Some of you may have already seen this through our social media channels. But, for the rest of you - The Missoula Marathon and Run Wild Missoula are challenging you to join a movement with us - a movement to inspire and encourage movement. 

As runners and walkers, we know how convenient it is to head out the door and put in or miles. We're fortunate that we still have the ability (at least in most places) to still get out and get in our run or walk. But, all of our non-running friends, family and colleagues have had their day to day exercise routines turned entirely upside down. No more gyms, spin classes, yoga sessions, b-ball courts or sports fields.

We've all experienced the physical and emotional well-being that comes with regular exercise. We have a unique opportunity to connect our passion for the sport with all of the non-runner’s (and walkers) in our lives. Let’s help them discover all of the great physical and mental benefits by helping them to remove any barriers to participation.

So, here's our challenge to you - Bring the non-runners (and walkers) in your life into our world of running and walking. Help inspire their first run, celebrate their accomplishments, “show” them the way, and teach them that a run is a run, regardless if it's 5 miles, 5 blocks, or 5 laps around the kitchen table. 

Our Goal:
  • Is to get more people involved in running and walking
  • To grow the sport within our social circles, our communities and beyond
  • To provide a sense of community and support during this uncertain time
  • To create social connections through social media – staying together while staying away

What's your part in this? Join The Movement by doing the following:
1. On your personal social platforms, share your story of why you run or walk
2. Tag your non-runner friends, family, and @missoulamarathon
3. Invite them to #ReleasetheRunner
4. Share your willingness to answer any questions they may have

Each week during the COVID-19 pandemic, we will be challenging you to share a piece of your running or walking journey to help inspire and encourage your family, friends and colleagues. Check the Missoula Marathon Facebook page over the coming weeks for more ways to Join The Movement.

After all, every one of us had to release our inner runner at some point in our life!

Thanks to our friends at BibRave for developing and sharing this program.

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