To the graduating class of 2019, as you look to the future with optimism, embrace this newfound change in your life. Thoughts about the future ahead and opportunities that may greet you bring about curiousity and maybe some hesitancy for change. Reflect on the beauty and transformation of a butterfly: once a caterpillar bound to seeing perspective of life from below, but now changed to a beautiful butterfly to explore nature through the winds of the skies and a newfound perspective for experiencing life.

Look to the future as your embrace this beautiful change in your life, knowing that the possibilities are endless when you greet life with determination with a humble recognition of your God-given talents. On behalf of the Mississippi Community Education Center (MCEC), we wish everyone 
 a success in all future endeavors. 

Dr. Nancy New, Executive Director
Mississippi Community Education Center
MCEC's Families First Diploma 
Graduation Program
Over 75 Mississippi students of varying ages walked across the stage to receive their high school diploma on July 25, 2019, after getting a second chance.  That second chance was provided by the Mississippi Community Education Center and Families First for Mississippi high school diploma program . Students who are at risk of dropping out or failing to graduate high school are able to enter the program with the credits they've already accrued and use to complete at their own pace. 

"This event is a testament to each of these graduates' commitment to strive for greater things," said Barbie Ducksworth, Education and Diploma Director for MCEC's Families First.  News anchor Maggie Wade-Dixon delivered the commencement address to the graduates, and her message focused on the perseverance and using the opportunity to provide a shining example to others.  "As long as you have breath in your body, you have the ability to learn," she said during her remarks.

Mississippi Community Education Center's Families First Program: 
Working to Reduce Recidivism 

Mississippi Community Education Center (MCEC) looks to be an avenue for second chances for those Mississippians currently incarcerated, and upon their release MCEC strives to offer assistance to navigate life after serving time. "We are here for those incarcerated and parole-eligible inmates to offer resources for adequate services for second chances for a restored life filled with promise. We want those entering back into our community after serving time to know that we are a network of supporters to help them succeed," said Dr. Nancy New,  Executive Director of Mississippi Community Education Center. Read more 
 Smart Work Ethics Certification
with Mississippi Community Education Center

Three college interns at Multicraft International in Pelahatchie, Mississippi recently completed the Smart Work Ethics Certification led by Roy Balentine, Bubba Weir, and Jon Weeks (not pictured) with Mississippi Community Education Center's Families First Program.

MCEC's Families First Parenting Program 
in Greenwood 

Amber Pratt, a Greenwood participant, recently finished (10) hours of parenting at the Greenwood MCEC's  Families First For Mississippi Resource  Center. When we asked Amber what she thought about her time with MCEC she said, "I love the atmosphere and the open mindedness of the staff and will continue to work with the program." 

Mississippi Board of Nursing Soft Skills T raining by  Mississippi Community Education Center

Members of the Mississippi Board of Nursing staff participated in a two-day soft skills training led by Bubba Weir with MCEC's Families First for Mississippi.

McDonald's Job Fair
Hosted by 
MCEC's Jackson Resource Center
MCEC's  Families First Program hosted a successful McDonald's Job Fair on July 18, 2019. McDonald's staff hired (20) crew members from the (37) participants that were interviewed. MCEC looks forward to hosting future job fairs.  

Pictured below: Marian Robinson, Cash Auditor, Frances King, Store Manager (Brandon), Debbie Jackson, Store Manager (Madison), and Kimberly Williams, MCEC Field Educator.

 MCEC's Families First Coalition Meeting
at Jackson Center on State Street!

MCEC's Coalition Meeting in Greene County

MCEC's  Families First for Mississippi  and Greene County held their quarterly coalition meeting. Charise Duvall and Beth Conerly with Pinebelt Mental Health MYPAC Program were the spotlight speakers. A special thank you to our partner Brentwood Behavioral Healthcare of MS for providing lunch from Pizza Inn in Leakesville.
"Stress-Free" Workshop in Meridian

MCEC's Families First for Mississippi Meridian Center hosted the "De-Stress" event teaching the youth to make healthy choices to help alleviate stress. 

High School Diploma Education Program
at the Biloxi Resource Center

Two participants taking their final exams at the MCEC's  Families First for Mississippi  Biloxi Center. The participants are looking forward to receiving their high school diploma and moving on to the next stage of life.

 Kids and Gun Safety Workshop
presented by 
MCEC, MS Department of Public Safety  and 
Laurel Housing Authority
MCEC's  Families First for Mississippi partnered with  Mississippi Department of Public Safety and Laurel Housing Authority to hold a Kids and Gun Safety Workshop at the Laurel Resource Center located in the James A. Townley Community Center.

Additionally, the Laurel Housing Authority gave away school supplies to their residents and also held a raffle to give away a few bikes.

Pictured below is Public Affairs Officer Travis Luck speaking to the youth.
Back to School Bash
presented by 
 Mississippi Community Education Center 
 and Pearl River Community College

Mississippi Highway Safety Patrol  
at State Street Center

MCEC hosted the Mississippi Highway Safety Patrol (Public Affairs Officers) quarterly meeting at the new resource center location off State Street in Jackson, Mississippi. Workforce Coordinator, Bubba Weir was the guest speaker and Will Lamkin, State Street Resource Center Operation Coordinator, conducted a tour of our new center on State Street.

Harrison County visited 
D'Iberville Boys and Girls Club  

MCEC's  Families First for Mississippi  Field Educator for Harrison County, Kiersten Cater, visited the D'Iberville Boys and Girls Club. Given all the recent rain on the coast Cater talked to the 2nd graders about the weather, specially different types of clouds. They learned about the cumulonimbus (thunderstorm) clouds and different types of precipitation. At the end they created their own cumulonimbus clouds using clear plastic cups, water, shaving cream and food coloring. She had them pour water in the cups, add shaving cream on top of the water, and then they poured some of the food coloring on top of the shaving cream which simulated rain.

Jackson and George Counties 
Coalition Meeting 

Mississippi Community Education Center  of Jackson and George Counties held their quarterly coalition meeting at Moss Point City Hall. The spotlight speaker was Lan Le from Boat People SOS-Biloxi who educated the group about the services they provide across the Mississippi Gulf Coast to the Vietnamese-American Community.