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Missouri Center for Transportation Innovation unveiled
MoDOT and the University of Missouri System announced Tuesday the formation of the Missouri Center for Transportation Innovation – a research collaboration that will benefit both organizations and the citizens of Missouri.

The vision for MCTI is to establish Missouri as a showcase and a clearinghouse for safe, accessible, sustainable and resilient transportation, and moreover, to: propel people, connect their communities and energize their economies. It will aim to increase Missouri’s participation and influence in national research, perform practical research that can be implemented quickly, implement innovative technologies, produce future transportation engineers, and create an atmosphere that develops faculty and staff at the University and at MoDOT.

“At the rate that transportation technology is changing, if you can’t stay ahead of the curve with your research initiatives, you’ll quickly be passed by others,” MoDOT Director Patrick McKenna said. “With Missouri’s historical position as a nationwide leader in transportation, we can’t let that happen. The creation of MCTI positions us well for the future.” Read more .
Governor Parson's cost-share program
Gov. Mike Parson announced that 20 transportation projects will receive $50 million under his transportation cost-share program. MoDOT and the Department of Economic Development selected the projects based on their ability to provide economic benefits to the state. Read More.
Climbing lanes on I-70 at Mineola Hill
MoDOT has selected three design-build teams to submit proposals for the construction of climbing lanes on both east and westbound Interstate 70 near Mineola to be constructed next summer. Read more.
Mo on the Go
Are you traveling during the holidays? MoDOT’s website gives you several options for keeping up to date on what’s happening on Missouri’s roadways. Visit to check out Mo on the Go tools available to you. And remember, never drive impaired and BUPD!
Did you know?
The official Missouri flag was adopted on March 22, 1913 – almost 100 years after becoming a state. The horizontal stripes represent bravery (red), purity (white) and justice (blue).
State employees give generously
Missouri employees donated more than $950,000 to 706 state charities during this year's Missouri State Employee Charitable Campaign. During the past 35 years, state employees have donated more than $32 million to the annual campaign.  Read more.

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