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Missouri receives $15.5 million in grants for multimodal services
Last month, Missouri received two grants totaling $15.5 million for airport and transit services across the state.

Four aviation projects were selected in the State Block Grant Program, with estimated project costs of $10 million: a runway rehabilitation and a project to reconstruct a taxiway (eliminating a hotspot) at the Kirksville Regional Airport ($3.3 million); an apron reconstruction project at Lee C. Fine Memorial Airport (Osage Beach) ($4 million); and a project to reconstruct Runway 18/36 at the Malden Regional Airport ($2.915 million). 

Additionally, U.S. Transportation Secretary Elaine L. Chao announced that the Federal Transit Administration will award Missouri $5.5 million from their Grants for Buses and Bus Facilities Program. 

MoDOT will receive approximately $5.1 million to construct two storage and maintenance facilities for rural transit providers. The facilities will be for the SMTS in the Farmington area and OATS in the Kansas City area. These facilities will save operational costs, add efficiencies and help keep transit buses in a state of good repair.

The city of St. Louis will receive an additional $350,000 from the FTA to transform bus stops into mobility hubs to improve safety and create a more welcoming experience for riders. 
How we plow
During a snow storm, to do the most efficient job that will impact the most drivers, here's how we plow - all interstates and high-volume highways are given first priority; lower-volume state numbered or lettered routes follow; and clean-up of accumulation on shoulders, bridge edges and interchanges come after the storm. Read more.
Tie One On for Safety
Members of MoDOT's Kansas City District and leaders of Mothers Against Drunk Driving came together recently to kick off the "Tie One On for Safety" campaign.  The red ribbons signify a pledge to never drink and drive and always have a designated driver. The holiday campaign runs from Nov. 16-Dec. 31. .
Caught on camera
Recently, Torrey Canady, a responder in Kansas City, was praised by local media for his work in clearing a traffic incident. After the crash, Canady towed a vehicle off the road and controlled traffic while debris was removed. Just a typical day for Canady and many others who work to keep motorists safe and traffic moving. Watch video.
Did you know?
The Great Seal of Missouri was designed by Judge Robert William Wells and adopted by the Missouri General Assembly on Jan. 11, 1822. The large star surrounded by 23 smaller stars represents Missouri's status as the 24th state.The two grizzlies on either side of the shield symbolize the state’s strength and its citizens’ bravery.
This day in transportation history
Dec. 5, 1931 - The transatlantic luxury ocean liner SS Manhattan was launched in Camden, New Jersey. The United States Lines vessel, which weighed 24,189 tons and measured 705 feet in length, was the biggest ship of its kind built in the United States. Photo from Wikipedia.

Take the challenge
When you get into any vehicle, buckle up your seat belt. If you are a driver, put the cell phone down. Join the 11,979 who have taken the pledge so far.
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