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Pro-Life Bill Dies in Senate Committee
On April 6 the MO House sent the MO Senate the pro-life omnibus bill (HCS HB 2012), as amended. On April 27 the Senate Seniors, Families, Veterans & Military Affairs Committee voted a SCS HCS HB 2012 Do Pass. The Senate Government Accountability and Fiscal Oversight Committee (GAFO) received the bill on May 4th and sat on the pro-life bill (SCS HCS HB 2012) even though they held several meetings. 

Do not believe what you read in the press that lays the blame at the foot of the Conservative Caucus. The blame lies in who controls the ability to move bills forward and that is the House and Senate leadership and Committee Chairmen. Fact: it is Senate leadership that shut down session a day early instead of working to pass pro-life legislation. SCS HCS HB 2012 contained the following:
  • A modified version of HB 1854 (Rep. Nick Schroer), SB 667 (Senator Eric Burlison), SB 779 (Senator Elaine Gannon) & SB 1103 (Senator Rick Brattin) to defund Planned Parenthood because the Biden administration is attempting at every turn to get rid of the Hyde Amendment. The Senate added language regarding MO Healthnet provider qualifications from the Senate Interim Committee.
  • A modified version of HB’s 1593 & 1959 (Rep. Sarah Walsh and Rep. Doug Richey) & SB 753 (Senator Eric Burlison)—the “Born Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act” giving care to babies born alive after an abortion
  • Amendment by Rep. Adam Schnelting for prosecution of criminal conduct for anyone committing the crime of rape or incest resulting in a pregnancy
  • HB 2810 (Rep. Brian Seitz) Regulates abortion inducing drugs shipped to Missouri residents without an in-person consultation with a physician. This language prevents the “trafficking of abortion-inducing drugs.”
  • Adds language to extend postpartum care for women for up to 12 months after birth SB’s 698 & 639 (Senators Elaine Gannon and Jill Schupp) NOTE: Funding for this provision was put in place in the Dept. of Social Services budget
  • Adds language creating a “Correctional Center Nursery Program” for newborn babies. SB 834 (Senator Tony Luetkemeyer) & HB 1897 (Rep. Bruce DeGroot) NOTE: This language passed in SB 688 (Senator Cindy O’Laughlin) in the final hours of the legislative session
After passing a stronger 6/2 Congressional Map than what was sent to the Senate earlier, the Senate adjourned for the session. 

The reason Missourians have a stronger Congressional Map to maintain our 6 pro-life Republicans in Washington is because Missourians stood up and asked our Legislators to come up with a stronger map. And the Conservative Caucus took on this request. Of course pro-life Missourians were looking to send more conservatives to Washington because of the Biden/Pelosi/Schumer pro-abortion agenda to expand abortion.

In the end, Republican leaders outside of the Conservative Caucus decided against a 7/1 map or a 6/1/1 map and instead chose a stronger 6/2 map which more than likely maintains status quo for 6 Republicans and 2 Democrats in our Congressional Delegation.
After ending session early, Senate leaders held a press conference. Rowden announced his dislike of calling the Previous Question to shut down filibusters and said that he will not vote for a PQ in the Senate and that under his leadership, compromise will be how the Senate operates moving forward. Rowden is in line to become the next President Pro-Tem of the Senate if voted in by his Senate colleagues. 

Very important: if you want your pro-life values protected, you will talk to your Senate candidates about their position on calling the previous question to shut down a pro-abortion filibuster on a pro-life bill in the Missouri Senate. Compromise for pro-abortion Senators means gutting a pro-life bill and taking away any pro-life protections.
The House and Senate funded pro-life programs in the budget bills. They tried what they said was a new way to defund Planned Parenthood by putting the pro-life language back in the budget bills. The MO Supreme Court, in June of 2020, said that defunding in the budget process was unconstitutional. The House and Senate decided to do it anyway and add a “0” budget line item for Planned Parenthood. Planned Parenthood has challenged this idea. We await the outcome of the court challenge on this. 

We hope what the House and Senate has done to try to keep our tax dollars from going to abortion providers works but too many little unborn lives are at risk to take such a big chance. SCS HCS HB 2012 would have put our pro-life defund Planned Parenthood language in statute. Keep in mind that to date in 2022 Missouri has sent Planned Parenthood over a million dollars in our tax dollars. And that is in addition to large donations they receive from pro-abortion donors.
SS SCS HB 1878 passed and will help to maintain integrity in our election process which will help our MRL PAC’s work. We are reviewing all bills passed this session and will keep you updated with any new developments on legislation that might affect any of our pro-life work. We also continue to work with our Congressmen and women in Washington to save innocent human lives. We prayerfully await the U.S. Supreme Court decision on overturning Roe. 
On Monday May 16th, the U.S. Supreme Court is scheduled to hand down several decisions. What those are has not and will not be released until such time as the decisions are handed down. Keep praying! There is still SO much work to do to save innocent human lives!
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Ranked-Choice Voting
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We encourage you to not sign the ranked-choice voting initiative when approached by any person asking for your signature.
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