encouragement to their children and family. Be encouraged by these words of wisdom and moments of sentiment and tips for the fatherhood journey, shared from the perspective of three fathers, read more...

1). Take time to cherish those simple moments with your children

The quote, "The days are long, but the years are short," speaks eloquently to the journey of parenthood. Daily mundane tasks, busy family schedules and the basics of taking care of a family are strenuous. Among all the busy moments, it is important to remember that children grow up quickly and these days become a memory. 
Donte Jones said, "As a father, I would tell other first-time fathers to take it one day at a time. It's all about balance from your work, home life, spouse, and spirituality. Fatherhood allows you to have the opportunity to shape, direct and guide your children."

Frank Wynn said, "Enjoy every moment. Children grow up fast and being there to witness their first steps, first words, and first days of school is priceless. Make those lasting memories. People never forget their childhood, so give your children something good to remember!"

Eric Beamon said, "As a father provide security to your children by showing affection, giving words of affirmation, and simply loving them daily."

MAS 90th Annual Convention
Biloxi and Harrison Counties 

Mississippi Community Education Center staff members Roy Balentine, Kim Hart, and Kyle Nobles attended the Mississippi Association of Supervisor's (MAS) 90th Annual Convention.  Mississippi Association of Supervisors Convention aim is to advertise and bring into favorable notice the opportunities of the various counties of the state, to promote the interest and general welfare of the state, to interchange ideas and to develop, as far as practicable, a uniform system of county government throughout the state, to maintain a statewide agency for the purpose of advancing the moral, financial, and general welfare of the state, and the counties of the state, and to create and promote a feeling of fellowship, sympathy, and understanding among and between the counties and the people of the state of Mississippi.

Job Fair in Greenwood 

Mississippi Community Education Center  Greenwood Field Educator, Kayla Washington, organized and hosted a job fair at the Center June 6, 2019. Approximately 100 clients interviewed, with a multitude of companies; Milwaukee Tools, J.J .Ferguson, Bath and Body Works, and more Greenwood companies. Over 30 clients received offers for employment. Those who did not receive an employment opportunity were offered Job Workforce Readiness Training. It is our goal to help the people in the Delta find employment in order to be able to support themselves efficiently. Stay tuned for another job fair in the future.
Mississippi Durant Early Childhood Academy Resource and Referral Center Open House

Mississippi Community Education Center (MCEC) hosted the Mississippi Durant Early Childhood Academy Resource and Referral Center Open House yesterday.

Pictured below are various photos from the event along with Durant Mayor, Dr. Henry Robinson and Assistant Executive Director for the  Early Childhood Academy, Dr. Micca Knox. Also, pictured are MCEC's staff members Cassandra Williams, Morgan Flournoy, and Tessa Tyes. 

The purpose of this center is to provide materials for early childhood providers and families. We encourage all children to come in, have fun and learn.
McDonald's Job Fair
Hosted by 
MCEC's Jackson Resource Center

Mississippi Community Education Center Jackson Resource Center hosted a McDonald's Job Fair at their Lakeland Drive location in Jackson, Mississippi.  Pictured is Rigel Robinson Jr. , a current Jackson State University student looking for a part time job while working his way through college. His father, Rigel Robinson Senior heard about the interviews and came out to support his son through the interview. Thank you Nedra Lowery (Area Trainer), Frances  King (Store Manager), Carissa Gordon (Area Supervisor), Debbie Jackson (Area Supervisor), and Kim Williams (MCEC Field Educator) for allowing Mississippi Community Education Center and McDonalds the opportunity to partner with one another to make a successful job fair. Looking forward to a great partnership!
Humana Senior Fun Fitness Day
in Crystal Springs 

Mississippi Community Education Center  Crystal Springs Field Educator, Pamela Fairman, participated in the Humana Senior Fun Fitness Day. Pamela spoke about our values and goals of impacting the whole family.
Foster Parent Recertification Class in Meridian

Mississippi Community Education Center  Meridian Field Educator, Pamela Edwards, taught the Foster Parent Recertification Class this past week. Mr. Taylor and Mr. Boyd are Foster Dads that attended the Foster Parent Recertification Class.
"Day of Action" United Way Event 
in Vicksburg

Mississippi Community Education Center Vicksburg staff participated in the "Day of Action" United Way event. They read books to the children while they sat in the swimming pool. Virginia Campbell, Michelle Johnson and Woody Brumitt greeted the kids and invited them into the pool. 

Mississippi Highway Patrol Public Affairs Women's Safety Class in Hattiesburg 
We thoroughly enjoyed having MS Highway Patrol Public Affairs Officer, Travis Luck come and speak at our Mississippi Community Education Center  Hattiesburg Center on "women's safety". He gave our participants tips on how to stay safe and aware of your surroundings in today's fast-paced world. Stay tune for future classes. 
Laurel Open House 
We had an excellent Ribbon Cutting and Open House today for our Mississippi Community Education Center and Families First Programs

Thank you to the  Jones County Chamber of Commerce for the Ribbon Cutting and Housing Authority of the City of Laurel for the Laurel location. We look forward to continue serving the Jones and Wayne County areas from this center. 

Hancock and Pearl River Counties 
 Coalition Meeting

Mississippi Community Education Center Hancock and Pearl River Counties held their quarterly coalition meeting. In celebration of Father's day, Marcus Williams of Calling Men Back(CMB) was the spotlight speaker for the meeting. Marcus Williams, William C. Scott, and Eric Ward co-founded Calling Men Back. CMB's goal is to promote a genuine camaraderie and common bond among strong-minded, intelligent God-fearing men, standing upright with a sense of pride and understanding of what men should be.  https://cmbwawg.com/

Harrison and Stone Counties 
Coalition Meeting 

Mississippi Community Education Center  for Harrison and Stone Counties held their quarterly coalition meeting this past week. The spotlight speaker was Reverend Alice Graham, PhD, Executive Director of Back Bay Mission in Biloxi. Reverend Graham educated the coalition members on the assistance programs and eligibility requirements at Back Bay Mission.
Jackson and George Counties 
Coalition Meeting 

Mississippi Community Education Center  of Jackson and George Counties held their quarterly coalition meeting at Moss Point City Hall. The spotlight speaker was Lan Le from Boat People SOS-Biloxi who educated the group about the services they provide across the Mississippi Gulf Coast to the Vietnamese-American Community.