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Missouri Lifeline 7/17/15

Missouri Right to Life Responds to False St. Louis Post-Dispatch Editorial

During the past legislative session, Missouri Right to Life supported SB 24 which provided funding for the alternatives to abortion program as well as other programs. On, Sunday, July 12, the St. Louis Post Dispatch accused Missouri Right to Life of profiting financially from the passage of this legislation. Had the Post-Dispatch actually read SB24 they would know that MRL is not even eligible for any funding under the statute.


Missouri Right to Life has never received funds from the state. Never! Missouri Right to Life is supported financially by the good people of Missouri who care deeply about women and their children...born and unborn.


The editorial went on to say, "Missouri Right to Life requires that a state representative vote its way at least 11 times and a senator at least five times to achieve a perfect pro-life score." Again, the editorial writer is wrong. Our PAC endorsement policy tracks the votes of all legislators on bills that protect innocent human lives at every stage of development. Voting records are one important criteria considered by our PAC in making endorsements...but a number of other factors are also included.


We were truly perplexed by the vicious nature of this editorial. The writer had to resort to lies to create the absurd perception that Missouri Right to Life doesn't care about children.


Click here to read the response sent to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch

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Pro-Life Around the State

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