Missouri Collegiate Conservation Alliance
February / 18 / 2020
Don't poach conservation!  Oppose HJR 100

The Federation vigorously opposes HJR 100 which attempts to force all regulations of the Conservation Commission through a political committee (the JCAR, or "Joint Committee on Administrative Rules"). It seeks to amend the Missouri Constitution to give JCAR the authority to strike down any regulations it objects to, like those designed to protect wild deer from the disease risks of the confined big game shooting industry, or regulations designed to support the eradication of feral hogs.

It also includes deer season, turkey season, waterfowl seasons, fishing, trapping, and any other Conservation Commission regulations that have led so many wild species, including those not pursued by hunters or anglers, to thrive in Missouri.

Because the legislature cannot directly amend the Constitution, HJR 100 puts the matter on the November 2020 ballot, or "... at a special election to be called by the governor". Proponents will ask what's wrong with letting the people decide, when in truth they are just continuing their relentless attack on conservation on every front. They intend to force the conservation community to spend time, money and energy fighting them off.

Political management of wildlife failed so totally that many species, including deer and turkey, were nearly wiped out. In 1936 Missouri voters responded by creating the Conservation Commission - giving it authority to work without oversight of the legislature. This led to Missouri's model of wildlife conservation which is the envy of the nation.

Politics must never replace science as the guiding light for the conservation of our fish, forests and wildlife. HJR 100 poses a clear threat to all we have achieved.

We need your help. It is important that your legislators hear your clear voice on HJR 100. Please act today!

TAKE ACTION HERE:  https://www.confedmo.org/lac/#/16

Conservation Day at the Capitol

You are all invited to attend Conservation Day at the Missouri State Capitol in Jefferson City. Feel free to send us a message with questions. This is a great opportunity to meet your legislators and learn how to advocate on behalf of conservation. See you there!

What: Conservation Day at the Capitol

Where: Missouri State Capitol

Date: April 1, 2020

Time: 7:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

This event is designed to bring conservationists from all across Missouri together at the Capitol for a day of promoting and supporting our natural resources and outdoor heritage.

We have reserved the 3rd floor of the Rotunda and will have table spaces available for up to 25 affiliate organizations. The event is both educational and informative. We hope citizens and legislators alike will tour the affiliate booths to learn about the diverse outdoor passions of Missourians. Citizens will have a chance to meet with their legislators and thank them for protecting conservation in Missouri.

The Morning Shag with Shags and Trevor of KCMQ 96.7 (Columbia) will be broadcasting their popular morning show live from 6:00 to 10:00 a.m.


Colton Zirkle is your new contact person for MCCA.  As the new Education and Communications Coordinator at the Conservation Federation of Missouri (the parent organization of MCCA), Colton is responsible for development of youth programs and public outreach.  Please feel free to contact him with any MCCA questions, if you would like to be more involved in legislative advocacy, OR if you are interested in starting an MCCA chapter at your university.

Email:  czirkle@confedmo.org

Phone:  573-634-2322 ext. 103