Missouri Lifeline 8/5/16
Pro-life Missourians Turned Out in the Primary      
Missouri Right to Life PAC worked and made endorsements in 134 races in the August 2 primary.  We are thankful to the pro-life Missourians who turned out to vote for MRL PAC endorsed candidates!

There were 5 statewide offices up for election. All 5 had endorsed, pro-life candidates. In 163 House seats, we had 111 with endorsed candidates running against opponents. Of the 17 Senate seats up for election this year, we had 9 endorsed candidates running against opponents.  We had pro-life candidates in all 9 federal races as well. In addition, we had 20 pro-life incumbents in the House and Senate who were unopposed.

The number of pro-life candidates running for office is a great testament to the pro-life convictions of Missouri voters. 97% of Missouri Right to Life PAC endorsed candidates were successful in their races.
The great selections in statewide races offset the disappointment in the Republican Governor's primary. The winning Republican, Eric Greitens went to great effort and expense to convince the conservative people of Missouri that he is pro-life. We welcome the opportunity to sit down with Mr. Greitens to discuss his upcoming general election for governor and obtain some kind of understanding of what he means when he calls himself pro-life.

The MRL PAC is working on the general election endorsements. We continue to reach out and meet with candidates and obtain surveys for the general election on November 8.  

We must be vigilant and pro-lifers must turn out in the general election. This is a critical year as we look at the pro-life future in Missouri and at who will choose the next US Supreme Court judges! 
Planned Parenthood Awarded Attorneys' Fees In Case Over Columbia Clinic     
Read what we would get with Chris Koster's leadership: inadequate investigation of Planned Parenthood, no accountability for what happens to aborted baby parts and paying for the killing of babies with our tax dollars.
Chris Koster declined comment about our tax dollars going to pay for the lawyers who defend Planned Parenthood. Koster.does not show up to fight for the unborn, he doesn't show up to ensure that a humane burial is given to babies who suffer a horrible death from abortion and he doesn't show up to protect women who are being injured at Planned Parenthood..
Chris Koster will appoint judges who support abortion, legislate from the bench in favor of Planned Parenthood and make decisions that require pro-life Missourians to pay for abortion.
Chris Koster is bad for Missouri.


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Whose life is worth living? Assisted suicide draws a line     
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She was alert and responsive in hospice, but couldn't get anything to eat
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Dolly Clones Paving Way for Human Cloning       
Human cloning is getting closer and closer to becoming a more.

Click here for MRL's policy on human cloning.  
NIH Can't Be Trusted to Regulate Animal/Human Research   
The NIH is considering funding research that will inject human stem cells into animal embryos, thereby creating human/animal more.

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Pro-Life Around the State
Everyday - Columbia - Sidewalk prayer in front of Planned Parenthood, 711 N Providence Rd. Times: Mondays 4pm to 7pm, Tuesday 1:30 to 3:00pm and 5 to 7pm, Wednesday 10am to 11am, Thursday 8:30am to noon, Friday 10am to noon

August 13 - Kansas City - Sidewalk counselor training, 9 am - noon. For more information, contact Sally at

September 9 - O'Fallon -  Save the Date!  Missouri Right to Life Ed Fund Golf Tournament at The Links at Dardenne. Sign in/lunch 11:30am with shotgun start at 1:00pm.  To register for golf and/or sponsor: Call 314-434-4900 or email

November 8 - Statewide - General election. Vote pro-life! 
Unborn children need your help. Help us save babies and end abortion with a generous donation to Missouri Right to Life PAC today.