Monday, December 7th, 2020
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Feature Photo

I look forward to seeing you in January ladies!!! Marion Neill (Middle) and Pat Sullivan (far right) are Co-Coordinators for Mississippi Governmental Prayer Alliance, an organization that often comes to the Capitol during session to pray. I saw them on Friday in front of the Capitol before they began lapping around. Thanks to all who have kept Mississippians and others who need it in prayer during this time of unique challenges.
2021 Mississippi Legislative Session Start Date

Tentatively, the Mississippi Legislature reconvenes Tuesday, January 5th, 2021. I am looking forward to serving on behalf of the citizens in House District 29 (Bolivar & Sunflower Counties). I pray we will have a productive year improving our state. #TogetherWeWill
Happy Not High: A Safe Alternative

Thank you to all of you who gave Mississippians a safe alternative healthcare option with the passage of Initiative 65. This new opportunity will also open doors to new "business opportunities" for Mississippians - particularly for African-Americans. To learn more about and/or find out how to take advantage of potential opportunities to participate in the new economy, please CLICK HERE
Cool Pics From #MS Delta
It looks like planting season in the Mississippi Delta. Does anybody know what crop might be going into the ground this time of year?
This is a juke joint in the Mississippi Delta. Unfortunately, it's closed down now but many remember the place called "Po Monkeys."
There is something indescribably beautiful about when the sun sets here in the Mississippi Delta.
This is the stare my Dad (Abe, Sr.) gives me when I bring up Jackson State University, Coach Prime, or any SWAC football team for that matter.
Social Media Noteable Items....
Look who I bumped into....
Bolivar County Coroner, Rudy Seals, and I bumped into each other in downtown Cleveland, Mississippi in front of Delta Arts Alliance. Reverend Seals and I share the same birthday (September 30th).
Congratulations to Bolivar County Elections Commissioner, Sheila Perry, on her successful re-election bid. She is a resident of Shelby, Mississippi.
Porter Leftwich, thanks for helping putting up Christmas decorations in Rosedale, Mississippi.
This is pre-COVID-19 (circa 2015) photo after a Kingfish gig in the Mississippi Delta. My do I miss live music, but I am optimistic it will return again soon enough.
Dr. Dobbs Perspective

Dr. Thomas Dobbs (Mississippi State Health Officer) released this statement a few weeks ago, but I still think it’s relevant:

The black community in Mississippi has made great progress in combating the COVID pandemic. Although severely and excessively impacted in the early pandemic and over the summer, the black community has seen significant reductions in COVID transmission compared to the rest of the state.

Mississippi is seeing a massive surge in cases going into the holidays. Most new cases have been in younger patients throughout the Fall, but now we are seeing more cases in older age groups. Young people mostly do well, but 12% of Mississippians over the age of 65 diagnosed with COVID have died from COVID.

So please be safe:
  • Wear a mask in public
  • Keep gatherings small and within families
  • If you do get together - do it outdoors, it's much safer

If you need to get tested, get tested. Free COVID testing is available in every county. CLICK HERE for more information about test.
Higher Purpose Job Opportunities
Looking for a job opportunity? Higher Purpose Co. of Clarksdale, Mississippi is hiring. This is an economic justice non-profit organization designed to empower and enfranchise Black residents in Mississippi. Higher Purpose addresses issues of poverty, inequality, and racism here in Mississippi. Higher Purpose is seeking to hire a Finance & Grant Coordinator and Chief Operating Officer. Please CLICK HERE to find out more about these job opportunities.
Dress For Success
On Saturday, I hung out with students at the Fresh Start Community Program “Dress for Success” Walk. Several black males and Sharnezz Smith walked around Rosedale, MS to spread positive vibes. Thanks for the invite to the Riverside this weekend. Please CLICK HERE for more photos from this event.
Wildlife, Fisheries, and Parks Update
This was my first year on the Wildlife, Fisheries, and Parks Committee. I have always been an advocate for the Great River Road Park in Rosedale, Mississippi. Being on this committee gives me a chance to stay abreast of what's happening with parks around the state to discover ways we can maximize our resource at home. Here, I am photographed on a rainy day visit to the Great River Road Park with staff from Wildlife, Fisheries, and Parks Department, local Bolivar County elected officials, member from Delta State University Outdoor Recreation Department and three of my legislative colleagues. CLICK HERE to see more photos.
Congratulations Joe and Kamala

Congratulations to President-elect Joe Biden and Vice-President Elect Kamala Harris. It was refreshing to hear them speak of hope, unity, and dignity during that event. Here are two of my favorite quotes from each of their November 7th victory speeches. 

Don’t see blue or red states, but United States,’ says Joe Biden (President Elect). 

‘Dream with ambition, lead with conviction, and see yourself in a way that others might not see you, simply because they’ve never seen it before. And we will applaud you every step of the way’ said Kamala Harris (VIce-President Elect).
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