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July 16, 2013



We have recently been made aware of several occurrences where firms/individuals have misrepresented themselves as public adjusters when in reality they are directly associated with contracting companies.  Missouri Statute 325.015: "No person, partnership, association or corporation shall, directly or indirectly, act as a public adjuster or public adjuster solicitor within this state, or receive for or because of services rendered in the adjustment of any claim or claims for loss or damage by fire or other casualty within the provisions of fire or allied insurance policies any money or commission or other thing of value, without first securing a license to act as a public adjuster or public adjuster solicitor from the director as hereinafter prescribed."  Individuals acting in this manner are NOT independent third-party representatives and typically have a vested interest in you working with a particular contractor. This misrepresentation is immoral and illegal.  Please review "Missouri Revised Statutes: Chapter 325" at for further details associated with this kind of activity. 

We hope you find this information beneficial.  Feel free to call or email if you have any questions about this issue.
Cale Prokopf
Project Consultant
(314) 687-5687

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