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Early Intervention Services - First Steps

Missouri First Steps is Missouri's early intervention system that provides services to families with children, birth to three years of age, with disabilities or developmental delays. The program is designed to meet the needs of families related to enhancing their child's development, learning, and participation in family and community life.  MPACT has a series of 5 videos about the First Steps program.   These videos cover all aspects of the Missouri First Steps program and are FREE for anyone to view.  The videos include information about parental rights, effective communication, and the transition to early childhood education.  

We also have Fact Sheets about the First Steps program that you can find here:  

First Steps Timelines Fact Sheet 


Remember, MPACT is here to provide information and assistance to empower YOU to be your child's advocate.  If you have questions about the First Steps Program, the referral process, or the transition to early childhood education, don't hesitate to contact us!  

MPACT Summer Opportunities 

Summertime can be a time to evaluate what your child's needs are in the educational setting.  MPACT is open all summer long and is here to help you with your questions and concerns.  

It also can be a time to learn.  And, if you are interested in giving back, now is your time to consider being an MPACT Mentor!  You can find more information here:  MPACT Mentor Information.  We also have a full training schedule, so be sure to catch up on your learning too!    

MPACT is only a phone call or email away if you need assistance! Contact us today at 800.743-7634 or by completing a website submission here.  


Free Special Education Workshops
Does your child have a disability; struggle with learning, behavior, or social issues at school; or currently receive special education services? If so, Missouri Parents Act (MPACT) may be able to help. MPACT is a federally-funded, statewide parent training and information center. MPACT offers families free training, resources, and support throughout the special education process. 

We offer workshops throughout the state.  All workshop descriptions, dates, and registration information are located here:  MPACT Workshops
Please contact us if you would like to schedule a training for your area or organization.

For more information about MPACT or to request information and resources about the special education process, please visit www.missouriparentsact.org or call 1.800.743.7634.

Join our Team! 

Do you or someone you know have experience working with multi-cultural families?  MPACT is hiring a Multicultural Coordinator who has experience with special education in St. Louis.  This position will provide parents with  training, information, and resources.  Learn more and apply here:  Multicultural Coordinator

Do you or someone you know care for a child with a disability? MPACT is looking for a part-time Bilingual Parent Advisor with the knowledge and experience to help English and Spanish speaking families who have a child with disabilities and special learning needs to access information and to navigate through challenges these families may encounter   Learn more and apply here:  Bi-lingual Parent Advisor

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